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Tapas Cook Breaks Silence and talks about the McCanns

All the Tapas employees working that night were sacked from the Ocean Club. The former cook from the Tapas Bar gives her story about what happened on that night. The McCanns never left the apartment after the alarm was raised. All the police, locals, and employees from the Tapas bar and Ocean Club never saw the Parents searching for their own daughter. More than 200 employees were interviewed by the PJ.

[Inside SIC Studio]

Journalist on Studio: And tomorrow, 3rd of May marks a year since Madeleine McCann disappeared. There in Praia da Luz, Maria João [name of the other Journalist], good evening, is there any ceremonial service predicted?

[Cut to journalist on location]

Maria João: Here, in the Ocean Club, no, nothing is going to happen here to mark the date, just a mass that will be done tomorrow at 18:30pm in the church of Luz. A bilingual mass which is going to mark one year since the disappearance of Maddie. In relation to the process, there are no new developments expected for the next few days. Only in the 15th the Judge of Criminal Instruction from Portimão’s Court is going to reassess if the process continues or not under Secrecy of Justice. It’s very likely that the process continues like in the last year. Who broke the silence, while we're on the subject, were the Portuguese employees from the Tapas Bar, the restaurant where the couple McCann had dinner in the night of Maddie’s disappearance. Those 8 Portuguese employees didn’t see their contracts renewed this year. They were obliged in the last 12 months to be silent, forbidden to talk with journalists. Since they contracts were not renewed they decided to talk. SIC has spoken with the cook.

[Cut to medium shot of 2 people behind a tree]

Voice over Introduction: She doesn’t ‘show’ her face but a year later and without working in the Ocean Club, Manuela decided that she wasn’t obliged to the silence anymore. The cook [chef] who prepared a ‘Robalo’ [Snook fish/ Sargeant fish] with cuscus [signature dish of the Arab world] and the pepper steak meal the McCanns had to dinner in the night Maddie disappeared was in the griller area 3 meters away from the table of the couple.

[Shot of interior of the Ocean Club, focus on the Tapas Bar]

Manuela, the cook: They had already eaten the main course, [Cut to blurry image of a woman’s face, with a strong southern accent from Algarve], because it was already around 9:30pm when she gave the alarm.

Voice over: This former employee from the Tapas tells that immediately various colleagues left their work posts to help the searches. Meanwhile, in the hours that followed, during most of the time the McCanns stayed inside the apartment.

Manuela: My colleagues were indignated [angered/offended], because they went… One of them even had his feet all red, tired… and he was offended because he went to search though he wasn’t anything related to the girl, and the parents didn’t. [Cut to apartment] They stayed indoors, in the apartment.

[Various shots around the Ocean Club, archive footage of Police and Media]

Voice Over: A year ago, suddenly everything changed in the Ocean Club. The quiet resort, ideal for family holidays, was invaded by police and journalists.

Manuela: The Ocean Club, the Tapas turned into a pandemonium [chaos]. No one could get out, no one could get in. Even if we were married, our husbands couldn’t get in, neither our friends. Everything was surrounded… The security officers didn’t know the employees. They thought the employees were journalists. In the beginning everything was really complicated.

Voice Over: The Judiciary went in a full scale operation to Praia da Luz. For more than a month the investigators created a kind of headquarters in one of the apartments of the Ocean Club. All the employees from the resort were heard.

Manuela: They all went in two… in two hours by two hours, two [referring to the number of people –in pairs], during sometime. Close to a month. We were almost 200 employees.

Voice Over: Manuela remembers of seeing Madeleine sometimes.

Manuela: When the Parents would put her at the crèche, in the babysitters, the kitchen was next to it.

Journalist on location: How was Madeleine’s routine during those holidays? When she entered there, in the Ocean Club?

Manuela: She got in, was delivered to the babysitters. The babysitters would do a class; they would do a group course with the girls. Between 4pm and 4:30pm they had something to eat. In the morning they had a fruit lunch [breakfast?]… And then the parents would come to pick them up at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

Journalist: In the middle of all those children do you remember Maddie?

Manuela: Because she entered there, she would wave goodbye, or say hello…She was really nice [lovely/polite]. She was always smiling.

Voice Over: After the disappearance of the girl, several family members of Kate and Gerry came to the Algarve.

Manuela: I remember that the family members instead of being worried with the family, would go to the pool, rented the tennis court, played tennis… Instead of being worried with the child that was disappeared!

Voice Over: The majority of the employees who was in the Tapas in the night of the Maddie’s disappearance as already left the resort.

Manuela: The contract ended and they sent us to unemployment.

Journalist: All the team that was in the Tapas that night?

Manuela: All the team that was there in that night.

Voice Over: After the disappearance of Maddie, the McCanns stayed in the Ocean Club for more 65 days. In July they moved to a house in the outskirts, away from the journalists eyes. It was there that they stayed until the 9 of September, the day that they went back to England.


  1. Joana, the McCann's themselves said that they were praying all night.

    They said so, only after the stories about them not searching had been confirmed.
    Her own (Kate's) mother was surprised when they telephoned her asking for a priest, as they had not been religious.

    Good work.

  2. I cannot imagine sitting around waiting as they did, Im out looking for my kids aged 15 and 13 if they are ten minutes late home from school!
    Pat Brown the profiler has written an open letter to Kate offering to rpofile the evidence and crime for free. She also says its strange they can sleep at night if they truly believe Madeleine is with Paedophiles being abused.

  3. Morais You Are One Hell Of A Deluded Old Woman!Saturday, May 16, 2009 1:11:00 pm

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  4. It would make sense that the parents continually, as they have claimed, gave the children Calprol to help them sleep. They were living in a pedophilic world. I am believing more and more that the entire family and their friends participated in or somehow assisted in covering up this practice. Pramixole was also found by Portuguese Police in David Payne's possesion. If you google that drug, you will see that amongst the side effects, HYPERSEXUALITY is one of them. Could that be a direct sign, now that we know of this pedophilic activity, why David Payne carried it with him? Did he take it? Did he give it his pedophilic buddies? Was it possibly administered in smaller doses to Madaleine or the children? Could that have been one of the complications that arose the night of her death? A medical interaction between Calpol and Pramixole? After all, they were physicians, and would have easy access to these medication. By the McCann's own admission, they gave the children Calpol nightly, and perhaps an evening or two one or two of the men decided to administer Pramixole as well? Many questions to answer, or what a tangled web we weave.......

  5. And it would also make sense that the children would have difficulty sleeping, always wondering when they would be sexually approached.
    E.G., the need for medications.

  6. A couple of questions here; if it was accidental death, what did they do with the body? Also, if Gerry had handled the body (as was seen by the Smith's carrying her at night going towards the beach, how come there was no cadaver smell on his clothes? The lady who lived in the flat above (who is dead now) stated that she heard Madeleine crying for 75 minutes until she fell silent (they stated they checked on them every 20 mins which is obviously another lie!) Both parents have acted very strangely after the disappearance; laughing, joking, enjoying a holiday as if nothing has happened...very strange...I once lost my little girl in a shopping centre when she was four...I went mad...I was crying, searching for her, calling out her name, I approached the security people, I simply cannot imagine how I could have survived had I lost her forever... Thankfully, we found her safe and sound... They also seem to be so parasitic in their approach to money and how they went out of their way to destroy the life of an honourable detective trying to strip him of his possesions and destroy his family life... how could decent parents do this (my observation of their body language, conflicting stories, way of life) they are GUILTY as hell. They were irresponsible; leaving their children alone at night, they could have had the same people who looked after them during the day look after them at night; in fact they were offered this service but they turned the offer down, I guess they didn't want to pay them extra money...why take the children on holiday if they were going to be a financial burden? Sadly the TEFLON McCanne's got away with murder...WHY? Is it because they are medically qualified Brits? What happened to enforcing the law? Any other parents who might have left their underage children alone would have been investigated and social services would have been involved and their children would have been placed with foster parent...but not with these two clever parasites...all they could think of is "DAMAGE LIMITATION" and so they carried on lying through their teeth to save what they have and maintain their life-style at any cost... If anyone would like to answer my questions you could find me on YouTube under strengthnhope7
    Thank you for reading this!

  7. My daughter was kidnapped by her sister...at the time i did not know that it was her sister...but i will tell you when i phoned the cops they acted fast...thank god...but they advised me to stay by the phone and i told them No! I had a friend at the ohone and i went looking for her it was 3 days later when my daughter escaped her sister and ran to a cop and they called right away and i can tell you it was the most scariest time of my life and i kept on thinking where could she be...i called everyone and even had it on the news and i cryed and cryed and i got so depressed but kept it inside and there is no way in he@@@@ that i would be out doing all the activites that they have done.....and thank the good lord that i wasnt on vacation because i think i would have gone nuts.......oh and at the time she disappeared it only took about 5 min i never turned my back or went into the house to grab my coffee again and now i advise others never take anything or anyone for granted.........now my daughter is an adult and i still make sure she is ok and talk with her everyday...........but this parents say they are going through is not true if you miss a child you are not out having a great time or leaving your other children with anyone.....just my pennies worth


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