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Portuguese police refuses to give collected evidences to Método 3

NO Evidences For Private Detectives

Because the case is in secrecy of justice the McCanns cannot have access to the collected evidence

The McCanns will have to wait at least till 14th of July to gain access to the process of the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine. The day before yesterday the parents of the child advanced with a proposal * to the Portuguese judicial authorities asking them to give the evidence that they have to the private detectives of Método 3.

The response of the Portuguese authorities was "NO". "They want to gain access to a process that is and will be, whilst there are steps in course, in secrecy of justice", said a responsible connected to the investigation. 24 Horas discovered that the PJ continues to analyse the several statements of the persons that were in Praia da Luz in the day Maddie disappeared and that are being gathered by the Leicester police.

The diligences on the field ended some weeks ago and now all the evidence collected in the beginning of the investigation it's being examined, subsequently of the evidences gathered by Paulo Rebelo's team.

Guilhermino Encarnação, joint director of the PJ and responsible by the Directory of Faro has no doubts: "We are doing the possible and the impossible to solve the case. When it is opportune the result of that work will be divulged".

Connection to Joana's case

Yesterday the British press quoted sources allegedly connected to the family of Leonor Cipriano, Joana's mother, that disappeared in 2004 in the village of Figueira, Lagos, Algarve that related the disappearance of Maddie to the Portuguese girl. According to the British both were seized by the same individual. A source of Portimão's court contacted by the 24 Horas, rejects that theory completely: "Joana disappeared in a public street. Maddie was at home. It is a different modus operandi. This if we believe that they were kidnapped. To connect the cases is speculation". The 24 Horas tried yesterday to contact Leonor's family but it was impossible to speak with them.

Source: 24 Horas

* Actually what Mitchell, speaking for the McCanns, said was more demanding than a proposal: "But equally, what does that mean? Does that mean all the information the police have just sits on a shelf? That's untenable. They have to release the information in their files to our private investigators so they can continue to look for Madeleine."


Photography of beaten up Leonor Cipriano can be a Forgery
Leonor Cipriano’s Images are going to be evaluated trough technical computer-assisted image analysis. Photos were probably Forged...

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  1. Clarence has some front you have to say..I mean in what country in the world would the evidence be given to the suspects in the case?And come to that in what country other than Britain would you have the likes of Gordon Brown chatting on the phone to the suspects in a murder inquiry?
    I would love to know the exact reason the prime minister decided to help the McCanns, what their relationshiop is.


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