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Maddie's Parents Still Suspects

One year after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann,from the apartment No. 5A of the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz (Lagos), where she spent holidays with their parents and the twins, also minors, the investigations of the PJ are in a state of deadlock and disguised by a cloak of silence.

After yesterday the on line edition of the Expresso advanced that the thesis of the abduction was again on the table and that Kate and Gerry McCann could stop being arguidos from the suspicion of the murder of their daughter and concealment of the body, a source of the PJ preferred "not confirm or comment on the news", considering that those news "interest to someone".
"By the contrary" he add, leaving the idea that Maddie's parents will continue as suspects.

The recent interviews conducted in England to the friends of the couple that dinned in the Tapas restaurant when Maddie disappeared,did not bring anything new. The PJ began then to examine the list of phone calls made by the parents and the witnesses in the process on the 3rd of May of 2007 and on the following days.Those documents were sent recently by the British authorities, while the bank accounts of those people did not yet arrive.

Despite the lack of evidence,the investigators involved in the case are convinced that the traces of blood found in the apartment of the Ocean Club and in the Renault Scenic rented by the couple three weeks after the disappearance of her daughter, in addition to the odours the corpse flagged by the English dogs, can prove the death of Madeleine. A household accident or an excessive dose of tranquillizers to put the child to sleep (the twins did not awake that night despite the confusion with more than twenty persons in the flat ) and the body eventually thrown in high sea to conceal the proves of the alleged crime are the strong suspicions of the PJ.

The DNA tests conducted in the laboratory of Birmingham (a lab that carries out scientific analysis to the police of that country), were not conclusive. That is, the trump card that the PJ believed they have to arrest Kate and Gerry as suspects of the death of their daughter ended to fall apart.

Maddie's case: no one looks good in the photo

In the completion of one year on the disappearance of Maddie is impossible to ignore that all participants of this case did not look good in the photo.

The Portuguese police and justice, the McCanns, the media and even the authorities of both countries did not behave well in a case that in terms of international notoriety, beat by points the kidnapping of the son of Charles Lindbergh, that in the thirties captured the hearts of America.

The national and international media transformed the disappearance of a child in a soap opera of the real life. The Portuguese police and justice arrive to the end of this year tarnished and with an image that will take years to erase.

José Sócrates and Gordon brown did not manage to resist the media and involved themselves personally - a decision without rational foundation. The prime ministers of Portugal and England would have much difficulty in explaining the substantive difference between Maddie and the dozens of anonymous children that every day go missing in their countries.

The option for the media disappearance of a daughter was the original sin of Kate and Gerry McCann that sadly became world celebrities exposing in direct the pain - fact underlined in the first anniversary of Maddie's disappearance with 25 interviews given in two days.

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  1. Its bloody outrageous that the McCanns are not only gooing to get away with it but have become almost celebrity and will no doubt gain financially from the disappearance of their daughter.


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