1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Will this PR Man Never Learn? Will Portuguese Leaders Never Fight Back? Watch Mitchell Spinning Again!

Watch How Clarence, the Spinner gives an interview - so far to an Irish Newspaper, and how he twists a change for political reasons in the Judiciary Portuguese Police Directorship to "the McCanns will have their status lifted" - Even worst he dares to tell[demand?] the Portuguese Police to Give the Files of the Process to the 'famous-for-not-keeping-their-promises' and having their own Detective arrested for narcotraffick charges' aka Metodo3.

Dear Sirs: Prime Minister José Socrates, Ministry of Justice Alberto Costa, General Attorney Pinto Monteiro, Dr. Paulo Rebelo from the PJ, Prosecutor Magalhães e Menezes, Judge Pedro Frias, or whomever has the power and the honesty and bravery to fight for our image abroad and for Justice for a voiceless child - Madeleine, can you please just arrest or shut up this man who as been continually perverting the course of Portuguese Justice. Where is the Luso spirit? Or are we indeed a "Banana Country Republic"?

Even the Pope who is supposedly to forgive everything doesn't trust the parents and removed all the mentions of the McCanns from the Vatican's Site, and as far as I know the Vatican has one of the best secret services in the world.

The British dogs, valued in million pounds for their unique expertness, smelled cadaver scent in Kate McCanns clothes; DNA of Madeleine was found in the Parents Rented Car and in the Apartment. What else is needed to urge the Home Office to bring the Tapas Group back to Portugal and explain in detail their actions in that night and the reasons for their very conflicting statements? Use Eurojust, if the Home Office doesn't comply. I urge our leaders to Act Now as a Portuguese Citizens and to show that we do not lack Morals and indeed care for Children at Risk and Justice.

Why do we, Citizens of Portugal, have to endure this continued humiliation in the British Press? I ask as a Portuguese Citizen: Sue the British Journalists, sue the British News Corporations, Sue those who lie and the bring the neglectful Parents with an European Arrest Warrant back to Portugal to face the consequence of their actions and STOP this nonsense once and for all.

Take a Good LOOK

Police Man? No, PR Man!

Sabina Muller of Hessian Radio (Hessischen Rundfunk) in Berlin's Press Conference - June 2007

"How do you feel about the fact that more and more people seem to be pointing the finger at you, saying the way you behave is not the way people would normally behave when their child is abducted and they seem to imply that you might have something to do with it?''

“To be honest I don't think that is the case,” a flustered Kate McCann told the crowded and very attentive German news conference.

"I think that's a very small minority of people that are criticising us. We are very responsible parents and we love our children so much.”

The McCanns Did Not Physically Search for Madeleine: Leaving All Stones Unturned

True Facts: Details about the misleading distances from the Tapas bar to the McCanns apartment

The Spin and The Demanding McCanns[Again...]

PORTUGUESE police probing the disappearance of Madeleine McCann were urged last night to hand their files over to private investigators if they wind down their investigation, following the resignation of the force's police chief who was leading the inquiry.

Gerry and Kate McCann's spokesperson Clarence Mitchell said the family believes the decision of Alipio Ribeiro to leave his post as national director of the Policia Judiciaria and his subsequent comments that the case may never be solved, could signal the end of the year-long probe into the toddler's disappearance.

Speaking to the Irish Independent in Dublin yesterday where he was a keynote speaker at the Public Relations Institute of Ireland's (PRII) annual conference, the former BBC journalist and British government spokesman said: "There have been various remarks made by Mr Ribeiro and others suggesting they may be coming to the end of the process.

"If they are going to shelve the case -- and if Mr Ribeiro's recent interview is effectively hinting at that -- then in one sense we welcome it because it means that Kate and Gerry will be eliminated from the inquiry.

"But equally, what does that mean? Does that mean all the information the police have just sits on a shelf? That's untenable. They have to release the information in their files to our private investigators so they can continue to look for Madeleine."

Despite the passing last week of the first anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance, the McCanns still believe their daughter is alive and they continue to be buoyed by the huge outpouring of support coming from Ireland, he added.

"Every message we get has been incredibly supportive because of the Donegal connection." Madeleine visited her grandparents in Bundoran on family holiday visiting before her disappearance on May 3, 2007.

"Many of their letters are from Ireland. They get rosary beads sent to them, people praying for them. They've got a real sense the wider Irish Catholic community is really behind them and that counts for so much. It really does give them a boost," he said. "Consistently the Irish support level is there."


He spoke of how the initial tide of negative publicity surrounding the McCanns was eventually turned in their favour following a successful libel action against the Express Group newspapers in the UK that he said was embroiled in "a huge spin cycle of nonsense" with some of the Portuguese tabloid media.

On the whole, the coverage of Madeleine's disappearance in the Irish media was much more responsible and balanced than in the UK or elsewhere, he said yesterday.

He also credited the internet with being the single most effective tool in the entire campaign.

"It was access to the internet that gave us a boost," he said in his speech on public relations crisis management.

The Find Madeleine website set up by the McCanns has been instrumental in the campaign.

M3 Detective paid witnesses in Morocco

M3 has done everything to safeguard the McCanns

One of the detectives working for Metodo 3 allegedly paid witnesses who stated they had seen Madeleine in Morocco. The charge is made by a source from Moroccan Police, responsible for the interrogation of the witnesses within the kingdom, where M3’s work methods are questioned by the authorities.

The arrest of António Jiménez, one of the private detectives working for the McCanns, showing implications in the disappearance of several hundred kilos of cocaine and corruption of public civil servant, has served to reinforce the authorities’ suspicions in connection with the agency’s work.

During the hearing, one of the witnesses interviewed by Moroccan police admitted to having received several thousands of euros from the Spanish detective who had asked him to keep the arrangement secret “not to affect the investigations”.

António Jiménez, former inspector-chief of the Drugs and Organised Crime Unit (Udyco) of the Barcelona police force was Francisco Marco the director of m3, right-hand man in Morocco. It was him who had found several witnesses who stated they had seen Madeleine in the north of the country. He even directed several British journalists to meetings with the witnesses.

According to the same source, the payment of money could have been made without the knowledge of Gerry and Kate McCann, leading the investigators to believe that the detective would have acted with the intention to allowing the Barcelona agency “to score points” with public opinion and thus keep, for a longer period, the contract with Madeleine’s parents, their most important customer at this moment.

“We were able to determine, with what the witnesses told and information that we received from Spain, that Madeleine’s parents did not ask the detective to act in this way,” states the person in charge of Moroccan police, adding “which does not excluded that the agency of detectives may be solely responsible for these facts”.

In November of 2007, on the sidelines of the 76th General Assembly of Interpol, in Marrakech, the Moroccan Minister of Interior Department, Chakib Benmoussa had stated “that there was no reason to think that little Madeleine McCann was in Morocco”, an opinion confirmed by the investigators on the field.

Several voices related to the Portuguese and British police force were raised, on various occasions, to criticise Metodo 3’s work. It is the case of Mark Williams-Thomas, a British criminologist, expert in child protection, to whom the lead mentioned by Metodo 3 that Madeleine had been taken to order, by a network paedophiles and transported to Morocco, “shows a lack of knowledge of paedophiles and of how they work.”

Since the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, on 3 May 2007, several dozens of witnesses stated they had seen the little British girl, but it was after Metodo 3 was hired that the witness statements become more frequent in the media, leading each time towards Morocco, without the agency of detectives being able, to date, to provide the least bit of proof.

Francisco Marco, Metodo 3’s very mediatic director, has appeared with the promise that the little girl would be found before the end of the six month old contract made with Kate and Gerry McCann. Francisco even claimed to know the identity of those who took her and that Madeleine would be with her parents for Christmas.

It is not the first time that the members of m3 are put into question. In the past, five members of the Barcelona agency had been already arrested by the police in a murky story of wire-tappings and corruption, in particular Francisco Marco, his mother, Maria Fernandez Lado, her father, Francisco Marco Poyuelo, his brother Francisco Gabriel Fernandez Lado, and an employee, Oscar Trujillo.

“All means are good”

Clarence Mitchell, questioned in connection with the accusations against Metodo 3, started by affirming “that it doesn’t know anything”, and that he “is not able to make a comment,” but quickly takes up his role as person in charge in communication and relativises the issue by affirming that “all means are good” for the investigations carried out by private detectives: “It is possible that during the investigation they could pay for information”, admitted the person in charge in communication with the service of McCann.

Metodo 3, states Clarence Mitchell, “maintain the trust of those keeps which pay its expenses, because they believe they show their commitment and passion to find Madeleine”.

“Their employers are content with their field work… they very quickly track descriptions… in certain cases in the space the three hours and they are quite simply faster, much faster than Interpol or the police services in the countries where they operate and thus their employers think that '' they have done good work,” further states Clarence. Of course “they did not find Madeleine yet, but neither has the police”. We know that m3 works well, they do not need to prove it”, concluded Clarence Mitchell."

By Duarte Levy


  1. The McCanns and Clarence are as dodgy as a bag of rattlesnakes, They are taking the piss and must think they are conning us. How the hell did the McCanns ever get to be where they are, they have no moraals and there are no depths they will not sink to to cover their worthless arses.

  2. Nos temos que ter paciência esse m***a quer provocar uma guerra entre os dois países, quanto mais caos quanto melhor para o casal.

    A próxima vez que o Socrates encontrar o Brown, ele devia perguntar ao senhor Brown se esse m***a ainda trabalha o vai trabalhar para o governo Britânico e se as opiniões desse m***a representam as opiniões dele e o seu governo.

  3. speak your mind

    It is a huge PR machine. We don't even know, how many people they employ and how many of them are doing errands for them free of charge.
    This case clearly shows the decay of our society and our morals.
    The involvement of the Brown government in protecting criminal suspects thus sacrificing justice for Madeleine, sets a very disturbing precedent.
    I hope that Brown is made to answer for it one day, be it through his failure to get re-elected.
    Refusing to cooperate with the PJ to clear up the timeline and their movements is called obstruction of justice and carries a heavy penalty.
    Recently a police officer from Leicestershire said:"We still hope that the parents of Madeleine decide to take part, logically, they should be the first to be interested."

  4. Good Morning Mariana, I found today on sky news a video clip of Gordon B.thanking to J. Socrates... Prime ministers back in 9 June 2007, just before Lisbon treaty and the G8 Summit. It's a good one to use for a future video.

  5. Absolutely Mariana, I never did like Gordon Brown, his interference in this needs explaining...and he probably knows this hence the forensics taking so long and the regoratory lettrs taking an age. I think because Gordon Brown and others have gonoe out on such a limb assisting the McCanns, they will continue to be protected and in the process Gordon Brown and co protect himselves. They ought to be ashamed.
    Even hardened lags in Jail would not condone crime against children and in fact would see it as their duty to meter out a bit of rough justice of their own, yet here we have supposdly civil educated people aiding and abetting the McCanns in evading justice.


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