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Maddie the most famous missing girl of the world

A year after ,the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, of an apartment in the Ocean Club at Praia da Luz (Lagos) remains unsolved. The investigation continues based on indirect evidence and runs at the taste of bureaucracy, but also of time and willingness of several British authorities who have cooperated with the PJ.

If, in fact, the British girl with green eyes died in the apartment - as the evidence points out - the truth is that it did not appeared yet what the investigators think is the crucial proof, the corpse. The absence of the body has made impossible the total clarification of the case by the PJ, and allows the McCanns to continue to feed, as they affirmed yesterday in London to the press, the idea that their daughter is alive and that she was the victim of an abduction.

The investigators continue not to picture what really happened in the Ocean Club between 6pm - the time when Kate entered the apartment with the three children - and 22pm, when the alarm of her disappearance was made. The depositions of Kate and Gerry and the seven friends who dined with them in the Tapas restaurant are contradictory. And the McCanns did not yet answered the questions that the PJ considers essential to the progress of the investigation. A silence only broken by the several interviews given by them - the last one was given yesterday to JN - and in that interview nothing was said, again, about what happened the night of 3rd of May of last year.

Steps under way

There are other testimonies and other evidence that will help the inspectors to give small steps, but the resolution of the mystery, for many, seems far away of happening.

The truth is that never before the disappearance of a child caught so much attention in the world, nor was the target of so many political interventions. The English prime minister, Gordon Brown, had conversations about the case with his Portuguese counterpart, José Sócrates.

The last conversation took place a month after Kate and Gerry were made arguidos - on suspicion of concealment of the corpse and simulation of the crime of abduction - and showed the powerful connections of the couple in England. A country where newspapers and journalists were obliged to pay huge compensations and apologize publicly for the news published about couple and their involvement in the case.

One year after the disappearance of Madeleine, the image of the PJ continues to be questioned and subjected to veiled threats from the United Kingdom. The investigators and their personal life began to be scrutinised by the media. The most striking example was the one of the former coordinator of the PJ of Portimão, Gonçalo Amaral, criticized for his personal living habits and involvement in a process of alleged torture of Leonor Cipriano.

The faces of the investigation changed - Paulo Rebelo is the new responsible - the methods too, but in fact few steps were taken. The rogatory letters took five months to be completed and days before the interrogations were made by the police of Leicester the British already knew the steps that the PJ wanted to make. Of the new evidence collected little is known, but if the contradictions continue, the PJ will be once again hostage of the laboratory results that still did not arrive.

A year after, the mystery involves the most famous girl disappeared in the World.

Source: Jornal de Notícias
Translation by Li


  1. Why the hell would the questions to be answered be told to those concerned in advance?! This whole thing would be laughable if it were not for the fact its about a little girl missing 365 days.
    What is really bugging me is the way Kate is now wearing her heart on her sleeve and showing us her crocodile tears. You only have to look at early photos of the pair of shits laughing, listen to the interviews where even as the xmas plea went out she managed to show no emotion, yet now we are to believe these are genuine tears we see.
    If you watch the sky news clips of the interview yesterday note how Kate acts as she discusses Madeleine crying the night before, look at the face she pulls...would love to know what body language experts made of it.

  2. I just heard that the McCanns are about to be cleared and that the case will be archived. The reason being reported is that there is insufficient evidence to indicate that a murder took place. In my opinion everyone was bought out, all that is left now is to prevent the facts from being made public e.g. preventing Amaral’s book from being published. I think the road to archive the case was started on purpose with the statements of Mr Alipio Ribeiro, and this trip to England was just a formality to hoodwink the public. If what is being reported is true, it means we’ll have to endure these clowns for many years. They will take advantage of their daughter’s tragedy to become very wealthy. Because they are narcissists you can be sure they will never be faraway from the limelight.


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