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McCanns’ apartment: Images of the crime scene revealed

Abduction difficult to explain

The British press points out several potential hiding places for a predator that would have been inside the McCann couple’s apartment at the Ocean Club while Gerry was inside checking on his three children, at approximately 9.05 p.m. on the evening of the crime. But, just like CM had already advanced before, the greatest difficulty for the eventual abductor would have been to transport Maddie through the bedroom window, jumping over a second bed that was inside the room with the three-year-old girl, without anyone seeing him and hearing the child cry.

McCanns Apartment

The images from the apartment were published in yesterday’s edition of ‘News of the World’, and apart from the parents’ bedroom, the kitchen and the living room, in the bottom left corner of the main photo, at the room’s entrance, one can see the bed where Maddie slept. By the side of it, the cots for the twins, Sean and Amélie, were placed, and to make the child exit through the window, one would have to jump over the empty bed that was placed at the far end of the room. It is remembered that Kate, after raising the alarm, pointed at the open window.

The newspaper says that at around 9.05 p.m., when Gerry interrupted his meal to visit his children, the abductor could have been hiding inside one of the narrow wardrobes; hiding behind Maddie’s bedroom door; inside the family’s bathroom or behind Kate and Gerry McCann’s bed.

The same newspaper, after reconstituting the crime, had to realize that as soon as he heard Gerry opening the patio door into the apartment, the abductor would have had ten seconds to hide, at the utmost. Nobody woke up or cried: suspicious facts for the PJ.

Field of vision for Oldfield

When he went to check on the McCanns’ children at 9.30 p.m., friend Matthew Oldfield says he only saw the twins and a corner of Maddie’s bed. He thought everyone was well.


Alípio’s resignation

The McCanns’ spokesman, cited in blog SOS Madeleine, says that Kate and Gerry see the resignation of Alípio Ribeiro from the PJ’s directory and his comments about the enquiry as a sign that Maddie’s disappearance “will never be clarified”.

Ineffective investigation

Clarence Mitchell also said that the entire investigation, after one year and in the case that the PJ does not reveal itself as effective in finding out what happened to the three-year-old girl, should be handed over to “private investigators”.

Blog on hold

Gerry McCann has not written for the blog that he keeps on the on-line findmadeleine page since the 3rd of May, the day that marked one year after the disappearance of his daughter.

Source: Correio da Manhã
Translation by Astro

Latest in Gerry's Blog - Day 374: 11 May 2008

It has been another busy week. We have been inundated with mail that we are working through. Kate and I would like to thank everyone who has helped and supported us over the last twelve months. It is the support we have received from family, friends, and the overwhelming response of the general public that has sustained us. Special thanks to everyone who has contributed to Madeleine’s Fund, which has allowed us to continue the independent investigation to find Madeleine.

Following our renewed appeal there has been a tremendous response to both the call line (+44 (0)845 838 4699) and the e-mail addresses (anonymous@findmadeleine.com and investigation@findmadeleine.com). Hundreds of calls and e-mails have been received and each and every bit of information will be assessed and followed up. We would encourage anyone who might have information to contact us in confidence. We would like to hear from everyone who was staying at the Ocean Club at the time of Madeleine’s abduction or from anyone who may have experienced a similar incident in the Iberia peninsula.

Tomorrow is Madeleine’s fifth birthday. It will be one of the hardest days of the last 375. We will be marking it privately and quietly. We will do everything to try and ensure Madeleine does not spend another birthday separated from her family.

Meanwhile Clarence Mitchell in the British Media said:
Their new campaign, launched ahead of the first anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance, urged anyone who has spoken to the Portuguese or British authorities about her apparent abduction in Praia da Luz to now call them.

The response has thrown up several "promising leads" which are now being probed by their private investigators, said their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell.

He said: "Obviously, without Madeleine home yet, this is sadly just another day without her in many respects.

Mr Mitchell said Metodo 3, the private investigation firm working on their behalf, was following up several promising leads, submitted after the campaign launch, "with some degree of urgency". He would not go into detail about those leads.

The same Método3 Company who allegedly paid witnesses for the fake Madeleine's sightings in Morocco? The same who had one of the private detectives, working for the McCanns, implied in the disappearance of several hundred kilos of cocaine and corruption of public civil servants? The same agency who claimed that Madeleine would be found before Christmas? The very same detectives who were arrested by the police in a murky story of wire-tappings and corruption?


  1. God reading that about today being the hardest day makes me want to scream. If its so bloody hard how come the wanker is ok to go to work? And when he says the hardest day, does he mean for them or Madeleine? I hate the pair of shits with a passion and the more I read of them the more I hate them.
    As for the crap about having new leads to pursue...is that the same leads the bent detective agency metedo 3 were pursuing when they said Madeleine would be home for xmas!!?. I cant believe they still are making out they think Madeleine is still out there alive...if they truly thought that...how do they sleep at night? How the hell do they apear so cheerful and at peace with themselves?How did they not look that night? blog? jog?...argghhh I hate them!!

  2. I find it strange that no one is objecting to their attempts to discover what individuals said to the Portuguese and British police. It wouldn’t surprise me if they have attempted to cajole lab technicians or administrators to reveal the forensic results. They constantly contradict themselves and yet no one says to them, “But you said before” or “But that can’t be.” No one asks politicians why they are getting involved in this affair. No one dare asks the couple direct questions. It seems they can do or say no wrong. This case is strange not because the parents are suspected of harming their child, statistically that’s the norm, it’s strange because many choose to ignore the obvious.

  3. And another thing....The news of the world who had the above axclusive were the same paper kate spoke exclusively to in August about the reason she knew Madeleien had been abducted...that being the placement of cuddlecat upon a high shelf not accesible to the children.....We now know what a crock of crap that was because Gerry originally told detectives cuddlecat was still on the bed!!
    The news of the world are McCanners and its probably the McCanns or their cronies who gave the pictures to the news of the world!!


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