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McCanns Won't Return

McCanns: It's still no to a rerun

Defiant Kate and Gerry McCann have rejected a new plea to help re-create the night their daughter Maddie vanished.

The couple had a tense showdown with Portuguese cops last week.

After refusing to fly back, they have now been told to reply "within days" to yet another request for them to attend a reconstruction in two weeks. But sources say they will again say no.

Police want Kate, 40, and Gerry, 39, and their Tapas Seven pals to return. But the couple have "grave reservations" about cops' motives.

They fear police aren't interested in finding Maddie and only want to charge them with neglect over the disappearance of Maddie, now five, in Praia da Luz last May.

Spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "They're still considering what to do."

Source: People

Meanwhile the Irish Couple who entered in alcoholic coma in the front of their children in the Algarve hired a Libel Lawyer

A couple who had their three children taken into temporary care while on holiday in Portugal have hired a libel lawyer over how the story was reported.

Some reports alleged that Eamon and Antoinette McGuckin's children were put into care because they were drunk. The Upperlands couple later denied being drunk and said they would never put their children in any danger.

Belfast-based solicitor Paul Tweed, who has represented a number of Hollywood stars, has taken on the family's case. I can't go into too much detail at the moment, I can confirm they have consulted with me," he said.

"I will be taking all appropriate legal action against a number of newspapers and broadcasters over the coverage of the events they allege occurred in Portugal."

Source: BBC

Great solution for neglecting parents, just follow the example of the McCanns and flee home as soon as Justice is about to act - then give media conferences, hire high profile lawyers, spin some alleged victimisation and mistreatment, play the racist and xenophobic card and that's it: you're home free!

Oh, but there are others who think that it is better to cooperate with Justice, Like Mr. Marc Klaas who has this to say:

"I never considered not cooperating and I never considered hiring a lawyer. We bring these children into this world and its our duty then to do whatever we can to protect them and that includes totally cooperating with law enforcement right down the line"

"It is only when you hire a lawyer that it becomes apparent, if not obvious that you are hiding something"

Court Tv Online Chat : Mark Klaas on Protecting Children [Transcript Excerpts]

Question: (...)We live in a sick world, how can someone hurt a child? I just can't imagine what I would do if something happened to my kids. They live in fear of strangers and bad people, and that's no way to have to raise a child.

Marc Klaas: Let's start with the idea of strangers. We have to understand that most children who are victimized, are victimized by somebody that they know. And that children want the information that they can use to protect themselves from harm.

Question: Marc, sorry about your daughter. My prayers are with you. On the Aisenberg case I think you may be mistaken and being a little harsh on them, my friend..

Marc Klaas:
I may be incorrect on my assumptions regarding the Aisenberg case, but they behave much more like people interested in protecting their own interests than parents concerned about the recovery of their missing child.

Question: Recently, a little girl was murdered in my city (Elizabeth Byrd). She was walking to school alone in the morning and she never got to school. Now, I am a mother and this worries me that my child can be walking two blocks to school.

Question 2: How do I know if my boy is okay coming home from school?

Marc Klaas: This should be simple, if we're talking about a journey of 2 blocks. That child should be accompanied, if at all possible, by a parent on that journey. Otherwise, that journey should be made with a group of other children. Should a child make that journey by themselves? No.

I'm glad to get a chance to tell you how sorry I feel about Polly. She was a beautiful child. On a similar subject: do you think there was an intruder inside the Ramsey house the night their daughter was killed?

Marc Klaas:
I don't believe there was an intruder inside the Ramsey house that evening I believe the evidence as we know it is pretty clear-cut. The only logical explanation for that ransom note is if it came from within the household itself. (....)

More about:

Polly Klaas' Case

KlaasKids Foundation


  1. Boa tarde , Joana!

    they will not come here to the re-enactament because they know they would be caught.

    Thanks for your excellent work here. Again you have helped against liers and mafiosi.

    That site you referred to yesterday
    " has disappeared into thin air" like the innocent girl.

    Há uma mafia por trás disto tudo.

  2. Espantoso: 2 casais;carreiras profissionais interessantes;fotos das suas excelentes casas publicadas;provavelmente muito mais interessados na sua imagem pública do que no bem estar das crianças.De qualquer modo,o que sinto são consciências muito pesadas.Sabem muito bem o que provocaram.
    Quanto ao outro infeliz caso,que atingiu Marc Klaas:
    *diferenças respeitantes à colaboração com as autoridades;
    *e a opinião sobre a pressa de arranjarem um advogado....

    Quanto ao caso de outro casal descrito aqui neste blog,tirei o seguinte:
    "Marc Klaas: I may be incorrect on my assumptions regarding the Aisenberg case,

    but they behave much more like people interested in protecting their own interests

    than parents concerned about the recovery of their missing child.

    Pois,os Mc não virão.E o caso,da Filha que se foi...Imensos advogados e de alto gabarito.E R. A. está convencido de tanta coisa.Só convencido.

    E o outro casal,arranjam um advogado das e dos stars.

    "Lindos meninos".

    E, as Fundações?UK e USA?
    Nada a ver!
    Há pessoas e há "worms".

  3. If the evidence is stacked against you then attack the competence of the police, if possible play the race card. These are tactics that have been used by people in desperate circumstances, such as O.J. Simpson, the Aisenbergs, the Ramseys and now the McCanns. I laugh when the McCanns say they are afraid of getting charged with child neglect, that’s not what they’re afraid of. Portugal should learn from this and in the future apply the laws to foreigners the way they would apply them to their own citizens, like other countries do. Portugal shouldn’t worry about diplomatic relations, England sure hasn’t. Just imagine the legal battle that will ensue if this couple is finally charged. If this happens there might be an even greater onslaught on the credibility of the Portuguese police, but I’m sure this won’t dissuade them.

    I believe the police have known for a long time that getting these people back to Portugal will be a difficult and lengthy procedure. Hopefully we will at least get to see if the extradition laws of the European Union actually mean anything.

  4. The McCanns refusal should be seen as proof of guilt and they should be charged with impeding the investigation.
    And even when they were saying they were going but it depended on availability of friends its odds on one of the party would have refused for some prior appointment.

  5. http://reports.tbo.com/reports/sabrina/counts.htm


    Bom dia!

  6. Hello Joana,

    thanks you for another very interesting find.
    I'd like to know what Mark Klaas thinks about the McCann case, but I think I can guess!!

    Cheers, Leo

  7. http://edition.cnn.com/2006/LAW/08/16/ramsey.arrest/index.html



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