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The return of the McCanns can help the investigation

In the day that marked the one year after the disappearance of Madeleine MCann in Praia da Luz (Lagos), the national director of the Judiciary Police (PJ), said to be "very important" the presence of Kate and Gerry in Portugal in case the police decides to take further diligences that involve the couple. Alípio Ribeiro referred that "in the case that more Police diligences are decided that justify the presence of the parents in Portugal it would be very important if they accepted to participate within the Portuguese legal rules".

For the responsible of the PJ, the presence of the McCanns would be an important factor in the eventual decision of a reenactment of the day of the disappearance, an hypothesis that "it is not discarded by the police". His declarations were made hours before the General Public Prosecutor ensured that the Portuguese police "made what any other police would make" in the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, affirming that if the investigations "were not successful that would be something that would not shame the police", bearing in mind the difficulty of solving cases of missing children.

"These type of crimes are extremely difficult to investigate. There are one million of children that disappear every year in the world and not even 20% are found", underlined Pinto Monteiro to the journalists in Castelo Branco. "It is possible that it is still discovered, let's wait till the end", he added.

About the possibility of extending the secrecy of justice that will end in August the General Public Prosecutor says that only then "the status of the process will be analysed and we will see if it is needed or not to ask for an extension".

Pinto Monteiro admits that "we already talked too much about Maddie" and reminds that in "England, her country of origin, there are thousands of cases like this" whilst in Portugal we have 14 or 15 "and the percentage of cases where the children are found in countries like England is 20%".

"Therefore nobody can be surprised by the lack of success of Maddie's case till now" he added. "The problem is that this is the biggest media process of the last years. It was breaking news in channels like CNN and it won a huge importance. Unfortunately is one more case of a poor child that went missing", he underlined.

Questioned by the journalists if this is a political process , Pinto Monteiro refused this scenario "Not that I am aware of". Nonetheless, quoted by the Lusa agency he classifies this process "as being mediatized to exaggeration, till the limit" , which concentrated more investment in the investigations than others.

"The media hype made the investigations more detailed but it was done what would be done in normal conditions" he concluded.

Source: Jornal de Notícias
Translation Li/JM (small edits)


  1. If the McCanns want to be taken seriously as caring about Madeleine and wanting to find her, they will return to Portugal and do as requested...even if they dont see the merit in doing so...Its not about what they see the merit of, it is about them assisting the P.J iin the search for the truth.
    I think Gerry is a control freak, because he has managed to pull a few strings here and there, he is now all indignant because people are no longer dancing to his tune.

  2. Joana, Alipio Ribiero is logically and professionally telling the McCanns the alternatives to not being present where they want them - at the reconstruction of May 3 - are to be charged on homocide" or to remain official "Arguidos for twenty years" with the case in August 2008 put on the dusty shelf......Also it is not true that Portugal can not command the McCanns to return to Portugal for the May 3 reconstruction - as they left Portugal as Arguidos by permission of Portugal - although it appears Portugal does not intend to do so.

  3. Nice blog even if I read about McCanns. Ok! US have O.J. Simpson... and Europe have this unstructured family.



  4. http://diarioeconomico.sapo.pt/edicion/diarioeconomico/edicion_impresa/politica/pt/desarrollo/1118930.html

    "Director nacional diz que a Polícia Judiciária sofre de exposição. E que as pessoas que trabalham na PJ devem ser...."
    (art.º completo,no jornal)

  5. Early April the McCann's said that Kate is too fragile to do a reenactment.
    They also said they will take part in a Crimewatch style reconstruction, for millions of people tgo watch. Daily Mail 9th April
    During their recent media interviews Gerry said that the PJ has announced the date (15-16 May)and he could not understand its purpose.
    The McCann's can be rest assured that when the British police does reconstructions, they do not "ask" the suspects to participate, the law obliges them to do so.
    If they do not, they are charged.

  6. No noticiário das 17:00,na TSF,ouvi que a ASFIC já tinha reagido às declarações de Alípio Ribeiro, prestadas na entrevista do Diário Económico.


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