1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Several witnesses are ready to help the PJ, but not the McCanns

Several witnesses have already expressed their availability to return to Praia da Luz, the village Madeleine disappeared from, in response to the request of the PJ’s who wish to carry out a more complete re-construction of the events of the night of 3rd May 2007. The information was doubly confirmed today in Portimão and Enderby , although both sources have recognised that a fixed date has not yet been established for this procedure.

“We still hope that Madeleine’s parents decide to participate...logically they should be the first to be interested in this”, confirms a Leicestershire police officer. In spite of the statements made by their lawyers in Portugal, Kate and Gerry McCann have made it known that they did not have the intention of making the trip whilst the authorities do not decide to lift their arguido status, which, in practical terms, seems impossible, as the couple should know.

After Kate and Gerry were made arguidos, last September, the UK diplomatic services in Portugal pressurised the Portuguese authorities so that the couple could leave, giving their guarantee that Madeleine’s parents would return as soon as the police requested them to. Eight months later the diplomats are no longer in their posts and the promise has been forgotten from the British side.

Without any help from his government, the other arguido in the inquiry in to the disappearance of Madeleine, the British Robert Murat, is available to participate in a re-construction, even though his lawyer Francisco Pagarete, contacted by SOS Madeleine, states that no official request has yet been received by him. Under certain circumstances, the arguido status can be maintained for twenty years and Murat would certainly wish that the inquiry would speed up, in order to be able to return to an as normal life as possible, although for the moment the Briton tries to understand why, how and who could be behind the accusations that were made about him.

In the UK Robert Murat has already accused 13 newspapers and a television channel of libel. The Briton is requesting the record sum of 2 million pounds from the media, more than 2.5 million Euros, one of the greatest settlements in the history of the UK, which would explain why certain media have taken the decision of removing several Internet articles regarding the accusations made in the past.

The indications go against the McCanns

Amongst the witnesses the police hope to see return to P d L, there is a German tourist who has stated to the investigators that she saw Kate McCann return to the apartment during the dinner, well before the time Madeleine’s mother raised the alarm. Her sighting has been corroborated by a second witness, an Ocean Club employee.
These sightings can help to reconstruct the movements of each element of the group of friends, the Tapas 9, but on their own do not explain the indications that the special British police team found together with the PJ inspectors.

In apartment 5ª of the Ocean Club, the British police dogs have indicated cadaver odour behind the sofa near to the rear window. Police found minuscule traces of blood on the curtains of this window, in spite of the fact that the curtains and the wall had been cleaned..

The only finger prints found were those of Kate, Gerry and the couple’s friends. Later, in the Renault Scenic, hired on 27th May by the McCanns, the PT-UK police team found cadaver odour and also human fluids and hair. The expert analyses carried out in the laboratories revealed a strong possibility that these come from Madeleine, the investigators do not mention a 100% match because this level of certainty is never given by scientists when working on DNA.

In the house where the McCanns moved to after leaving the Mark Warner complex, Vivienda Vista Mar, the British dogs again sensed cadaver odour, this time on the clothes belonging to Kate McCann.

“The PJ only retreats to come back stronger”.

New PJ director takes up office.

“My friends, remember that in the fight against crime, the PJ never retreats. But if it does have to do so, it will only be to spring back stronger said Almeida Rodrigues.

Deputy national director of the PJ at the time of Alipio Ribeiro’s resignation, Rodrigues is known for his unfailing work as criminal investigation coordinator. His official CV shows several management postings within the PJ as well as missions abroad, especially to Interpol’s General Assembly and the Cap-Vert police, where he was honoured by the local government for his work.

Translation by Ines
Original Article by Duarte Levy: SOS Maddie (FR)

Side Notes: This means there was a lag time of ONE HOUR and 10 MIN before the police were called to the scene! That call was made at 10:40.

From Correio da Manhã, August 24th
English dogs denounced residue: Blood found in the McCanns’ van

The Policia Judiciaria collected a residue which the English dogs identified as being blood, in the car that was rented by the McCanns. The biological sample was sent to the Birmingham lab, but the resu
lt is not known yet.

The collection of the sample has confused the investigation. This is because the car was rented by the McCanns over a month after Madeleine disappeared, which means the child could never have traveled in the vehicle. And in doubt of what residue this is – if it really is human blood, if it is possible to define a genetic profile, if it coincides with the 4-year old child -, the investigators keep all scenarios open. Nobody assumes publicly that the parents are suspects, but the possibility of their involvement is not being dismissed either.

As CM could further discover, at least one more organic residue was collected in the car of one of the family’s fr
iends. It is unknown, in this case, whether it is a blood trace or some other residue, like saliva or even a blood stain.

The discoveries were made by the English dog, which is a specialist in the detection of residues, during the intense se
arches that were performed on all the vehicles of persons that could be related to the McCanns in any way. Robert Murat and his mother also saw their cars being inspected, but everything indicates that nothing relevant was found by police authorities.

Mosaic taken from bedroom

The second residue, which is also presumed to be blood because it was detected by the English dog, was found in the apartment where the girl disappeared from. CM knows that the residues were on the floor, but invisible to the naked eye. The tiles had to be removed from the apartment so the residue could be collected and sent to England.

It is also unkno
wn what the exams’ result is: is the blood from Madeleine, from a stranger or from a sexual predator that is referenced on the sophisticated English database? Or is it not even human, or not identifiable, because the trace is so tenuous that it is not possible to extract a genetic profile?

There are many
doubts and the impasse is increasingly evident. Although Policia Judiciaria does not depend on the results in order to strengthen the death theory that has been constructed for several weeks, these might be fundamental, if they point at a specific suspect.

The collected samples

The English dogs arrived in Portugal during the month of July. They are both specialists in finding residues, the first in blood residues, the second in the presence of cadavers. The animals remained in our country for approximately 15 days and checked the entire area that surrounds the Ocean Club. Besides the cars and the apartment, they found death odors on the beach.

Dog became nervous upon entering apartment

The dog that is specially trained to detect the odor of cadavers was very nervous when he entered the apartment from where Madeleine disappeared. The animal immediately ‘called’ his keeper, who understood his signs as the detection that, at that spot, a cadaver had been present. The discovery, if confirmed, also indicates that the body would have remained on that location for at least two hours, after death. Specialists say that only after that amount of time the odor becomes detectable.

Trail ends at the beach, south of the Ocean Club

The authorities walked the dogs at the surroundings of the Oc
ean Club. The trail that was defined by the dog that detects cadaver odours ends at the beach, south of the resort. CM knows that the policemen opened holes so the odour, in case the body was buried, would become detectable, and the dogs nervousness was evident. The area was then searched, but nothing found. The trail that was found by the dog matches the theories that were presented by the South-African specialist that was hired by the family.


Silent Lab

The Forensic Science Service (FSS), in Birmingham, UK, does not offer an explanation for not having yet concluded the tests that were performed on the material residues that are linked to the Maddie case, which they received from Portuguese authorities.

Yesterday, CM searched for that answer with the communications cabinet of the lab, but no clarification was possible. The FSS is a unit with public capitals. It is independent from any police or system, but gives priority to services that involve the British polices.


The witnesses that shake the friends’ group version

The contradictions that were found in the versions of the group of friends of the McCann couple have mainly been evidenced by depositions from Pamela Fenn, a neighbor of Gerry [and] Kate in the Ocean Club apartment, and from Dianne Webster, 63, the mother of Fiona Payne, who was present at the dinner of May 3 with her husband.

Pamela Fenn was heard by PJ on Monday for 4 hours, and her deposition shows some important details. The
most relevant one is in the difference of 40 minutes between the moment when she offered to call the police for Kate McCann, who then said she had already done so, and the registered time of the call to GNR, informing of Madeleine’s disappearance. This witness, who was counseled by PJ not to make any statements to the media, also said she heard the child crying for her father, on the eve of her disappearance.

Dianne Webster is also a witness of some importance. The version that was presented by Maddie’s parents and by other members of the group, that there was a kind of rotation in the checks on all of their children, who had stayed each in their apartment, was not confirmed by Dianne Webster. In the version that she told the investigators, Dianne Webster, the grandmother of two of the children that were at the Ocean Club, did not confirm that organization of the couples to check their children in the apartments, and said each was responsible for ‘watching’ their own children. There are also mismatching versions about who got up during dinner to go to the bedrooms.

The detail that allegedly 14 bottles of wine were consumed at dinner by those nine persons is neither confirmed nor denied
by the PJ’s investigators that were contacted by CM, who just stated: “It’s not in the case file”. At the present state of investigations it is not dismissed as a possibility that it may be essential to hear the elements of the group again, which is composed by couples Russell O’Brien and Jane Tanner, David and Fiona Payne, Rachel and Matthew Oldfield, Kate and Gerry McCann.

English conspiracy admitted

he possibility is put between ‘clenched teeth’ and is not clearly assumed. But it is starting to ‘go around’ the heads of policemen who, over the last three months, have committed body and soul to clarifying the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

The results of analyzes to residues that were found in Portugal were sent to England, but British authorities failed to explain the delay of the answer. There is no justification for the absence of preliminary results of exams whose conclusion date was set at between 6 and 14 days. It has been 17 and news coming from England leave nobody at rest. On a daily basis, newspapers report imminent operations, point to suspects, seem to be involved in a “giant machine” whose sole purpose is to prepare British population for the possibility that the crime is going to be ‘in house’.

From the initial theory of a kidnapping in an “almost third-world” country, where policemen were inefficient and children are not safe, the British media now turn to the possibility that it may have been an accident. And newspapers that are generally considered more “rigorous” – the case of ‘The Times’ is evident – even present results of exams that the Portuguese police still does not know. It is being said that the blood that was found in the apartment belongs to a man and the lab announces it will open processes of violation of the judicial secret. But then they state the results are not ready, thus making it impossible to understand if the information is correct or not.

Several sources contacted by CM state their reservations on the events of recent days. And although they do not assume a “war” with British authorities, who until now have shown themselves as rather
cooperative with the investigation in Portugal, they admit that in England there is a “damage control” policy. After all, the English have played tough, and a turnaround in the investigation could have devastating consequences even at government level. The prime minister, Gordon Brown, got directly involved in the case, not only expressing his solidarity with the McCann couple, but also through the direct involvement of people that are close to him, in aiding and supporting Maddie’s parents. On the other hand, British diplomacy itself opened the necessary channels for the McCanns to be received in several European countries and even by the Pope, in the Vatican.

Confusing the policemen there is also the alleged desire of the McCanns to return to their country. After insisting for three months that they would not return without finding their daughter, they now show themselves in the disposition of returning to England, while one of the justifications is perplexing, to say the least: they say they didn’t know that the police were searching for a body, when they asked PJ themselves, in July, to cooperate with a South-African professor who is a specialist in searching for cadavers.

From Correio da Manhã, September 10th

Madeleine McCann case
Scientist contradicts parents’ explanations

Antonio Amorim, the vice director of the Pathology and Immunology Institute at Oporto University, defends that DNA transference from a piece of clothing or from a sandal into the boot of a car is “virtually impossible”. The scientist guaranteed to CM that the hypothesis is merely academic and that he does not believe it could happen.

The issu
e was now raised by English newspapers which, citing from sources close to the McCann family, guarantee there are “innocent” explanations for the presence of DNA from Maddie in the car that was rented by the couple. One of them is the fact that the family moved houses (they left the Ocean Club and rented a villa in Praia da Luz), and ferried all the family’s belongings in the car boot. Madeleine’s sandals would have been inside the vehicle, and her biological residues would have transferred into the car.

“Theoretically, there can be contamination. But the hypothesis is virtually impossible, as the quality of the residue would have to be acceptable. There would also have to be perfect moisture conditions for the transference to occur, which is only possible in academical terms”, the scientist assures, also refuting the other explanation that was advanced by the child’s parents yesterday, that some of the collected residues could come from their twin children.

“When one tries to reconstruct DNA, one searches for target areas. A person’s DNA has a large interin
dividual diversity, something that is completely different, even among siblings. There is a kind of tombola among that which is transmitted to us from our parents, and it would be a gross mistake from the laboratory to mistake the DNA from the other children. It is again virtually impossible, as we are dealing with one of the world’s more prestigious labs.”

Antonio Amorim also stresses that he understands the delay from the English
specialists in obtaining results. “They can, and they should take a lot of time. That is precisely what guarantees us there are high levels of reliability”, the specialist says, assuring he understands why the authorities have asked London to perform the tests. “It was an excellent option. Because it is a reference lab, and it is almost impossible to contest the results.”

PGR says there will be new diligences

The district general prosecutor of Evora, Luis Bilro Verao, released a statement yesterday about the Maddie case, guaranteeing that “no new interrogations were determined” from Maddie’s parents, because no ne
w evidence has been collected. That diligence would have to be made in Portugal, and the prosecutor said nothing about the requests for clarification and evidence collection that will be made by a request letter to England. The prosecutor added, in a short note that clarifies very little, that the authorities “do not exclude any investigation line”.

“Diligences within the inquiry will proceed […] which will be developed according to the plan that has been established between both entities”, the prosecutor adds, confirming that, as the presupposition of the application of ‘termo de identidade e residencia’ have not changed, “the alteration of the coercion measure has not been promoted, as it has been considered the adequate measure according to the elements that have been collected”.

Couple fears having their cellphones under surveillance in England

Kate and Gerry fear that their cellphones may be under surveillance. This was the most recent of a new wave of news in the English press, which have been focusing more on the investigation than on the drama
of the disappearance of the McCann couple’s daughter.

The re-entrance on scene by aide Clarence Mitchell, the day before yesterday, coincides with the new pattern. ‘The Sun’ publishes the alleged dismissal of DNA evidence that was collected by Portuguese police. The ‘Daily Mail’ published an article about rumours against the McCanns that would have started “hours after” the disappearance of Madeleine. It concludes that “the defamation campaign has failed and the McCanns’ friends question whether the police really searched for a kidnapper”. In the afternoon, the same newspaper revealed that the couple feared that their cellphones were under surveillance, and that their lawyers assumed that all conversations by electronic means were not safe. The couple even believes that this surveillance started in Portugal and continues in England.

A listing of the main titles makes the English press’ tone over the last few days clear: “We can explain DNA in our car”, “Police cannot prove Madeleine’s death”, or “Immediate mistakes may have compromised the inquiry”.

The ‘Daily Mirror’ r
evealed that Gerry has regained contact with the British prime minister through an aide. The next step is the campaign to refocus on the search of Madeleine’s kidnapper.


The explanations that are now advanced by “close sources” of the McCanns in order to justify the DNA matches that were found inside the car are new to the Portuguese investigators. This had never been said during the interrogations, and Kate did not answer those questions.

The McCanns’ lawyers are building their defense against DNA evidence and cadaver odour, based on
other judicial cases. The couple’s defense team will meet with the lawyers of the alleged Omagh bomber, who has not been convicted yet because of controversy over DNA evidence.

s disappearance will originate a movie. There are not concrete details about the movie yet, but actors Russell Crowe and Kate Blanchett are being named for the roles of Gerry and Kate. Two major movie production companies are fighting for the movie.


The elements of Policia Judiciaria did not travel to London the day before yesterday, as was reported by several newspapers.

The process is still in Portimao’s courthouse. It has not been returned to Policia Judiciaria yet, which awaits its reception in order to resume diligences.

The Policia Judiciaria has not written the request letter yet, which will ask for new interrogations and searches at the McCanns’ house.

Clarence Mitchell, the new McCann aide, abandoned a salary that is equivalent to one hundred thousand eu
ros per year, in order to assure the family’s defense.

From Jornal de Noticias, October 10th

Hair behind couch decisive for PJ

The Poli
cia Judiciaria (PJ) considers decisive for the advance of the investigation into the Madeleine case, the results of tests that are yet to be finished, from important residues that were detected in the apartment where the disappearance occurred, [including] hair that presumably belongs to the English child, which was found behind a sofa at the McCann family's holiday place. Meanwhile, the arguido couple, besides at least concealment of a cadaver, may be suspected of simulating a crime, for possibly staging a kidnapping.

According to information that was collected by JN, the investigation places more expectations on the tests from hair residues, that are being performed at the Birmingham lab, in England, given the fact that from that sample, it is not only possible to extract a DNA profile, but also to perform toxicology analyses. The latter, in case the hair belongs to Maddie, may demonstrate if the child was subject to any medication overdose or not, eventually after ingesting sedatives in order to sleep.

The location w
here the hair was found - behind a sofa in the apartment -, during new search diligences that were performed in July, is close to the spot where the two English "springer spaniel" dogs detected blood traces and cadaver odour. These clues, together with others that were detected inside the Renault Scenic van that was rented by the McCann family several days after the girl disappeared, and with the death scent that was found on the mother's clothes and on the child's soft toy, led to Kate and Gerry being seen as suspects and motivated the questionings during which they were constituted arguidos.

Yet, until this moment, the PJ only possesses the results from tests that were performed on biological fluids found in the boot of the rental car, which demonstrated a coincidence of approximately 80 percent with Maddie's DNA profile. This result raises the possibility that the genetic profile that was detected belongs to someone of the family. It is yet unknown whether this result is a consequence of the fact that the rest of the DNA markers - the 20% - coincide with someone else's profile, or if they were not detected because the sample may have been degraded.

Another downside on the investigation is the circumstance that the results that arrived until now, from samples of residues that were found in the apartment, were inconclusive. This is why PJ awaits the results from testing on the hair.

Sources close to the investigation that were contacted by JN say that, besides concealment of a cadaver, Kate and Gerry McCann are indicted of the simulation of a crime, which concerns a possible staging of an abduction occurred on May 3. This because, until now, the leads that point to the death of the child inside the Ocean Club apartment, in Praia da Luz, are stronger than possible suspicions that might still exist, that someone took the child away while still alive.

This illicit action, which is addressed by article 366 of the Penal Code, stipulates that "anyone who denounces a crime or raises the suspicion of it to the competent authority, without blaming it on a specific person, and knowing it did not occur, is punished with imprisonment up to 1 year or with
a fine up to 120 days".

What the PJ knows as certain, is that the girl's parents - who, when they were interrogated on September 6 and 7, refused to answer questions about evidence - are not telling everything they know. This is why the investigation will advance, through request letters that are sent to England, in the direction of inquiring friends and relatives of the McCanns.

From Jornal de Noticias, September 8th

Parents refuse to talk about residues in car

The parents of Madeleine McCann were yesterday formally constituted arguidos from the moment they refused to talk about the residues that were collected by the Policia Judiciaria's investigation, which point at the death and the hiding of the cadaver of their daughter, who is missing since May 3, from the Ocean Club, at Praia da Luz, Lagos.

Separately interrogated for hours (Kate, 15 hours and Gerry, eight), they had to pass from witnesses into arguidos when questions were asked about the biological residues that were found in the trunk of a car that was hired by the couple, and which has strong probabilities of belonging to Maddie, as JN reported yesterday. Kate invoked her right to remain silent in order not to answer any more questions as arguida. She would have still justified the cadaver odours on her clothes, which were detected by an English dog, with the fact that she is a doctor and was in contact with dead bodies before going on holidays. Gerry, even as an arguido from 6.30 p.m. onwards, agreed to give further clarification. The father's questioning ended close to midnight.

Both arguidos were subject to a term of identity and residence - an automatic coercion measure - but, according to information that was collected by JN, they will be interrogated next week by the Public Ministery, who may decide to present them to a criminal instruction judge, in order to apply more serious coercion measures.

The process strategy of the McCann couple intrigued the investigators, although their procedure was legitimate. The issue is an apparent contradiction with the public statements of the couple who stated they intended to "cooperate" with the investigation.

As far as JN could discover, the investigation is now focused on clues for the crime of hiding a corpse, which was preceded by an episode that is still not clarified, but which points to the death of the girl as a consequence of an accident or a neglect situation.There is no evidence pointing to an intentional crime.

After two days of intense questioning on Kate and Gerry, the investigators will advance with more diligences next week. As JN could discover, some of the couple's friends, who spent their holidays at Praia da Luz, may be called back to the Algarve, but it has not been excluded that some policemen may go to England in order to perform interrogations.

All the above Translations by Astro

Facts on Blood Stains:

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Hydrogen Peroxide

1. Place area in question in a small container, pour Hydrogen Peroxide over the spot, allow to foam.
2. When foaming stops, check item.
3. If stain still evident, repeat step #1.
4. If clean, rinse with water.


1. Spray Windex window cleaner on the stain before laundering.
2. Lightly scrub window cleaner into fabric with an old toothbrush or a white washcloth.
3. Launder with your regular detergent.
4. If heavily stained, repeat the process again before drying the garment.

Removing Blood Stains from Delicate Fabrics

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  1. Gerry McCann Friends Reunited profile reads:
    Gerry on 'Friends Reunited'

    Original entry:

    Good to see so many familiar names and a few faces! Is anyone not doing well?

    Finished medicine and working as a cardiology registrar in Leicestersince Jan 2000 (hopefully temporarily). Had a brilliant year in New Zealand 1995/96. Married to Kate (Healy, for those docs in Glasgow) and very happy although no kids-yet!

    Don't get to Glasgow that often but have bumped into a few old friends around the southside where my mum still lives.

    June 2003- Still in Leicester but now family of 3 after birth of Madeleine Beth on 12/05/03. Thankfully she takes after her mother although definitely has my lungs even without a dew drinks.

    August 2004- Bones- glad i left after 5th year! Currently in Amsterdam learning some fancy heart scanning(MRI) but returning to UK in New Year when hopefully will become family of 5. Looking for a consultant job and shortlist is Glasgow, Liverpool, Leicester in fact pretty much anywhere north of Birmingham

    April 2005- Back in Leicester and looking for a job. Now father of three with Sean and Amelie joing Maddie. Anyone fancy babysitting?

    Revised entry:

    Finished medicine and working as a cardiology registrar in Leicestersince Jan 2000 (hopefully temporarily). Had a brilliant year in New Zealand 1995/96. Married to Kate (Healy, for those docs in Glasgow) and very happy although no kids-yet!

    Don’t get to Glasgow that often but have bumped into a few old friends around the southside where my mum still lives.

    June 2003- Still in Leicester but now family of 3 after birth of Madeleine Beth on 12/05/03. Thankfully she takes after her mother although definitely has my lungs even without a dew drinks.

    August 2004- Bones- glad i left after 5th year! Currently in Amsterdam learning some fancy heart scanning(MRI) but returning to UK in New Year when hopefully will become family of 5. Looking for a consultant job and shortlist is Glasgow, Liverpool, Leicester in fact pretty much anywhere north of Birmingham

    April 2005- Back in Leicester and looking for a job. Now father of three with Sean and Amelie joing Maddie.

    May 2007 Thanks to everyone for support and good wishes, it really does help.

  2. Gerry talks about his 'vision'

    In an interview given to the Catholic newspaper The Tablet, published 16 June 2007, Gerry McCann told of an "extraordinary experience" inside the church in Praia da Luz just days after Madeleine's disappearance. The experience inspired him to launch the global campaign to find his daughter.

    He said: "When I was praying I started thinking of all the things that were happening. There were lots and lots of ideas in my head and how we could make things better and I was really feeling very down and not sure which way to proceed. I had this mental image of being in a tunnel and instead of the light at the end of the tunnel being extremely narrow and a distant spot, the light opened up and the tunnel got wider and wider and went in many different directions. I talked to you (Kate) about it and said, 'I am not prepared to pursue one path. We are going to do everything in our power to influence things.'

    "It was almost like something - I am not saying it was the Holy Spirit - came into me and gave me that image. That is when I really felt I had a clear path."

    Was it a religious experience?

    "I can't say it was a vision because I am not clear what a vision is but I had a mental image and it certainly helped me decide. I became a man possessed that night. The next day I was up at dawn, making phone calls."

  3. Maddie visits Kate in the night, 19 October 2007

    Maddie ghost visits mum Daily Star (Express Group have removed all online links)

    19 0ctober 2007

    Tormented Kate McCann told last night how she is visited in the night by the spirit of her missing daughter Madeleine.

    The anguished GP says she is regularly woken up by visions of the four-year-old in her bedroom. Kate, 39, revealed the visions to her mum, Susan Healy, who was worried about her daughter’s lack of sleep

    Susan had assumed Kate and husband Gerry were being kept awake by her two-year old twins, Sean and Amelie. She was stunned when Kate revealed it was missing Madeleine who was haunting her.

    Susan, said: "She told me she has difficulty sleeping and wakes during the night. I asked: 'Do the twins come and wake you up?'

    Kate said: "No, it's Madeleine. She comes in.'"

  4. Kate tells of nightmare, 09 September 2007

    Kate tells of nightmare Daily Mirror

    Lori Campbell In Praia Da Luz

    Shell-shocked Kate McCann has given a dramatic, impassioned interview to the Sunday Mirror to denounce claims that she killed her own daughter.

    Breaking down in tears, distraught Kate said of the Portuguese police: "They want me to lie - I'm being framed.

    "Police don't want a murder in Portugal and all the publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they're blaming us."

    Kate was speaking on Friday morning - after her first police interrogation this week, but before police officially classed her a suspect in her daughter Madeleine's disappearance.

    And she addressed head-on the extraordinary allegation that she accidentally killed Madeleine, then hid the body and engaged in a monumental cover-up to pretend she had been abducted.

    Furious at the astounding claims, Kate, 39, said of the police: "They are basically saying, 'If you confess Madeleine had an accident, and that I panicked and hid the body in a bag for a month then got rid of it in a hire car, I'd get two or three years' suspended sentence.'

    "I was even told, 'Think about it - Gerry would even be able to work again'. I was told that I could say I was stressed and I sedated Madeleine and it could be the best option for me. It is ridiculous. The worst nightmare".

    Devout Catholic Kate revealed that the Portuguese police have even taken her Bible away - in the apparent belief that a crumpled page from it relating to a dead child indicates a guilty conscience.

    Kate said: "One of the pieces of evidence is that a page from a passage in Samuel about having to tell a man his child is dead is crumpled - so I must have been reading it.

    "I mean how ridiculous is that? My faith is sorely tested."

    Under Portuguese law, she can say no more until her suspect status is lifted - making her interview with us her only and final comment on the mind-boggling police allegations.

    Kate spoke to the Sunday Mirror as she was being hauled back in for her second quizzing on Friday morning.

    Later on Friday, she was officially classed a suspect - as was her husband Gerry, in the early hours of yesterday morning.

    The couple have dutifully never discussed the police investigation until now, in accordance with Portuguese law - but besieged Kate felt that she had no option but to speak out.

    Police offered the "confession" deal through her lawyer before Friday's police interview. Breaking down in tears, the GP from Rothley, Leics, said defiantly: "They're telling my lawyer this could be the best option for me and I was advised that, if I deny it, I'm now at the point of no return. But I will never lie for them."

    She said her desire not to give in to police pressure was fuelled by the McCanns' burning desire for Madeleine to be found. "And I think, 'Sod us, what about Madeleine? This would mean people stop looking for her'." She added: "We were under 24-hour constant scrutiny after Madeleine was taken. Where would I have hidden a body? We had no vehicle even then."

    Meanwhile, the Sunday Mirror has learned that Kate and Gerry, a surgeon, have made a pact not to cry in front of Portuguese police - however upsetting the questions they face.

    "They have promised each other that they will not let the police break them," a friend said. "No matter how intolerable the questioning, they will maintain their resolve."

    The police case against Kate and Gerry revolves around claims that traces of Madeleine's DNA were found in a Renault Scenic car hired for the McCanns by a representative of holiday firm Mark Warner 25 days after their daughter's disappearance.

    Kate said: "The police are going to say they have found bodily fluids from Madeleine in the car. It's impossible. We hired the car three-and-a-half weeks later."

    In fact, when Kate was grilled for the second time, police repeatedly told her they had found blood in the Renault car but wouldn't say it was Madeleine's.

    Sources close to the family say that, if Madeleine's DNA was in the car, it would be quite possible the traces got there from Madeleine's clothes and toys which the McCann twins Sean and Amelie had been playing with.

    Her Dna would also be on her parents' clothes from where they cuddled and played with her. Kate said: "Five weeks ago, they took away all our clothes, items people had sent out for us."

    A police dog sniffed out traces of corpses on Kate's clothes, it is said. "Apparently the dog started barking at my jeans and in the apartment," said Kate.

    Friends have pointed out that GP Kate was present at several deaths before she went away on holiday.

    "It was us who instigated and pushed for the searches," said exasperated Kate. "Would we have done that if we had something to hide? The British police have been great, they are totally behind us."

    But she can no longer contain her fury at the Portuguese police's behaviour.

    Kate fears the cost of the inquiry means police in Praia da Luz are anxious to get it over as soon as possible. "The Portuguese police are running out of budget for this investigation and want it to end," she said. "The British have been paying."

    The McCanns' relations are at their side, but Kate fears for her 67-year-old dad Brian Healy, who suffers from Parkinson's. "This is so hard on them," she said.

    So fearful are the McCanns that they are being framed they got a message through to Gordon Brown's office on Friday about the cruel twist of events.

    It is believed a British consular official contacted police in Portugal to protest at the confession deal being put to Kate.

    The McCanns have also asked if the American FBI could undertake a review of the case - but have been told it won't be possible.

    Kate McCann gave this interview to The Sunday Mirror on Friday morning, hours before being made an arguida - official suspect - in the Madeleine inquiry.


    The passage of the Holy Bible that fascinated Portuguese police came from The Old Testament. In Samuel, Book 2, Chapter 12, Verses 15-19, David's child is stricken with illness after he "scorns" the Lord.

    David fasts for seven days, refusing to get up off the ground, to try and gain redemption - but eventually his child dies.

    His servants have a dilemma as to whether to tell him as they are afraid that "he may do himself some harm". Eventually he guesses.

    Police took Kate's Bible away because they said the page with the passage on was crumpled - evidence that she had been reading it.

  5. Maddy's mum: Why I'm innocent, 19 September 2007

    Maddy's mum: Why I'm innocent Daily Mirror

    From Martin Fricker in Rothley, with additional reporting by Ryan Parry

    Kate McCann has endured an unimaginable hell. First she loses her beloved daughter Madeleine. Then she is cruelly suspected of killing her.

    Now the brave mum of three is coming out fighting to prove to the world that she and husband Gerry are totally innocent.

    It is believed the entire Portuguese case rests on DNA evidence from body fluids which allegedly suggests that Madeleine's corpse was carried in the boot of the McCanns' hired Renault Scenic.

    But the McCanns say the fluids probably came from Madeleine's unwashed pyjamas and sandals which were carried in the boot when the family was moving apartments.

    They could also have come from dirty nappies belonging to twins Sean and Amelie who have similar DNA to their four-year-old sister.

    Additionally at least 30 people connected to the family, including close relatives, used the Renault before police searched it.

    The combined weight of such evidence is enough, the McCanns believe, to expose the prosecution case as hopelessly flawed.

    Archaic Portuguese laws prevent them from speaking in their own defence.

    But yesterday Kate showed the couple's fresh confidence by insisting they were happy to return to Portugal at any time.

    Speaking at her home in Rothley, Leics, she said: "We will go back voluntarily when we wish to. We aren't seeking to run.

    "If police make a request to interview us we'll comply with it. But we've never said that we'd only go back if police ask us. There's no question of us not going. There are lots of reasons - spiritual, emotional and social - to return to Portugal at any time, quite apart from any travel requirements of the investigation.

    "We have friends over there who we may wish to visit as well as the continuing liaison with legal advisers.

    "Portugal is a place we can go back to at any time. But there's nothing planned at the moment."

    The couple keep in regular contact with Portuguese lawyers and even have a daily press digest sent to them by a local translator.

    Kate said: "She's told us she has no doubt about our innocence and that she's not just saying that because she's translating for us.

    "She's also of the view that everyone she has spoken to in Praia da Luz also believe we didn't do it."

    Kate and Gerry, both 39, hired the Renault 25 days after Madeleine vanished from their holiday apartment on May 3.

    Bodily fluids, believed to be urine and sweat, were found in the boot of the car during a review of the case by British police.

    Forensic tests showed they had an 80 per cent match to Madeleine's DNA.

    Portuguese detectives are working on the wild theory that the McCanns accidentally killed their daughter, possibly by overdosing her with sleeping pills.

    They then used the car to dispose of the body.

    But the car was used to move items, including Madeleine's clothes and belongings, before it was searched by police.

    A source said: "Kate and Gerry are innocent and they're more confident than ever of proving that.

    "The evidence against them is flimsy at best.

    "Who is to say what happened when they moved to the new apartment? Everything, including Madeleine's sandals and the twins' nappies, were dumped in the car. Bags of stuff were thrown in. Anything could have found its way there. Gerry folded down the rear seat to cram it all in.

    "These items will have included traces of skin, sweat and bodily fluids. DNA could easily have been transferred in such circumstances.

    "What people have got to ask themselves is just how many people were associated with that vehicle over a 10-week period.

    "How many family, friends and campaign workers, how many blood relatives, how many drivers?

    "I know of at least 30 people associated with that vehicle in the relevant time. People also need to consider what was carried in that car for innocent reasons.

    "When viewed as a whole by any rational person these reasons raise fundamental questions about the reliability of any so-called evidence."

    Portuguese police are also basing their case on the reaction of two British sniffer dogs that allegedly detected the smell of death in the Renault and Madeleine's holiday apartment.

    But Kate and Gerry have been told police will struggle to use the evidence in court.

    A source close to the couple said: "British police have told us the dogs should be used for intelligence gathering and not evidentially.

    There are also questions over such dogs in general. As far as Kate and Gerry are aware, the only evidence the police have are the bodily fluids and the dogs.

    "Nothing was said to either of them in police interviews about hair in the boot or elsewhere."

    The source added that there was still a chance the couple could face charges but said Kate and Gerry were more confident than ever.

    The insider said: "They're feeling quite strong and think they're getting good advice.

    "However, if they're charged they'll go back. They aren't afraid of returning to Portugal. They're preparing to defend themselves. Kate was shocked when it was suggested they could be charged. But they have one advantage - they know they're innocent."

    Speaking outside the McCanns' home their new spokesman Clarence Mitchell said the couple were "utterly" innocent and any suggestion that they harmed Madeleine was "as ludicrous as it is nonsensical".

    Mr Mitchell added: "Indeed, it would be laughable if it wasn't so serious."

    Mr Mitchell worked with the McCanns in Portugal in May and helped spearhead the launch of their global publicity campaign to find Madeleine. Three Portuguese detectives have reportedly flown in to the UK with a list of fresh questions for Kate and Gerry.

    A source was quoted: "They will not be asking the McCanns questions directly but will be providing a list of questions that they want Leicestershire police to ask."

    But a spokeswoman for the family said last night: "To date we've had no contact from them, no request, nothing like that.

    "If they are on their way, they have in no way let the family or the legal team know."

  6. Childcare
    Mark Warner’s superb childcare facilities for all ages from four months upwards are available and a unique service on offer at the Ocean Club is our ‘Dine Out’ option. As accommodations are spread throughout the village, we offer to keep an eye on the little ones while you go out to eat - just drop them at our kids club, ready for bed and pick them up when you’ve finished.

  7. Police identify Madeleine suspect
    By Nick Britten
    Last Updated: 12:34AM BST 07/05/2007

    * Video: Parents appeal for return of 'beautiful daughter'
    * When every parent's nightmare becomes a frightening reality
    * I felt my family was as safe as it could be

    Portuguese police have identified a suspect over the kidnapping of British toddler Madeleine McCann, who was snatched from a holiday appartment on Thursday night.

    Fears grow for toddler 'snatched' in Portugal
    Gerald and Kate McCann: desperation and despair

    At a press conference today, Guilhermino Encarnacao, director of the judicial police in the Faro region, said he has an artist's impression of the suspect and remains hopeful that the little girl is still alive.

    However, he refused to disclose any more information for fear of endangering Madeleine's life.

    Gerald and Kate McCann, who were dining just 200 yards away when the kidnapping occurred, yesterday appeared before the media to make a desperate appeal for their daughter's safe return.

    Mr McCann’s voice cracked with emotion as he said: “Words cannot describe the desperation and despair we are feeling as parents of our beautiful daughter Madeleine.

    “We request that anyone who has any information relating to her disappearance, however trivial, come forward and help us get her back safely.

    “Please, if you are holding Madeleine, let her come home to her mummy and daddy, her brother and sister.”

    Mr McCann and his wife, clutching a pink teddy bear, then asked for their privacy to be respected before returning inside.

    On the night of Madeleine's disappearance Mrs McCann, 39, a GP, made regular half-hourly checks on her children in their room. But when she returned to the ground floor apartment at 10pm, the door was open, the window had been forced and Madeleine was gone.

    Madeleine McCann
    Madeleine McCann

    The other children, two-year-old twins Amelie and Shaun, were still asleep in their cots. Mrs McCann broke down screaming. An immediate search was launched, but the abductor is believed to have escaped through the complex’s main entrance.

    Last night the family were still hoping that Madeleine, who like her siblings was conceived through IVF, would be found safe and well. But they began to fear the worst.

    Trish Cameron, Mr McCann’s sister, said she received a telephone call from her 39-year-old brother, a consultant cardiologist, who was "hysterical and crying his eyes out".

    She said: "They had put the kids to bed at 7pm and checked on them every half an hour as they had dinner nearby with the rest of the party. Gerry said the window was open, the shutters broken and the door, which had been locked, hanging open.

    "Kate came screaming back to the group crying, 'They've taken her, they've taken her'. Gerry was crying and roaring like a bull.

    "Obviously someone has been watching them, watching the children, seeing where they stayed and seeing they were left alone. It just doesn't bear thinking about.

    "They can't have children naturally so, being IVF babies, they were extra special."

    She added: "Gerry and Kate are excellent parents and very protective of their children. In hindsight, yes, they wish they hadn't left them alone, but it's hard when you're on holiday.

    "The complex was quite open and it looked like anyone could wander in or out."

    She said Madeleine had blonde hair and blue eyes, with a distinguishing feature of her right pupil "running down into the iris of her eye". The toddler was wearing white pyjamas when she went missing.

    Madeleine's great uncle today described how much the little girl, a keen fan of Dr Who, was looking forward to her holiday.

    "Madeleine is a lovely little girl, an intelligent, bright child," he added

    Jon Corner, a close friend of Mrs McCann and godparent of the twins, said she telephoned him in the middle of the night distraught.

    He said: "She just blurted out that Madeleine had been abducted. She told me, 'They have broken the shutter on the window and taken my little girl.'

    "They had left the apartment locked while they were having their meal, but when they went back the last time they saw the damage.

    "First they saw one of the window shutters had been forced, and then they saw the door was open and the bed was empty - and Madeleine was gone.

    "Obviously Kate was incredibly upset when she phoned. I have spoken to her since, and she is still completely devastated - as we all are for them.

    The McCanns, from Rothley, Leics, travelled out last Saturday with a group of friends, all of whom have young children, for a week-long stay at the Mark Warner Ocean Summer Club in Praia da Luz, on the Algarve, renting a two-bedroom apartment with private patio.

    The couple, who are Roman Catholics and regular churchgoers, were enjoying dinner at a nearby tapas restaurant with the four other couples. The adults regularly checked on the children.

    Around 70 staff and holidaymakers joined the search around the complex and on the nearby beach.

    John Hill, the complex manager, said: "It was a very emotional and very frantic night and everyone did a fantastic job of getting involved and trying to search the area.

    "As you can imagine, Madeleine's parents are distraught and not doing very well at all." He said the company offered baby sitting services but "for whatever reason, they were not being used". He added the locks on the apartment doors were "quite sophisticated."

    Members of the McCann family have flown out to Portugal to help with the search.

    Mr and Mrs McCann met when they were medical students in Scotland and became close while travelling in New Zealand. They were married nine years ago in Mrs McCann's home town of Liverpool.

    The McCann family
    Mr and Mrs McCann with Madeleine and her twin siblings

    They lived in Glasgow for a while and as Mr McCann's career took off they moved to Queniborough, Leics, in 2000, when he began working at the Glenfield hospital in Leicester, a leading heart specialist centre.

    Mr McCann, one of five siblings, was placed on secondment to Holland for two years, where the twins were conceived.

    They returned to the Midlands in 2004 and moved into their current five-bedroom detached home last summer.

    Mrs McCann works one and a half days a week at a surgery in Melton Mowbray, Leics, and spends the rest of the time looking after the children.

    Tracey Horsfield, 32, a neighbour, said: "They are delightful people, a normal, very caring family. They are extremely protective of the children and would never let them be alone.

    "They idolised them and this is the last thing you would have thought would have happened to them."

    The couple would have paid around £1,500 for their week-long stay in an area popular with British holidaymakers.

    Ocean Club, near Lagos, boasts that visitors will enjoy "privacy in numerous villa-style accommodations dotted throughout an independently-working village".

    The company's brochures also claim the atmosphere is so relaxed and exclusive that "you're as likely to pass a local as another tourist".

  8. Mr. Mrs. McCann are frustrated that only 4 European countries have signed up to the amber alert system. They feel it could have helped find their missing daughter Madeleine in the crucial hours after she disappeared.

    It would have been helpful if, in the crucial hours BEFORE they went out to dine, that they had given her safety a second thought and arranged childcare, for her and her siblings. Instead, they chose to leave the children on their own.

    Perhaps they thought a sophisticated system (unlike their system of time-checking , no watches etc)would kick in if their system failed.

    Don't they think it is frustrating to put it mildly to most people that they treated their children in this way.

    It will always be the fault of someone or something else.

    This time - no amber alert system!

    Poor Madeleine and Shannon.

    Who would have believed that two sets of parents, two very different lifestyle. On the surface poles apart. In reality equally as awful and despicable as each other.

  9. Portuguese Police are certainly a thorn in the flesh of Mr. Mrs. McCann.

    As for adult McCann's speaking of, or promoting child protection in any form is quite frankly - sickening.

    I'm surprised that anyone would think of using the McCann name to endorse anything whatsoever, which in any way relates to children.

  10. I beg to differ anonymous...Shannon's mum anD Madeleines mum are worlds apart and karen Mathews is not half as bad as Kate...For a kick off, Shannon's mum is only guilty of a half arsed scheme to make money by hiding ehr daughter with her lover. Kate is 100% guilty of abandoning three pre school aged dchildren on a daily basis, she is guilty o doing this knowing two of the said children had woken alone and distressed! She is further suspected of being instrumental in the death of her daughter and then dumping the body....in a sports bag if you dont mind!!! She is then guilty of conning vast amounts of money to cover her tracks and maybe even to add to their own finances in the shape of mortgage payments.She, kate is also guilty of not giving a flying f*ck for her child.
    Karen Mathews is a semi literate, semi educated low end of income bracket...Kate is well educated and is on the higher end of the financial earnings!


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