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McGukins doing a McCann

So the McGukins state they were given roofies in their drinks and instead of helping the Portuguese Police catching the alleged 'gang 'that spiked their drinks they decided not respect a court of Law and flee Portugal?...by the way did all the people that drank the sangria (as this couple states)have the same effect?

(roofies, 'date-rape' drug)

Rohypnol is a prescription-only sedative that has been used in many 'date rapes' in the US, with cases now being reported in Europe and Australia.

Rohypnol's medical use is as a pre-operation anaesthetic or strong sleeping pill, but stronger doses can bring on amnesia. It takes effect very quickly - sometimes as quick as 10 minutes after being taken - and reaches its peak eight hours later when it can render a person totally unconscious. It's about ten times stronger than Valium.

Parents in Portugal drama were 'drugged'

The couple accused of passing out drunk on holiday while their children were taken into care were in hiding today after flying home amid claims they had been drugged.

Eamon and Antoinette McGuckin returned to Northern Ireland with their three young children yesterday after leaving the Algarve early, ahead of a local court hearing into the matter.

The couple were not at their Maghera home in Co Londonderry this morning, but were believed to be staying with friends in a bid to escape the massive media attention the incident has attracted.

PR guru Max Clifford, whose famous client list includes celebrities like Kerry Katona and Simon Cowell, revealed today that someone from the McGuckin family had contacted his office for advice, but he has not yet personally spoken to them.

The couple were due to make a statement to the Press today about their version of events.

Friends have rallied around to support the McGuckins, saying they are good parents and have accused the Portuguese authorities of "over-reacting" because of "paranoia over the disappearance of Madeleine McCann".

While it was claimed earlier this week that the couple had passed out drunk in their hotel, a friend of the McGuckins today said they fear they had been drugged by someone trying to rob them.

"Soon after drinking sangria which was bought for them in a restaurant, they both felt sick and groggy. They believe they were drugged by someone hoping to rob them," a friend told a newspaper.

The couple's GP, Dr Cyril Harkin, told journalists the family have been devastated by the incident.

"I've known Antoinette and Eamon and their families for years and they're just an ordinary, decent family. They were drugged, I have no doubt about that. Even if I didn't know them personally, I'd find it hard to explain how two grown people could possibly get so out of it within an hour and at exactly the same time."

Family friend Kate Lagan, an SDLP councillor, added: "Something happened to make Antoinette extremely and violently ill on arrival in the hotel, and Eamon fell asleep. I've spoken to relatives and they have said there is absolutely no way they were in a drunken stupor."

Eamon (34) and his 32-year-old wife were rushed to a health centre close to the Portuguese resort of Vilamoura at the weekend after arriving at the Aparthotel Mourabel for a week-long holiday on Friday afternoon.

The children were returned to their parents on Saturday.

Source: Belfast Telegraph

Drunk Couple Fly from Portugal to the UK

In an extraordinary statement released in a country where judicial secrecy is paramount, the court said the couple were being investigated over reports of alleged “failure to protect” their children and leaving them in a “situation of danger”.

It added that the court file would be passed to the British social services “with a view to investigating the necessity of promotion and protection of the three British children”.

Mr and Mrs McGuckin’s sudden departure prompted a furious response from the head of the care home where the children were taken, who said it was a “mistake” to leave so quickly.

There was chaos at the court as police officers and court officials tried to establish if the couple had left the country. One officer rang the airport police to find out their location.

Judge Beatriz Borges, who was in chambers, refused to comment until she had received official confirmation that the couple had left.

In her statement, she cited Article 90 of the Law of Promotion and Protection of Children and Young Persons in Danger.

“Due to a report of failure to protect three British children who were in Portugal and in a situation of danger, a case of promotion and protection was initiated,” it said.

“Meanwhile the news arrived which confirmed that the parents and children have returned to their country of origin.

“The intervention of the Portuguese courts lasts only while the children remain in Portugal.

“Closing the judicial case, the British social services will be informed of the procedures adopted with a view to investigating the necessity of promotion and protection of the three British children.”

A spokeswoman for the Northern Health and Social Care Trust said: “We are not commenting on individual cases but the Northern Trust treats all child welfare issues as paramount.”

In London, the Foreign Office insisted that there was no collusion with the couple to bring them back to the UK at such short notice.

Mr and Mrs McGuckin accepted consular assistance on Monday and staff spent several hours liaising with the couple.

At 1pm, the Foreign Office claimed the couple had not left the country but by 3pm revealed that they had landed back in the UK.

Sources in Portugal said they caught the 10am Easyjet flight 6792 to Belfast which arrived at 1.03pm. There was no sign of the couple at their home in Maghera.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “I can promise you there was no plan, there was no attempt at complicity. As soon as we had the information that they had left we shared it.

“There is no advantage for the Foreign Office looking as we were helping them leave.

“We did not help in any of the arrangements, they were entirely made by the McGuckin family.

“There was no legal restriction for them to stay and there was no obligation for them to be in court.”

Dr Luis Villas-Boas, the head of the refuge where the couple’s children were taken, was angered by the family’s swift departure.

“This is unprecedented. They were wrongly advised to leave the country.

“Whoever advised them advised them badly. It was a mistake. I do not believe the Portuguese minors court would have put them in prison or taken away their children.

“I think the court would have given them a reprimand.

“They should not have left when they were notified to attend court. I think that could cause them problems.”

Source: Telegraph


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  2. What must the Portuguese citizens think of us British as parents? What with the money grabbing manipulators the McCanns and now the drunken McGukins in charge of children while clearly unfit to do so!! And both sets of parents then done a runner to not face the consequences of their actions!!The Portuguese would be forgiven for thinking we are a nation of pi**heads who put the pursuit of our own pleasures above the needs of our children!!

  3. There is now a McCann syndrome for sure and the image of British parents has been irreversibly damaged. There is no doubt about that.
    As a Portuguese citizen I feel sick to realise the bad faith, the xenophobia, the contempt and the smearing complex of superiority shown by many British, British media and British government representatives.
    We are treated as if we were a country of paedophiles, ignorant pieces of s**t, corrupted, mafiosi, liars and criminals.
    Had a country like France been the scenario of these sad cases, NEVER would any MCwhatever dare to behave as they did and will do in the future.
    The lack of respect shown by British authorities and British media with the Amen of many Portuguese politicians, is a disgrace and brings us back to the dark ages of empire superiority complexes.
    The way PJ has been treated and ridiculized by so-called journalists would have raised serious diplomatic issues had another country being the target of such a disgusting libellous campaign.
    Finally, the response of some Portuguese members of government, high profile Portuguese civil servants and other pseudo-jet set figures involved, added only to the shame and revolt that I and many of other Portuguese citizens feel regarding this case. I feel as abandoned in my dignity as a Portuguese citizen as my family felt when they had to leave Portugal during Salazar and Caetano dictature.

    Joana, thank you very much for your work. I am proud to have you as a fellow citizen.


  4. Anonymous..Although there is the feeling that the P.J are setting the McCanns up and that your country is rife with paedophiles it is only the media(probably scared to say anything different after the McCanns threats to sue!)and a minority of what we call Pro McCanners who seek to blame Portugal rather than face the truth about the McCanns...Many people here know as I do, that the P.J have had a impossible task what with the McCanns and their friends spouting lies and the interference of our Government strong arming the P.J to pursue the abduction theory, to spite no evidence to back it up.


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