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Murat was Not Notified for the Reenactment of the Alleged Kidnapping

The lawyer of British-Portuguese Robert Murat, arguido in the process of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance on the 3rd of May of 2007, guaranteed yesterday to the DN that he was not notified to participate in the reenactment requested by the Judiciary Police (PJ) next Thursday on the facts occurred on that night. However, his client is available, since, as arguido, “he will be obliged to be present in all the judicial diligences for which he will be legally notified”, he added.

“Up to now I don’t have any information. In practice he would have been already notified, if we believe on the day 29 as reported on the media for the date of the reenactment” said Francisco Pagarete. And he questioned: “Or will it be done at another time? And will the reenactment ever happen?”

After insisting that "it’s all completely the same”, relatively to the situation of Robert Murat and that “the Public Ministry knows what it has to do”; the lawyer said that he does not to find strange that the arguido was not called for the reenactment of the night in which Madeleine disappeared of the room where she was allegedly sleeping with two brothers, “since he was not in any of those places and the PJ knows that”, he emphasised.

The biggest doubts go for the friends of Kate and Gerry McCann, who, in the witnesses' condition, are not obliged to be present, only travelling to Portugal if they wish, but the reenactment will only be done if they come, since their presence is essential. On the opinion shown by the McCanns, which see the reconstitution like a "useless" diligence, Pagarete prefers “not to do any comment”. Even so, he observed: “I doubt that the Public Ministry practices useless acts.” For the lawyer of Murat, it only remains “to keep on waiting for the end of the inquiry”, remembering that after the extensions, made in January of this year, “I do not know how much more time this is going to last”. “It would be a pure speculation of my part to advance a date”, he concluded.

Source: Diário de Notícias

Hotline for Missing Children Activated In 6 EU Countries

Portugal is one of the six EU countries that adopted the 116000 phone number for missing children, as of last Sunday, as part of the International Missing Children's Day.

The European Commission requested that all the member states quickly put the hotline into service and that they work to develop a national alert program for missing children.

Of the 27 member states, only Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, the Netherlands and Hungary adopted this hotline.

Germany, France, Greece and the UK already have existing alert systems that have worked well in kidnap and missing children cases.

Source: Correio da Manhã

Note: The 116000 Number was a Project started in the European Parliament in 2006 with the support of several NGO's and missing children associations - again it was not a McCanns project as they have claimed in their Press releases and as it was published in the misinformed media.

Now on track: the single EU hotline number for missing children

Brussels, 20 December 2006

Today, a committee of Member State representatives, at an extraordinary meeting convened by the Commission, endorsed the Commission's initiative to reserve throughout the EU common freephone numbers for services of social value. This means in particular that the 116000 number will be made available for hotlines for missing children. Member States are asked to make this major initiative for children's rights a reality as soon as possible.

"Having a single number for reporting missing children represents a concrete example of how the EU has made children's rights one of its priorities," said EU Telecom Commissioner Viviane Reding. "I therefore call upon all EU Member States to be very active in implementing the '116 initiative'. The safety of our children does not tolerate delay".

The Commission's '116 initiative' allows a single number to be reserved for the same service across Europe. Services provided through 116 freephone numbers will benefit citizens by helping those in difficulty, or by contributing to their well-being or safety.

Hotline telephone numbers for parents to report missing children already exist in several EU countries, but they currently use different telephone numbers in different countries. Having a common hotline number, 116000, will greatly help parents if they lose their child while travelling or on holiday in another European country.

The Commission's draft Decision to reserve numbers beginning with 116 for harmonised services of social value in Europe has today been endorsed by the Communications Committee, an expert group of Member States' representatives. Approval by this committee paves the way for the Commission to adopt this Decision, which will be binding on Member States, in early 2007. On 11 December 2006, Commissioner Reding had at the Telecom Council called upon all Ministers to support urgent progress on this Commission proposal (see MEMO/06/476).

A public call will be launched early next year to identify other services that may benefit from 116 numbers.

More to read : Follow-up to the EU strategy on the rights of the child

Summary: 10 April 2008, Brussels - The European Commission is engaged in the implementation of its strategy on the Rights of the Child, which was announced in its 2006 communication "Towards an EU strategy on the rights of the child". A number of actions envisaged in the communication have already been launched. The EU has developed various concrete policies and programmes on children's rights, spanning both internal and external policies and covering a broad range of issues, such as child trafficking and sexual abuse, violence against children, discrimination, child poverty, social exclusion, child labour, health and education.

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