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McCanns reveal hate mail...


  1. I wonder if the McCanns honestly imagine they will get more sympathy by revealing the hate mail. I don't care and am actually glad they know how some of us feel about them and that they are not believed by alot of people.
    I was also happy to know from the programme last night that they are aware of the blogs on the web and how they are viewed.
    I think thats why Kate tried to squeeze some tears out last night, to gain sympathy, I also noted how instead of the usual Gerry talking and Kate sat poker faced, Kate done all the talking.
    Could it be its a change of tactics for the sympathy vote as so far Gerry has just managed to make people loathe them all the more with his controlling interviews.

  2. I dare say If the McCanns are telling the truth Madeleine has had alot more to contend with than hate mail. What the hell do the McCanns expect?

  3. Hi Joana. Being in Canada I wasn’t able to watch the McCann Documentary. In some respects I’m glad I wasn’t able to do so. Judging from the commentaries of people who did see it, it was a well-choreographed piece much better than their previous attempts to win over the public. The public has always found it suspicious at Kate McCann’s lack of emotion and why she is not allowed to speak freely without Gerry McCann by her side. From my readings the public got what they wanted a more emotional Kate and Kate speaking for herself without Gerry nearby, you have to wonder though how many takes and onions it took for them to accomplish this. It has also been reported that the PJ were attacked for leaking information, not looking for Madeleine, and offering a plea bargain to Kate. My understanding is that the McCann’s Portuguese lawyer who was present during her interrogation said that there was no plea-bargain that it was all a misunderstanding. He apparently said this because he knew it is against Portuguese law to plea bargain. Someone should interview this lawyer again and ask him why is Kate McCann re-asserting her claim that a deal was offered to her in return for a confession and ask him to clarify what the misunderstanding was if there was any. People should ask themselves do these programs increase the possibility of finding their daughter? Is hiring a collection agency to find their daughter a wise move? Is not cooperating with the police the best way to find their daughter? All they are accomplishing is generating more money for themselves and the media.

    I think this couple has gone beyond the point of no return. Given their openly antagonistic stance toward the police and the lies that they have promulgated through the media, they are practically telling the police “Yeah were guilty but you’ll never get us.”


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