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McCanns status to be lifted?... No, another speculation!

Quick explanation. Expresso and SIC, belongs to Pinto Balsemão. Balsemão is a Portuguese 'berlsuconi/murdoch mix' in a smaller scale. Yesterday SIC interview was really apathic compared to the interview done by Sandra Felgueiras on RTP. WHY? Because ITV and SIC made a deal, ITV sold the documentary to SIC as an exclusive if certain conditions were met. So, who broke today the news of the McCanns having their arguidos status lifted? Expresso. And by the way the arguidos status will carry on till August. Enough speculation.

Note: No source is given by this journalist , plus how could he know this if the Prosecutors are only to meet on the 15th of May to decide on the extension of the secrecy of justice? Shame on Expresso.

PJ prepares to exculpate the McCanns
By Rui Gustavo

Without proof with which to accuse Kate and Gerry McCann, the PJ returns to the investigation of the abduction theory. A year has passed and there is no clue about the child's whereabouts.

The analysis of the statements collected in England brought nothing new to the Madeleine McCann investigation. The PJ found no contradiction, clue or sufficiently strong indication to support the homicide and hiding of cadaver theory and prepares to archive the case against the parents, Gerry and Kate McCann. The final word belongs to the prosecutor, Magalhães de Menezes, who could still opt to accuse them of negligence.

After much controversy, Maddie's parents are available to return to Portugal to participate in a reconstruction. However, according to the attorney Rogério Alves, only if this step is judicially ordered and truly necessary.

SOL on the other hand published a slightly different angle:

Parents could be accused of neglect
By Margarida Davim/Sónia Trigueirão

The Public Ministry and the PJ will have a decisive meeting for the future of the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann within the next two weeks.

According to Sol, those responsible for the investigation will discuss during the meeting the possibility of dropping the accusation of homicide against Maddie’s parents, and just advance with a charge of negligence. As the accusation is still open, one thing is certain, the Public Ministry will request a prolongation of the judicial secrecy until August.

Yes, apparently the Portuguese Press is becoming 'tabloidish' like the UK's gutter press.

Side Note
: The ITV documentary
[not a documentary per se more a very biased interview] to be showed exclusively by SIC tomorrow night has:

a) some alleged tears - after one year it's just to little to late;

b) more attacks on the PJ;

c) the usual McCann excuses:
-it was like having dinner in our back garden;
-it's not our fault;
-we didn't have a buggy to carry the children the other restaurant (Millenium) so we left the children behind - an excuse that changed to yesterdays question of Sandra Felgueiras
"Why didn't you take Maddie with you to the Tapas Bar?" - Because the children were asleep at 19,30;
-there are cultural differences;
-everybody does it, even Emma Loach, the 'documentary' 'director' said on an interview given to Jon Gaunt that she left her kids alone;
-more similar to excusing the inexcusable;
-and strangely enough they didn't use the 'documentary' to appeal to the alleged kidnapper.

A bit of the Emma Loach interview by Jon Gaunt last Wednesday:

JG - Do you address the fact that these two left their children every night?
EL - Yes.

JG - Kate breaks down?
EL - Yes.

JG - Do they accept they were wrong?
EL - They accept they shouldn't have gone out if there was an abductor around.

She has left her children age 3 & 5 alone in hotel room while eating dinner in hotel restaurant.
Gaunty is speechless and says so.

JG - You know people that have done it??? Disbelief
EL -Yes.

JG - It's a sympathetic film then? [because you've done it]
EL - Yes.

JG - Do they talk about the police?
EL - No - they can't.


Jon Gaunt opinion about this latest McCanns Show:
Come off TV, Kate and Gerry, your time is up

IT must be just me, but the Maddie documentary left me feeling less sympathetic to Gerry and Kate than I was before.

It was a two-hour bore-fest with a centre softer than a marshmallow. And my God, did the background music get on your nerves too? There was no real probe into why they chose to leave their three children home alone. I accept that their proposal for an amber alert system is a great idea and should be implemented right across Europe.

However, I couldn’t believe their bleating over the fact that their campaign was bumped off the front pages by the revelation that Maddie had asked why Mummy hadn’t come to their room the night before when she was crying.

This was, at best, naive. Of course a revelation like this will go straight to the top of the news agenda. The question remains: Why didn’t Kate and Gerry talk to us about this earlier?


Again let me state, I don’t know whether they are involved in Maddie’s disappearance — only a court can discover the truth — but I believe they are guilty of neglect. What was all that guff about not having a buggy as a reason for leaving the kids alone in the room? What was that nonsense about thinking there was a listening service? After a few days they must have realised that no such service was available?

Even if they didn’t realise this, surely when Maddie talked about crying on the very day she was abducted they should never have chosen to go out on the booze again.

I interviewed Emma Loach, the director of this film, on my radio show on Wednesday and she clearly illustrated where her sympathies lay when she told me she too had left her three-year-old and five-year-old alone in a hotel room while she went off and had dinner. Her pathetic excuse for this child neglect was that it was better to do this than have the kids be irritable the next day.

Gerry and Kate said on GMTV yesterday that there are different ways to parent. They are WRONG. There is only way and that is to always put your kids first.

People like Loach and the McCanns clearly don’t understand that when you have kids your priorities have to change, you are no longer a singleton or a couple and you cannot act as if you are. Your first responsibility is the safety and comfort of your children.

This programme left me with even more questions than answers and just confirmed to me that the spinning and propaganda on both sides has to stop. I agree with the man who brought the Bulger killers to justice, Albert Kirby, who said on my show that the McCanns’ time would be better spent going back to Portugal and helping the police with the reconstruction rather than touring TV studios.

The McCanns must return and do the reconstruction. Then the Portuguese police need to charge them or release them from their suspect status. But please, most of all, can all the main players in this sad saga remember it is not about you and your suffering but the plight of an innocent four-year-old.


  1. I sincerely hope the aguido status is not lifted and in the very least the McCanns face charges of neglect.
    Just watched yesterdays media blitz by them and they now say they may go back for the reconstruction. Hmmmm we will see!!
    First off they tried to say Kate could not face returning and then the leak was seized upon as excuse to not take part...There is no excuse, they should be doing exactly what is asked of them.
    They keep saying we will do anything to get her back....anything but aparantly not a reconstruction!...Besides Kate was always waffling on that Praia da Luz is the place she feels closest to Madeleine!

  2. Some questions:

    Why is Rupert Murdoch, owner of sky, sun, fox news and of a global media corporation supporting the McCanns?

    Who gains with the fear and panic on children and parents (Shreck Movie/Harry Potter Bok, Media playing the panic/paedophile boom)?

    Are we going to loose the right of privacy in Europe like in America after 9/11?

    Who is going to hold that information?

    What can the EU/UE and governments do with that information?

    Why support the McCanns and the amber alert in Europe if the Schengen treaty is all about the free flow of Europeans from one country to another?

    Why did Brown pressured Socrates about the McCann case other wise he wouldn't sign the treaty of Lisbon?

    Why did Alipio Ribeiro 'almost killed' the PJ's investigation in a media intervention and was still supported by the minister of justice and unlike Olegario and Amaral wasn't demoted or sacked from his post like they were for the same reasons - talking to the media?

    Why did the home office and jacqui smith take so much time and delayed the pj's interviews in the UK up to a time the Mccanns were going to be out of the country?

    Why did the FSS take so much time to deliver the full report on the low copy DNA analyses?

  3. Escrevi ao Senhor Gustavo felicitando-o pelas suas fortes convicções, que o fazem nem sequer ter de citar fontes, como um 24Horas qualquer. Desejei-lhe felicidades para a sua carreira, porque vai long com certeza...

  4. I sincerely hope aguido status is not to be lifted and if it is in the very least the odious pair will be charged with neglect.
    The only hope is that the book the truth of the lie is indeed published.
    As it is the McCanns and their remaining children will have to live with the stigma of being suspected of the death of their little girl Madeleine.


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