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The PJ waits for 9 months for the complete tests

A year after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and nine months after the collection of biological vestiges, the sophisticated and prestigious forensic lab of Birmingham, in England, did not send yet to the PJ the final reports of all the analysis. The JN found that is missing the complete examination to the hairs found in several places and that could help the complex investigation. The PJ was already informed informally that technically will not be possible to determine through DNA analysis if the hair samples belong to Maddie. This is due to fact that the hairs have no capillary tubes.

For this reason, it won't be possible to determine in scientific terms if the hairs found in the boot of the car hired by the McCanns and in the flat of the Ocean Club belong to Madeleine or to one of her brothers. The only data that is possible to obtain without capillary tube is the identification of the mother.

So, the toxicological tests to the same samples are also compromised, they could help to discover if the child took any products that accidentally could cause her death.

This is one of the work hypothesis followed by the PJ although they continue to receive almost everyday clues about possible locations of Madeleine, the JN discovered.

Some of the denounces are being transmitted by embassies spread all over the world.

Without the complete tests the PJ only has inconclusive data. The September's report of last year about the biological vestiges detected in the boot of the car was important to make the decision of constituting the parents arguidos. In the document, the experts explain that from the 20 "strands" (DNA parcels) detected in the fluids, 15 coincide with the genetic profile of Maddie. But in reality this result does not exclude the possibility that the vestige - that the English lab could not guarantee if it was blood since it was very dry - might belong to a relative of Maddie.

According to information collected by the JN this report was discussed between the Portuguese and British experts and the last ones raised some doubts about what they have written previously (this was the one that Kate and Gerry McCann refuse to reply when questioned).

Irish advances and backtracks

Apart from the results of the analysis made to the vestiges, the PJ has several depositions. An Irish that spent holidays with the family at Praia da Luz, in May last year, guaranteed to the PJ that he saw a man with a child in his lap in the night of 3rd of May. Later he said informally that that man seemed to be Gerry McCann.

This comment of the Smith's family appeared when they observed the images of the McCanns arriving in England at 9th of September. The way Gerry held Sean in his lap when he got out of the plane in the East Midlands airport and the clothes he was wearing, described in the first deposition, were useful to the witness "to clarify the ideas".

But when the PJ wanted to formalise that deposition the witness backtracked and revealed that he was not sure that the person he saw was Gerry.

This deposition ended to give credibility to Jane Tanner's words, a friend of the couple, that guarantees having seen a man with a child in the night Madeleine disappeared.

The investigators opted to listen again the witnesses but decide that the depositions would be made through rogatory letters sent to the Leicester police.

Before this step was fulfilled, in April, this family was contacted by detectives of Método 3. The JN discovered that since that contact the certainties of the Smiths ended.

Nonetheless the clue ended not to be solid since the British dogs did not detected any cadaver odour in Gerry's clothes contrary to what happened with Kate's clothes.

The PJ continues to have many doubts about what really happened between 18,00 and 22,00 hours, when Kate alerted to the disappearance. Everything points to the fact that the reenactment will never happen due to the lack of will of the McCanns.

Source: Jornal de Notícias
Translation by Li

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  1. Joana, if I'm not mistaken it has been mentioned in some of your articles that the lab in Coimbra is also conducting some tests with regard to this case. Is the lab in Coimbra also capable of conducting LCN tests and if so do you know if they are using this technique for this case? I'm confused, when you say hair capillaries, do you mean the root of the hair and if so don't the hairs usually fall out by the root? Also you mention that the
    toxicological tests are compromised
    is this also because the capillary tube is missing? I thought that for toxicology the hair shaft was sufficient.

    I hope that the PJ have also investigated the exploits of the Metodo3 buffoons.


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