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McCanns lose their cool - 24Horas

Kate and Gerry at the European Parliament, to speak about missing children

The McCanns were in Strasbourg yesterday to take care of a petition and ended up reacting, in an irritated manner, to questions from the journalists about the evening of the 3rd of May 2007

McCanns lose their calm

Kate and Gerry were in Strasbourg yesterday, where they convinced 225 MEPs to sign the petition for the creation of an European alert system for missing children. The problem, for the McCanns, was the press conference that they gave in the late afternoon. The journalists’ favourite dish was not the petition, but rather the couple’s behaviour on the evening of the 3rd of May 2007, when Madeleine disappeared in Praia da Luz, Algarve.

One of the questions was why they left their daughter alone on the fateful night. The McCanns reacted with a bad temper. The “real issue”, they underlined, is the abduction. “We did not abandon or neglect Madeleine. Someone entered the apartment and took a child. That is the issue. To go over that matter is very boring”, Gerry McCann said. Kate supported her husband, with the same irritation: “The real issue is that a child was abducted and there is a criminal who is still out there”.

Gerry insisted. “We need to focus on the real issue. Continuously raising that question is unhelpful. Nothing has changed over the last 14 months and I don’t understand why we are talking about that, again”.

The couple only calmed down when they were allowed to speak again about the issue that was on their agenda: the petition to create a European alert system for missing children. Kate and Gerry thanked the 225 MEPs that have already signed the petition, and exhorted others to do it.
They remembered that 393 signatures are necessary, half of the hemicycle, until the end of July, in order for the text to be sent to the European Commission and for the communitarian executive to present a proposal in that sense to the Council. In Brussels’ hallways, there are some who accuse the McCanns of a “media maneuver” with this initiative.

“What is the use of this petition? There is already a European law proposal for the creation of such an alert system. It is on its way to being approved in Strasbourg, and then to be taken before the European Commission. That proposal, which has been worked upon for quite some time, will then have to be approved by each member state”, a source in Brussels criticized.

“Media maneuver”

The same source remembered that the McCanns have “associated themselves to an initiative that belongs to the European Commission, in a media maneuver”.

One of the main promoters of that initiative was Margarida Sousa Uva, the wife of the president of the European Union, Durão Barroso.

In March, Sousa Uva alerted in Brussels to the “lack of political will” within the 27 to create an effective alert system. One month later, in April, the McCanns met with a group of MEPs that wrote the text about the European alert. It was then that they started speaking about the petition.


14 of July is the date from which the Maddie process ceases to be covered by the judicial secrecy. The McCanns heard about that date through 24Horas, yesterday.

4 is the number of European Union member states that have an alert system: Germany, France, Greece and the United Kingdom. The proposal intends to widen it on 27.


  1. Still the McCanns refuse to accept any responsibility for their actions....Even if it were true that Madeleine was abducted, the fact that children were left alone in the apartment played a significant part in it...had they not have left kids the abduction could not have taken place.So either way they are guilty of something.
    They come across as sociopathic,in may ways but this trait in particular....NO concern or regard for others in pursuit of their own desires...Any normal parent would be wracked with guilt if they were pissing it up while their child was abducted.
    But its all academic because the bastards know full well Madeleine is dead because one of them did it!!

  2. Another farce by these two people. Just another smokescreen and divertion.

    They seem to be spending so much time and effort (and probably money---who´s money?) on this Euro-Alert issue and not actively looking for their child.

    Suspicious, anyone?

  3. Thank you, Astro...


  4. I believe the journalists were right not to get distracted by the McCanns and their attempt to force Europe to adopt the American Amber Alert scheme.

    In spite of the McCanns claiming that the Amber Alert scheme is the real issue, it clearly is not and is a diversionary tactic.

    The real issue is what happened on 3 May 2007 in Praia da Luz. Given that I have Googled the question "Is it safe to leave children under 4 years of age unsupervised?", and it produces 350,000 responses and none of them state it is safe. Therefore, one has to wonder why the McCanns claim that they thought it was safe?

    What child abduction? That is the real issue. The McCanns keep going on about their version of events as though it is a fact. However, the fact is that Madeleine is missing. It's a fact that the McCanns claimed there was a break-in. It's a fact that the police and PJ found no evidence to support this claim. It's a fact that the McCanns first claimed that the apartment was locked and then changed their story to say it was unlocked. The couple's behaviour arouses suspicion.

    The real issue is that it is a fact that the McCanns did neglect and abandon their children night after night whilst they went out drinking with their friends.

    Regardless of whether it upsets the McCanns to keep asking the same question, and regardless of whether Gerry McCann is bored with it being asked again, the question should be repeated until the McCanns provide a satisfactory answer.

    It is a fact that the good people of Praia da Luz and holiday makers searched all night for the missing Madeleine, whilst the McCanns stayed in the apartment. And yet, at that same press conference, Sky News showed a clip of Kate McCann saying the public did not do enough to support them.

    Surely, it is time that the Portuguese authorities brought this McCann show to an end and arrest and charge the McCanns with child neglect and child abandonment?

  5. I wonder why the McCanns are spearheading this amber alert scheme here is europe?. They are the offenders in the Madeleine's case. They have broken every rule in the book, have embezzled funds, cashed on Madeleine's tragedy, are behaving like some untouchable superstars, and still defying the odds that they will face justice one way or another. It is time that the public sees through this blatant facade.

  6. What I would like to know is Mr. Barroso's feelings on the matter. Is he in favour or against this couple taking credit for this initiative? If he is against this couple associating themselves with this initiative can he not stop them from doing so? The way they are perceived by the public is of the utmost importance to these two. This need, I believe is because of some psychological flaw they possess, the same flaw that caused them to embark on this grandiose deception. The revelation of the case file to the public will stir up a hornets nest, it will start a spin campaign to try to explain away every damning detail. Hopefully charges will soon follow.

  7. I'm sorry to say but one in three comments I leave here isn't approved, the last one being about some comments I think are defamation.
    The McC can't be treated like "bastards". A site that allows this discredits itself. That's what I tried to tell Joana, but she erased me !

  8. Anonymous...the McCans are bastards and worse still they are murdering bastards to boot.....nothing deflamatory there, just plain old facts.
    You ought to be more concerned that Madeleine lies dumped somewhere a yerar on still without dignity, and that the McCanns and their cronies are responsible.
    Im sure if the McCnanns do not like what they read they can sue.

  9. I'm glad to observe Joana finally didn't censure me !

  10. anonymous...the McCanns are bastards, and if the McCanns feel they have been libeled here or elsewhere they are free to take legal action as they did with the daily express!


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