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Paulo Cristóvão: "McCanns Confessed Crime to PJ"

From "Sociedade Civil", RTP2, Nov. 2 2007, a talk show about problems relating to the Portuguese society. The Title of the video clip "McCanns Confessed Crime to PJ", has to do with the fact of the crime of neglect, which they confessed to the PJ.
That Program was with Paulo Pereira Cristovão which I assume everyone knows who he is and his stance on the McCanns Case, also in that program was Paul Allen-Luckman Editor/publisher of Portugal News, a newspaper published specifically for the British community of ex pats living in the Algarve.


The people I've been talking to (...) bring up mainly that question: if this was a Portuguese couple — and there were so many such cases — people who in fact go out to work and not to have dinner with friends, that go out to go to work and leave three children alone —...one of them by some misfortune drinks some liquid, starts a fire — the other two children are immediately taken away from them and the parents are immediately designated... So... That's the big doubt: Why didn't the same thing happen that would have happened if it was me or you, Paulo...

Paulo Cristóvão: You'll have to ask about that indeed, you'll have to ask about that. And perhaps that's why I say: perhaps the story, the story of this story, will have to be written one day, and well written, and all those details will have to be dissected and we may perhaps have a few surprises. Because I keep saying this, it's something I underline a lot: one thing is the policemen, the persons is on the field, another thing are the political decisions...

H: But was there some kind of favouritism here?

PC: I don't know if there was favouritism. There was something like a global and instantaneous global solidarity campaign towards the couple, that independently of having been or not victims of a crime through the kidnapping of their daughter, objectively what they were telling the police is a crime. And for much, much less than that many people in Portugal are designated arguidos — I seem to be talking [like the?] defence. ...... And I think that since from the beginning they attributed themselves that statute — because it didn't preclude the other part, which was the search for little Madeleine McCann, one thing has nothing to do with the other. Now, objectively, right there, they were confessing to the police having committed a criminally relevant offence as regards our penal code in Portugal.

Paul Allen-Luckman on McCanns

Great Portuguese for a British!!Thank you Mr. Luckman, thank you Mr. Paulo Pereira Cristovão.

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  1. Joana,

    they have confessed their neglect.
    So, why not take actions against them?

    Their friend Brown is protecting them.
    According to Cameron bad parents are the the villains age.
    I wonder if it was Cameron in the government instead if things would be the same...



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