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Algarve: Gonçalo Amaral leaves the PJ in order to achieve “plenitude of freedom of expression” and to defend himself - LUSA

The former coordinator at the Polícia Judiciária for the “Madeleine McCann” case, inspector Gonçalo Amaral, told Lusa today that he is retiring from the PJ mainly to attain “plenitude of freedom of expression” and to consequently be able to defend himself.

Gonçalo Amaral, aged 48, started working as a civil servant at the age of 14, and today lives his last day at the service of the Polícia Judiciária, after recently having been the most exposed PJ inspector in the Portuguese and British media, for having coordinated the case of “Madeleine McCann”, the little English girl that disappeared in the Algarve on the 3rd of May of 2007.

In an interview to Lusa, Gonçalo Amaral explained that he is retiring at the age of 48 in order to “have plenitude of freedom of expression”.

“Why do I leave? I leave because I understand that the only way to acquire the plenitude of my freedom of expression is to leave the police. Because at this moment, to defend myself, I have to reacquire my freedom of expression”, he said.

The exercise of that freedom of expression starts this month, with the publication of a book about the Maddie case, in case – as it is foreseen – the judicial secrecy on the process is lifted.

Inspector Gonçalo Amaral, who also coordinated the case of the homicide of the child Joana Cipriano, told Lusa that he intends to publish a book about the “Maddie” case, as soon as this month.

“Everything depends on whether or not the judicial secrecy on the [Madeleine McCann] case is lifted”, the inspector observed.

Gonçalo Amaral refers that it is not extraordinary to retire at the age of 48.

“It’s not from another world, that I retire at the age of 48. I started working as a civil servant at the age of 14, I did the maths and I used to tell my colleagues at the [PJ formation] course that I would retire earlier than them. My calculations pointed at retiring from the police at the age of 46, but the rules were changed and it ended up not happening like that”, he said.

Gonçalo Amaral carried out his last mission as a PJ agent last Sunday, in Faro, within an investigation that had been going on for three months, through the Faro directory.

The result was the apprehension of approximately two-and-a-half tons of hashish in Faro, the equivalent to five million individual doses, at a location known as Praia dos Estudantes.

During the operation, in which Gonçalo Amaral participated one day before he retires, six men were also arrested and two sports boats were apprehended, which transported the hashish to land from the “mother boat”, of a fishing type.

About his professional future, the inspector says that “the secret is the soul of the business”.

The police agent did nonetheless reveal to Lusa that he would like to do a stay at a lawyers office in the Algarve, given the fact that he has a degree from the Law Faculty of Lisbon, but never had an opportunity to do a stay and to apply for the Bar.

“My life will pass through the Algarve. I’m an adopted Algarvian. Since 1986 that I have practically been living in the Algarve”, he said, guaranteeing that his professional life will always be situated in the Algarve.

Gonçalo Amaral was born 48 years ago in the village of Torredeita, located 10 kms from Viseu, which he left aged three months, to go to live in Lisbon. He has also lived in Barreiro.

At the age of 22, while studying electronics engineering at the Instituto Superior Técnico, in Lisbon, he opted to enter the course for PJ agents, where he was positioned in 12th place among a total of 40 candidates.

The first position was held by “doctor Almeida Rodrigues, a celebrity within the Polícia Judiciária”, Gonçalo Amaral remembered.

In 1997, Gonçalo Amaral started his night studies for a law degree, finishing with a medium score of 12.

In 1998, after 15 years of profession, he entered the course for sub-inspector, with over 100 candidates, all from within the PJ, and was classed in first place.

In 2000/2001, he entered the course to become a coordinator with 20 candidates, and within the interns, he finished in the second position.

The last day for Gonçalo Amaral, the former coordinator of the “Madeleine McCann” case, at the Polícia Judiciária is today. On Tuesday, he says, he will enjoy the “freedom to speak”.

A source with the PJ’s Public Relations Cabinet, in Lisbon, has reported to Lusa that Gonçalo Amaral does not have a substitute yet, but that there is “no obligation for him to be replaced”, as Gonçalo Amaral was not positioned in a leading post anymore.

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