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Gerry McCann candidate for election to board of BSCMR

How can anyone in their right mind nominate a man that is a suspect in an ongoing criminal case to be member of charity? In fact how can the arguido even consider that assignment if he does not know the end result of the investigation? Even worst, how can this father promise to devote time to a committee when he should be looking for his daughter and helping the authorities? Unless...

Gerry McCann candidate for election to board of BSCMR - British Society of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance

BSCMR Board Election 2008

There has been a BSCMR Board election taking place during the spring of 2008. The new Board will be in place from 1 June 2008-31 May 2010. The announcement of the new Board will take place at the BSCMR AGM, today, 3 June in Manchester.

The aims of the BSCMR are to:

* promote clinical practice and research into cardiovascular magnetic resonance and to disseminate the useful results of such research
* further the advancement of education in cardiovascular magnetic resonance for the public benefit.

The BSCMR is a Charity and is affiliated to the British Cardiovascular Society (BCS).

Dr Gerald McCann (Gerry) was amongst 9 candidates nominated for a position on the board and this was put to the membership of the BSCMR (The British Society of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance).

Positions up for Nomination were:

Chairman Elect.
Deputy Treasurer
Other members (3 Positions)

The full list of candidates:

Henry Dargle
John Greenwood
Grant Heatlie
Francisco Leyva
Gerry McCann
James Moon
Reza Razavi
Penny Sensky
Mark Westwood.

Three recommendations have been put forward:

Chairman Elect - Henry Dargie
Treasurer - Francisco Leyva
Dept. Treasurer - Reza Razavi

For updates on the results check the BSCMR Site.


  1. Let me see now. He will bring this earth upside down to search for Madeleine until the day he dies. He will work. He will spend time with this BSCMR committee.
    Will he have time to go home and play with Sean and Amelie too?
    Who was the idiot who nominated GM?

  2. Its laughable him being a candidate for anything. Its bloody disgraceful. The McCanns belong in prison for the death of their daughter.
    would love to know why the people backing the McCanns are behind them.....for instance what ties them to Gordon Brown? I cant imagine Brown involving himself in other criminals cases as he has this pair.

  3. What a spiteful bunch of people you must be.


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