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Madeleine: Blood Marks the Death

They aren't enough to condemn the McCanns. They are only minuscule vestiges, whose genetic profile is frighteningly close to Madeleine's. The definitive results are now in Portugal, as are the final analysis of the biological and synthetic residues sent to the National Institute of Legal Medicine (INML) headquartered in Coimbra.

For many investigators, the proof is sufficient, but the truth is that in court it could create doubt. And in a case like this, which also concerns the credibility of our authorities, all the care in the world is not enough.

The definitive exam results have been with PJ for some months and indicate a high degree of similarity between the blood in the McCann's car and that of Madeleine. The same comparisons were made with the vestiges detected in the apartment rented by the English [couple] and where the child, then three years old, disappeared without a trace.

One year later, the impasse in the investigation continues. Without a cadaver or confessions it will continue to be possible for the child's parents to create doubts [in court]. Not because of the quality of the vestiges, but because of the method used in their collection. "The vestiges were not visible to the naked eye and it was necessary to use the 'low copy number'. What that means is that genetic profiles were extracted from all the people that left vestiges in that place. We are not dealing with contamination of the samples, but the possibility, mostly academic, that someone with an identical genetic profile combined with all the others," affirmed a source within the process to CM.

In addition, Corte Real, responsible for the genetic analysis at INML, told CM that there are no perfect DNA matches. Without referring specifically to this case, the specialist reiterated that 99.99% results are valid, almost standalone, in paternity suits. "If we are talking about cases where various genetic profiles were collected then the results are lower [than 99.99%]."

"Maddie is missing" (Gerry and Kate McCann, Maddie's parents, to SIC TV)

- How has this past year been?

Kate: I spend the entire day with Sean and Amélie. It has been very difficult, but I continue to believe that Maddie is alive.

Gerry: It was by far the most difficult year. We continue to be motivated by the strong possibility that she is alive.

- Do your younger children continue to ask about their sister?

Kate: They talk about her every day. She is part of their lives. At times it is difficult, other times touching. She is part of their lives.

Gerry: I believe that if Maddie returned home today they would react normally ... they are very little, and don't yet ask questions. At this point, they just know that Maddie is missing.

Kate: We can only tell them the truth when we know it.

Gerry: They have the notion that they last saw Maddie in Portugal. They think that if they go back, they'll find their sister.


18 Interviews

Yesterday, Maddie's parents gave 18 interviews to the media.

Message to the Abductor

"All we want is Madeleine back and you can free yourself of this situation," says Gerry.

The Apartment

In apartment 5a at the Ocean Club vestiges of blood were found, whose DNA is similar to Maddie's. One of the vestiges was behind the sofa.

The Car

The discovery of vestiges in the car rented after the disappearance mandated the about-face of the investigation. The exam results caused the parents to become arguidos.

Source : Correio da Manhã
Translation by Debk

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  1. If I am reading this correct, the samples prove close enough to know its Madeleine but not enough to convict in a court of law...This is bad news, the batstards are set to get away with it.


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