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McCanns Targeted by the PJ

The Public Prosecutor and the PJ deny that they are preparing the filling of the media process. The McCanns did not yet confirm the return to Portugal

The PJ is analysing the depositions made in England by the seven friends that dinned with the McCanns in the Tapas Bar. They are also waiting that the Leicester police send the depositions of more than three dozens of tourists that were in the area when the child disappeared and also the new declarations of Clarence Mitchell and Justine McGuiness that were in Praia da Luz on that day.

Yesterday the on line edition of Expresso revealed that the PJ was preparing the filling of the case and clear the McCanns. Several judicial sources contacted by our newspaper rejected such possibility. "That hypothesis is unthinkable. No process is filled whilst there are still investigations occurring. There are still several steps to make and that possibility wasn't even equated" guaranteed a high responsible connected to the investigations.

The same source added: "If it was to fill we would not have asked the return of the McCanns and friends to Portugal. The McCanns will continue to be arguidos till the end of the process. No matter the time it takes. Who says otherwise does not know the law and is speculating".

A source of the Portimão's court assured that the public prosecutor is still waiting for the final report of the PJ about the process that according to what 24 Horas discovered is not yet done.

"Without that report is impossible to take any decision. The investigations were delegated to the PJ and the public prosecutor needs to have all the elements to take a decision of accusing or filling. But from the accusation of negligence they will not get rid off", said the source.

Source: 24Horas
Translation by Li

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