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McCanns Timeline Put in Question

Witnesses say that they didn't see Maddie after the end of the afternoon

Timeline of the McCanns put in question

The parents always said that the girl disappeared between 21.00 and 23.00 hours, but no witness saw her from 18.00 hours onwards

Little Madeleine McCann was not seen from 18.00 of the 3rd of May of 2007, meaning almost four hours before the mother, Kate gave the alarm in Praia da Luz, Algarve. This is the conclusion of the correlation of information given to the British police by more than 60 tourists who were at the Ocean Club on the day of the disappearance.

The authorities of Leicester have been sending these informations drop by drop to the team of Paulo Rebelo. "None of the more than fifty persons that were in the tourist resort saw the child from 18.00 hours onwards. The several interrogatories made at the time of the disappearance and more recently in England prove that the girl was no longer seen in the end of the afternoon", said to the 24 Horas a judicial responsible connected to the investigations.

These data led the judicial responsible to assume that "contrarily to what the parents always claimed the hour that the disappearance occurred is yet to define, and it might have happened not after 22.00pm but much earlier".

There are still depositions missing

The team of the PJ are not yet in the possession of all the depositions that were requested to the British authorities made in the scope of the rogatory letter send to that country at the end of 2007. The main statements made by the 7 friends who dined with the McCanns that night were already evaluated scrupulously.



Kate McCann entered in the Tapas Bar after 22.30 screaming "they've taken her". She was never able to explain to the authorities who were "them". The GNR arrived to the place in less than 20 minutes and the PJ one hour after. In the apartment were the twins and there was no sign of a break in found.


The 7 friends that dinned with the McCanns in the Tapas Bar are putting conditions to the Public Prosecutor to return to our country. They are invited to cooperate in the reenactment of that night a proceeding considered very important to clarify the facts.

Reenactment without date

The Judiciary Police continues to wait for a reply of the McCanns and their friends to schedule a date to the reenactment of the facts occurred on the 3rd of May of 2007: "We still have not received any indication from the Public Ministry on that subject. We are still waiting for the McCanns and their friends to decide when they want to come to Portugal. We cannot oblige them, they come if they wish", said the same source.

Guilhermino Encarnação, the responsible of the PJ Directorship of Faro, maintains that "at this phase there is nothing to say" and as soon as relevant data of public interest connected to this mediatic case occurs "that will be revealed by the proper authorities".

The McCanns say, through their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell that they are willing to return to our country but they do not take responsibility for the decision of the friends with whom they dinned on that night.

Source: 24 Horas
Translation by Li/Revised Edit by JM

Thank you to all who contributed with the pictures of the alleged Madeleine's Official last photo, for more about the theory of the alleged last photo of Madeleine, which seems to be a forged one please go to The Truth For Madeleine


  1. Morning Joana and all your readers!

    At this time people put in question everything the Mc Canns say because they have been lying since day one.As time goes by everything related to this case is becoming weirder and crazier.

    Just found sth on Branson's sister that bought(for 22.000) a painting by Jose Maria Cano portraying the two arguidos in the renault scenic.

    It beggars belief. There are so many children victims of famine not to speak about other issues...
    Simply disgusting.And the artist? What was the inspiration for such a masterwork (NOT) ?

    Keep up the good work , Joana.

    Here is the link:


  2. Boa tarde a todos.

    A foto designada por "foto oficial e última foto" tem sido desde sempre bastante esmiuçada.
    E,muito provavelmente,bem analisada.Não deve ter sido por acaso que tb. aparece por detrás do casal,penso que no P.E.
    Fazem muita questão nela.
    Por outro lado, se "provavelmente os depoimentos das imensas testemunhas de férias ao mesmo tempo que a família super star" indicam que a Pequenina não foi avistada desde as 18:00.... e,mesmo devagar,devagarzinho lá chegaram alguns depoimentos....e,devagar,devagarzinho lá chegarão mais.....

    O mesmo não me parece infelizmente que ,apesar do casal afirmar que virá...mas nada garante que os "amigos" o possam fazer....

    Grandes e obstinados empatas.
    Resistência passiva de fazer perder a paciência aos Santos= a querer dominar( e minar).

  3. New site:
    "Welcome to MadeleineSearch.com: News

    May 17th 2008

    Today sees the launch of www.madeleinesearch.com. It has been over a year since Madeleine McCann disappeared and, despite the efforts of so many people, her whereabouts remain a mystery. During the course of the past 12 months very few people have been prepared to acknowledge the worst case scenario and almost no attempt has been made to address it.

    We are putting ourselves forward to take on a task that nobody else seems willing to accept."

  4. Interesting reading:


    Don't know if this columnist is a respected one or not, but it is the first time I read sth in the Br press that is not attempting to insult one's intelligence.

  5. I have a question:

    Joana, are you advertising this site or just letting your posters know about it?

    Honestly I have suspicions on its purpose and legality.

    Thank you.

  6. No I'm not advertising- I just posted that because I thought it was strange and in fact they ask for money via PayPal to send a team to investigate in Portugal. Firstly there's no way one can be sure if this is a scam or not. Secondly it's illegal for private detectives to do searches unless they have a special permit, and this people don't even seem to be detectives - just a bunch of people alleging they want to search for Madeleine. Thirdly, They state they are all British - well Portugal is not the playground for wanna be detectives.

  7. registrant-firstname: Mathew
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  8. also possible connections to that name: Ellee Seymour - a pro McCann
    Tiny url:http://tinyurl.com/5x5xka

    the man himself can be:

  9. Antes de mais anónimo, não deixei passar os últimos dois comentários por causa das links, rapidamente explico o que se passa: esses dois bloggers estão em guerra aberta. Pessoalmente apoio o Jeremy Y. e acho detestável o Mike H. Alias não só é um tipo nojento como tem muito mau carácter e é um mentiroso. Se quiser entender como isso começou veja no blog 'whatever' - link nos McCann case files. Suficiente será dizer que o MH gozou com a filha do Jeremy Y. que infelizmente faleceu.

    E o hipócrita diz-se preocupado com crianças...

  10. domain: madeleinesearch.com
    created: 02-Apr-2008
    last-changed: 02-Apr-2008
    registration-expiration: 02-Apr-2009

    nserver: ns59.1and1.co.uk
    nserver: ns60.1and1.co.uk


    registrant-firstname: Mathew
    registrant-lastname: Seymour
    registrant-street1: 151 White Dirt Lane
    registrant-pcode: PO8 0TL
    registrant-state: HAM
    registrant-city: Waterlooville
    registrant-ccode: GB
    registrant-phone: +44.2392595393
    registrant-email: seymourm6@aol.com

  11. Muito obrigada pelas respostas:-)

    Exactamente o que eu pensei em relaçao ao site.

    Sei o tipo de posters que há a defender o casal. Doidos , para não usar outros adjectivos.

    Mais uma vez, obrigada.

  12. Joana: muitissimo obrigada pelas explicações.Eram-me necessárias para entender como deve ser.
    Coitadinha da miúda de Jeremy,não sabia da sua morte.
    Por outro lado,apanhei 1 sítio de M. e o perfil era de cair para o lado do horror.
    Vou,então ao link que recomenda para entender o maquiavelismo dos acontecimentos.
    Fez muitissimo bem em não colocar o que vi.
    Sabia que o seu bom senso funciona sempre.
    Obrigada pelos esclarecimentos,mais uma vez.

    Um bom dia para todos.

  13. Hoje,mais uma vez.(...Antes de mais anónimo....).

    Puxa!Que grande tristeza!
    Imagine que eu tinha o "link" nos Favoritos.JÁ FOI PARA O LIXO.
    Não percebo como ainda está em alguns blogs o redirecionamento para a lixeira.Um deles é de Austr.,tb.Outro é de Uk(penso que pamal. foi atrás de M.F.)Há que ajudar pamal.
    De Austr. deveriam ser afastados os 2,de qq. blog e avisar UK.


  14. Hola Joana
    I always read your articles first thing in the morning....
    I think this week will bring an awful lot of spins:the "alert kidnap" in spain,the football idiots,the doggies who cant smell...I knew they were biased(G said it!!)etc....so keep up the good work as you will have a lot to do
    I am off jogging now! jajajaja

  15. Hola Jo, Buenos Días

    Thanks for passing by. It's true, but by now we are all used to the constant spin and opportunistic connections that team and their blind supporters do. I for one, learned to not trust or believe anything that is in the very biased 'pink' newspapers (aka McCanns press.

    You can fool all of the people some of the time
    You can fool some of the people all of the time
    But you can't fool all of the people all of the time.
    Abraham Lincoln, 1864

    Muchísimas Gracias, Jo y un beso


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