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McCanns on Holidays: Leaving no Stone Unturned?

Madeleine McCann's family to go on holiday a year after disappearance
By Andy Bloxham
Last Updated: 2:15AM BST 04/06/2008

The parents of Madeleine McCann are to go on their first holiday together since she was kidnapped in Portugal just over a year ago.

The parents of Madeleine McCann are to go on their first holiday together since she was kidnapped in Portugal just over a year ago, according to reports. [What? Wasn't the European and US periplus enough?]

Kate and Gerry McCann, who are both 40, decided to take the break for the sake of their other children, twins Sean and Amelie, who are two, according to a family friend. [The twins are three years old.]

Madeleine was abducted from the family's apartment in the coastal resort of Praia da Luz, on the Algarve in Portugal, last May. [There is no proof of abduction, she went missing, because ...]

The couple's spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "It will be incredibly painful to contemplate going away without Madeleine but this is the reality they are faced with.

"Nothing has been booked yet, but one thing's certain – they won't be going to Portugal." [Pathetic answer, but though I do not want to see the same thing happening again here in Portugal with one of the twins or both they should return to work with the authorities investigating the case of their missing daughter, her name was Madeleine. At the same time I say it's good they haven't chosen Portugal for their week holidays, and I very much doubt a resort would ever accept the McCanns here in Portugal - you can just imagine the dialogue between Gerry and the hotel receptionist:

Receptionist: Name, please?

GM: McCann

Receptionist: Pardon?

GM: McCann, Gerry McCann

... click ...

GM: Hello? Hello?

... buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...

Nevertheless they should came to Portugal and face the music - the PJ!]

The family have spent only an occasional few days away from their home in Rothley, Leics, since returning from the Algarve on September 9, after Portuguese police made them official suspects.
[And some more few days in Rome, Berlin, Casablanca, Washington, Brussels...]

A friend of the family told the Daily Mirror: "Everyone needs a holiday – Kate and Gerry included. [Enjoying their holidays while their daughter is allegedly, by their own theory at the hands of a paedophile or a monster kidnapper? Again, shouldn't they be answering and helping the Judiciary Police: What happened to the No Stone Left Unturned is it a pebble?]

"It's now 14 months since Madeleine was taken. Behind the scenes, there remains a lot of action to try and find her, but for Kate and Gerry life has returned as close to normality as they're likely to get. [Donations to the fund?]

"After all they've been through, they want to give the twins a decent break to try and enjoy time as a family." [Let's hope they babysit them properly and don't leave them unattended.]

Adding an excerpt from another UK media paper

Mitchell also slammed as "absolute, ludicrous, lies" new Portuguese police claims that three of the so-called Tapas Seven had broken ranks to give evidence against them. [Ah! So as per rectum naturam, pardon, per rerum natural order of things this means 24horas is right - notice that everytime Clarence says those 3 words he his in fact denying a true fact as in the follow example:

Mitchell said he was not surprised by the inconsistencies in the initial accounts. 'You had nine people in a bar without watches on, without mobile phones, and absolute panic set in when they realised what had happened. The Guardian 06 April 2008

"It was made out to be the biggest 'conspiracy' since the Diana 'conspiracy,'" says Mitchell. "Some of the group (of friends in the tapas restaurant) had their watches on that night, and others didn't... Yorkshire Post 29 May 2008]

PS. I just hope someone is watching the McCanns, desperate people take desperate measures at desperate times.

Also read this article: PJ arrives for last 'round' in England… and Maddie's parents go to Brussels
To explain the contradictions found in the testimonies of the "Tapas 7" and to untangle the theory of kidnapping supported by the parents of Madeleine McCann are the main objectives of the Judiciary Police (PJ), which arrived today in England to carry out the rogatory letter. The PJ wants to understand if some of the persons who were spending holidays with Kate and Gerry, in the Praia da Luz, in Lagos, “lied to corroborate the version of the couple ", explained, to the JN, a source connected with the process. The members of the group of friends are going to be confronted by elements of proof that meantime were gathered...

Meanwhile 24horas came on-line, a quick translation:

The Relation Court Should Not Have Published the Ruling on the Maddie Case
Judge Forgot the Secrecy

The ruling about the Maddie Case was removed from the Court of Évora site

The publication might have broken the secrecy of justice


In the opinion of Superior Judge of Lisbon, Rui Rangel, "there cannot be publications of process who are still under secrecy of justice". He admits, about this particular ruling, that there could have been "a distraction" by the person who has published it.


The person who published it explains his actions:

The Judge Chambel Mourisco is going to take a further look at the ruling

"I did not remove the ruling from the site because I though that there was a breach of the secrecy of justice but because I wanted to make it better with other cases connected with communications traffic", justified to 24horas the Judge Chambel Mourisco. "It's my understanding that the secrecy of justice is only breached when something which affects the course of the investigation is published. Here, it was just a decision about a technical detail". However the judge guaranteed that he is going to have another look to the ruling, even because "the press was able to understand that it was about the Maddie Case"


  1. Sadly, but solely because time has proven Mitchell and his clients to not be of their word, by today these pieces of PR puffery have a darkly comic ring. If the parents desire a private life, they have no need for a PR, no need to broadcast their holiday intentions, no need to seek attention of any sort away from the search for their daughter - which is always proceeding, but never these days with clues to what it might consist of or why the constant failure to find so much as a speck of evidence consistent with abduction might be taken by others to indicate a facetious charade that - like the unctuous PR - is typically expedient and there only to seduce the gullible masses.

  2. I see that the Mainstream Media still insist on reporting non facts as though they were facts. "Abducted" and "kidnapped". When does the MSM intend to produce the support for these so-called facts?

    It is a fact that Madeleine is missing.

    Until it has been proved that there was an abduction or kidnap, please refrain from using such language. It only serves to confuse people.

    The MSM should stick to the word "missing".

  3. I hope the Mccanns are not going to my country and leave the twins alone in the hotel in Copacabana to go for a caipirinha on the beach.
    Please don't do it !
    unless we'll have a diplomatic problem with UK.


    Maria from Rio

  4. Olá Maria, Rio De Janeiro

    De certeza que não, aposto que os McCann só vão ficar pela ilha - 5 dias de férias duvido que eles atravessem o Atlântico a não ser que estejam numa de 'vanishing act'.

    um abraço desde Lisboa

  5. Lets hope the low lifes consider using baby sitters when they want to go out on the lash this time!!
    I dont know how the dirty shits live with themselves, let alone go on holiday.
    I know life must go on but for me it would be functioning on the most basic level, I would not have any joy in living and would not find any pleasure in anything if my daughter disappeared and I thought she was with Paedophiles. I would not rest and would have to be sedated to get me through the day.
    when Gerry has previously said "there is no evidence Madeleine has come to any serious harm" it makes my blood boil, I could merrily kill them.If their story of abduction is true, how the hell can they say that with any conviction, Madeleine would be seriously head shot and better off dead I hate to say.

  6. No, you wouldn't be under sedatives : who would take care of your twins ?

  7. Que os mcpateticos fiquem apenas num sítio isolado e rodeado de água.A não ser que "estejam em fuga",realmente.
    Há é que desejar boa sorte para os infelizes gémeos.

    Gostei muitissimo de ler o desabafo(de dor sentida se) de speak your mind.


  8. At that point I wouldnt care anonymous, Reason would be clean out the window....the fact that they were alive and there and she was not would fill me with guilt...People have committed suicide for far less....and look at the stigma the twins will grow up under! The twins would be better off if the McCanns were dead.

  9. Não esqueçamos com "sobrevive" a Mãe Coragem,do Rui Pedro!
    O anónimo das 04/06/08 18:04 pode ter alguma razão quanto aos mc.Mas,acredito que nunca tomam ou tomarão.Não precisam.Por outro lado,leia :



    A Mãe do Rui não "vive".speak your mind tem toda a razão quando os casos são como os do Rui Pedro.


  10. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/7437003.stm

    ...."Seventy people have been arrested in Australia in a nationwide operation to crack down on the use of images of child sex abuse posted on the internet......."

  11. Hmmmm going on holiday? If I were the police I would track them to see WHERE they are going and WHO they are going to meet...

  12. J.M.,como vai tudo?


  13. Boas!Como vai?

    Há 1 darling triste traste a massacrar mais uma vez o PR,em respostas às duas 1ªs reflexões.

    Com força?


  14. J.M. : não tem a ver com o tema deste Blog.

    "Tenho um sonho......",Martin Luther King.

    E,eu tive um pesadelo:

    "pesadelei que alguém dissera dia da "raça" e que fizera tb. apelo às forças armadas por estarmos em perigo..."
    Tramado este pesadelo!Muito tramado!
    Juro,fiquei assustada e com medo.

  15. Joana?

    You are well, yes? I have been missing your insight and input at 3A and am wondering how you are...


  16. BOM DIA!
    "Bons olhos A vejam"!

    Tudo de bom.



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