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McCanns Lawyer contradicts McCanns Statements

Rogério Alves, McCanns Portuguese defence lawyer said McCanns are willing to return to Portugal and that they trust the PJ. That was yesterday in a SIC debate with the McCanns Lawyer Rogério Alves, Criminalist Moita Flores and psychologist José Gameiro. McCanns on the other hand contradict their own lawyer and say they will not go back and don't trust the Portuguese Police.

Anchor [Journalist on Studio]: It appears that Maddie's parents don't know whether or not they are coming to the Algarve to participate in the reconstruction which PJ wishes to do. This is a contradiction to the declaration of Rogério Alves, yesterday, here on Jornal de Notícias: the McCann's Portuguese lawyer said their return to Portugal was a certainty.

Voice Over: The Judiciary wants to reunite all the people who were at Ocean Club on the night of May 3, principally the McCanns and their friends who were dining at the restaurant when Madeleine disappeared. The response to the invitation has two versions:

Cut/flash back to SIC debate on the previous night: "Why don't your clients get on a plane? What are they afraid of?"

Rogério Alves: "They aren't afraid of anything. And they have already publicly manifested, via their attorneys, that they are available to participate in the reconstruction. This is the truth. The rest is fantasy."

Cut to Journalist interviewing the McCanns in London, the previous day: "Do you consider the possibility of returning to Portugal while you are still arguidos?" You are invited to go there?"

Gerry: "It's very difficult. We have been invited back and I think it's... (pause) we're concerned that the date for a possible reconstruction has been published. I don't think world wide media attention would help that. And what additional information will be gained from such a process? We are not sure about... so that's still under discussion."

Voice Over: The McCanns and their lawyers also appear to be out of sync concerning their appreciation of the PJ's work . . .

Rogério Alves (again, during the SIC debate): "There exists a confidence in the work of the Portuguese police."

Cut to Journalist interview: "Do you believe that the Portuguese police did everything it could have being done or not?"

Gerry: (laughs) "Do you?"

"I'm asking . . . "

Gerry: "I know... but we don't know... because we haven't been told and that is the most difficult... (continues on in English)...."

Voice Over: Kate and Gerry returned to England in September. They have never again been contacted by the police.

Translation by Debk/JM(small edit)

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  1. These two cannot put through their thick heads that they are suspects.

    In no place on earth the police, shares their investigation with suspects.
    Why would the PJ do so with these two prime suspects?

    Well Gerry, the reconstruction will help to verify your lies.


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