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McCanns after Murat

The McCanns look for answers in Robert Murat, they are convinced of his involvement in the disappearance of their daughter. The multimillionaire that supports the expenses with lawyers and the private detectives of the Spanish agency "Método 3" went on purpose to Algarve to know the British.

Brian Kennedy offered to help him, although he was unable to explain how. Why? Why does he believe that Robert or his mother Jennifer might have seen someone on the night of 3rd of May in the area of the Ocean Club. He was prepared to pay to the best technicians to draw a photofit of a possible suspect. Saying one thing and then saying another he ended to say that Kate and Gerry believe that he is innocent and they never came publicly to accuse him but he insisted that Murat might remember some important detail to help them find Madeleine.

The JN knows that Murat did not accept the help of the multimillionaire. On the contrary he was upset with the questions that were made and with the insistence of the multimillionaire that wanted him to remember the night of the disappearance, when Murat always said that he spent the night in his mother's house, Jennifer, in Praia da Luz.

The meeting - a dinner that Brian Kennedy asked to be discreet and far away from the eyes of the press - took place in the end of last year at a house of Murat's relatives in Burgau (Vila do Bispo). At the dinner were present Murat and Kennedy, the respective lawyers, Jennifer Murat and the aunt and uncle of Murat.

After dinner was Brian Kennedy that finished the conversation. He could not explain why three friends of the couple, belonging to the group "Tapas 7" came publicly saying that they saw Robert Murat in the area of the Ocean Club in the night of 3 of May and he (Kennedy) ended to enter in contradiction.

Francisco Pagarete does not confirm this meeting but the JN knows that the PJ is aware and that they monitored the steps of Kennedy and the detectives of Método 3 very closely. According to the lawyer one year after the disappearance of Maddie, Murat "still does not understand how his name was involved in the case". "Everything is very strange" says the lawyer regretting that " a person was involved in this story without having nothing to do with it".

Source: Jornal de Notícias
Translation by Li


  1. Dont know if you will allow this comment but I have always believed Murat was involved in some way. I think Gerrys irrate refusal to answer whether he knew Murat is very suspicious and then there is the Exeter link...Murats sister living near Tanner and O@Brien. I also recall reading there was evidence Murat met Gerry prior to the abduction and that is why he remains aguido.

  2. "speakyourmind"

    It does sound strange that GM did not answer whether he knows Murat.
    Taking into account that GM is not the most reliable or truthful person on earth, I do not know what to make of this.

    The only question I have is for Tucker Price, Robert's friend that he was photographed in the playground of the Ocean club.

    If he has children there is no mystery. He was there with his own kids.
    If he does not have children, what was he doing there?

  3. Mariana its also a bit much of a coincidence that Murat was in Exeter near Tanner and O'Brien, especially when you think its Tanner who says she saw a man carrying what she now thinks is Madeleine and that O'Brien was away from the table supposedly caring for a sick child that he then left!! Whats theodds of all those coincidences I wonder?

  4. "speakyourmind"

    As it stands at the moment, it has not been confirmed that Murat has met with Tanner or O'Brien.

    In fact even if it turns out, they know each other, it does not mean that Murat is involved with anything.
    They (McCann's and friends) may had seen it as an opportunity to involve Murat and move the investigation away from themselves.

  5. I see what you are saying Marian but if there is no link surely Gerry would have just said no? I still think its all too much of a coincidence...plus against your theory is the fact that Oldfield and co stated it was Murat! perhaps the four who named Murat are as in the dark as we are?

  6. The President of the ICMEC was on CNN and was asked "what the parents must do when they realise their child is missing"?

    He replied "call the police immediately".

    When Mrs. Fenn offered to call the police, Kate McCann, told her not to.

  7. "speakyourmind"

    I do not think the McCann friends are in the dark.
    I believe they all know what has happened to Madeleine.

    Their own stories are confusing, except the bit regarding Murat.

    As far as Gerry is concerned, he may have said so to create an atmosphere against Murat.

    Tanner and O' Brien should be asked if they know Murat, or someone on behalf of Robert Murat should clarify the matter.

    Does anybody know any journalists willing to ask the McCann friends?

  8. Mariana that is a good theory on the reason Gerry refused to answer such a simple question.
    you could well be right about all the friends knowing, but it makes me wonder why they would all go out on such a limb? I would not lie to help anyone covering the death of anyone much less a defencless child.so why would they. what is in it for them?

  9. "speakyourmind"

    I think they have their own negligence to think of considering that the Taner/O'Brien child was ill and vomiting.

    Their friends children, are all very young children and they had been left alone.

    It has been said that only the Payne's used a listening device.

    A listening device, does not help, if a child chokes and you are more than 130 meters away.

    For the life of me I cannot believe anything that Gerry or Kate say, if they keep insisting on the 50 yard distance.
    It means they have not learnt anything from this horrific experience and there is no remorse whatsoever.

  10. Mariana I too noticed the McCanns were back to detracting from the distance between the Tapas and the apartment. Like you I do not believe a word that comes out of their mouths. I also believe that when they have been answering about leaving the kids and the kids crying the night before they are reciting pre prepared answers designed to lessen their culpability.I wish someone knew about body language and would analyse the latest interviews, particularly when they are answering about the matters mentioned above.

  11. "speakyourmind"

    I think this whole TV charade was aimed at domestic consumption, primarily to raise money.
    At times, like where she talks about Portugal, Kate was aggressive, as though "it is not my fault", everything happened in Portugal. Shift the blame to Portugal as usual. If its not the PJ's fault, the whole country is to blame. Other than that, "if what happened, hadn't happened" we couldn't have cared less about Madeleine and Sean crying, because we left them alone every evening.
    And we ask for your sympathy and your money because "we can't change it".
    They are dispikable.

  12. Agree with all you say Mariana. How do you see this saga ending? Do you think they as I do they are going to get away with it? And what about charges of neglect being layed?
    It absolutely disgusts me the way Gordon Brown has interfered and exerted pressure and the Bristish media being scared to tell the truth.
    They say the bloggers are mext on the list for libel, I personally do not give a **** and would welcome being taken to court!

  13. "speak your mind"
    Well the new National Director is a cop. I think this is a good sign.
    I believe the police have enough to take them on.
    There are also the criminal negligence charges. They reportedly carry a maximum sentence of 10 years.
    Whatever the ending of the Judicial side of things, the McCann's cannot escape themselves.
    Their lives will not be easy.
    Nature has a way of correcting itself.
    If they are so ill-advised as to take any bloggers to court, all hell will break loose.


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