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Maddie: A year of Mystery - Felgueiras interviews the McCanns

Tonight, at 21pm, RTP will Broadcast a Special on 'Maddie: A year of Mystery'.

The following is an excerpt of the video interview done by Sandra Felgueiras to the McCanns.

Sandra Felgueiras, RTP journalist, for those who do not remember, was the first to ask some pertinent questions to the McCanns regarding the Calpol and the incongruences in the Tapas9 statements. The interviews were done in August and showed in a RTP documentary "Madeleine: Anatomy of a Mystery" in November 2007.

Blood in the apartment...

Calpol or other sedatives...

Anatomy of a Mystery (small excerpt of a 60 minute documentary/English voice over)
RTP:: Anatomy Of A Mystery (Portuguese) Part 1
RTP:: Anatomy Of A Mystery (Portuguese) Part 2
RTP:: Anatomy Of A Mystery (Portuguese) Part 3
RTP:: Anatomy Of A Mystery (Portuguese) Part 4
RTP:: Anatomy Of A Mystery (Portuguese) Part 5
RTP:: Anatomy Of A Mystery (Portuguese) Part 6
RTP:: Anatomy Of A Mystery (Portuguese) Part 7


  1. OMG!! In the first video, Kate says almost word for word what she said during the sky news interview about Madeleine cryiing the night before the abduction and the conversation she then had about it with Kate. Its a bloody script, its almost word for word the same, even her delivery and her look is the same.
    If I told you a story today and told you the same story tomorrow it would in essence be the same tale but the words used and order the words were used would be different.

  2. In the interview with Sandra Felgueiras Kate speaking of Madeleine waking up crying the night previous to the disappearance is uncannily similar to what she said 24 hours before on sky news. It is almost word for word the exact same speech, which leads me to believe it was an a practiced answer not spontaneous.
    If I were to tell a story today from memory and then repeated it tomorrow it would not be the same words although the substance would be the same.
    Its all a bloody act.


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