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McCanns hated Cop Gonçalo Amaral is going to be a lawyer!

PJ's Inspector is Going to make an internship after finishing the Book about Maddie

Amaral Lawyer

As soon as he finishes writing the book on the Maddie case, the former coordinator of the PJ, Gonçalo Amaral plans to practice Law. The revelation was done to 24horas by his lawyer, António Paulo Santos.

Amaral, of 48 years old, is going to do an internship during a year in a lawyers' office in the Algarve. The future passes by practising law in the criminal rights and author rights areas. Gonçalo Amaral did a law course when he was Inspector-chief and after having completed and passed the Legal Practice Course he applied for a position as a coordinator of the PJ. He never did an internship and that is compulsory to perform legal practice in full.

The first person who was initially in charge for the investigation of Maddie’s case is, meantime, adapted with the decision of being apart from the PJ and the decision of requesting his pre-retirement, in spite the fact that this is causing an enormous hole in his finances. “It is a process that, as a rule takes approximately three months”, explained Paulo Santos, according to whom, “at this moment, Amaral is enjoying his holidays”.

Worn-out with the slanders of British Press and by the abandonment that he had to endure from the Police force which he served in the last 28 years, Gonçalo Amaral had not, according to his lawyer “conditions to stay in the PJ.”

“It was not easy to go away. But the decision was taken in conscience”, revealed to 24horas, António Paulo Santos, also a former inspector of the Judiciary Police. According to the lawyer, the former coordinator of the PJ of Portimão “is conscious, that after this decision he will have to leave for a new life and that is exactly what he is doing”.

At home, in a house between Faro and Olhão, close to his wife and children, Gonçalo Amaral advances increasingly in the book that promises to be a “hot new release” on the Madeleine case.

Meantime, the processes for slander against the British press are in preparation, with the gathering of elements. “We have a year to formalize the complaints and, at this moment we are still striving to find a lawyers' office in the United Kingdom to advance”, concluded Paulo Santos, according to whom “everything is going in the right way.”

Return to the PJ? No, Thank You [Voltar à PJ? Não Obrigado]

In the plans of Gonçalo Amaral going back to the PJ is not possible. Not even now that Alípio Ribeiro, the National director with whom he clashed, left the post.

“I am convinced that he is going to maintain the decision of not going back, as his decision results after a process of long consideration and, at the same time of great personal disillusionment with the institution that he served ”, assured Paulo Santos.

Source: 24Horas

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