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McCanns want evidence - 24Horas

Maddie’s parents have asked a British court to have access to documents

McCanns want evidence

Kate and Gerry want to consult the process, in order to find out everything about the sightings. The British High Court will decide

The McCanns can’t be bothered to wait for the date on which the Maddie process becomes public and have advanced a special request to the British judicial system. The request will be analysed on the 7th of July in the family section of the British High Court and essentially targets the access to documents that are related to sightings of Maddie.

According to what 24Horas was able to establish, the McCanns intend to pass the information about the sightings on to the detective agency that they hired, Spanish Metodo 3.

If the court decides that the release of said documents does not harm the investigation, it will then be the Leicestershire police that will deliver the data to the McCanns.

Until now, the police in this city – the region in central England where the couple lives – has not made any details of the process public, at the request of the Portuguese Polícia Judiciária. According to what was revealed by the site of British channel Sky News, this diligence by the McCanns was only possible because Kate and Gerry placed the case of their missing daughter under the guardianship of the High Court, which confers the judges the right to act in the child’s best interest.

Normally, this decision is made when a child is at risk, but in this case, the process was started at the request of Madeleine’s parents, several months ago.

“Leave no stone unturned”

The McCanns’ spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, has confirmed the date of the hearing to Lusa Agency (July 7) and that the couple has requested access to “certain documents”. He refused to offer any further details.

“It was always Gerry and Kate McCann’s intention to leave no stone unturned in order to do the necessary to find their daughter”, Mitchell underlined. “This request is only a part of their search for Madeleine”.

The 5-year-old girl disappeared on the 3rd of May of 2007, while sleeping in a bedroom at a hotel in Praia da Luz, Algarve, while her parents dined in the nearby Tapas Bar. Kate and Gerry McCann remain arguidos.

One year later, the Public Ministry has not produced any accusation against them.

Secrecy is ending

The McCanns’ diligence with the British justice is practically useless, because the judicial secrecy on the Maddie case will be lifted in July, according to what the Republic’s General Prosecutor himself, Pinto Monteiro, has confirmed to 24Horas (in the edition of June 17, 2008). According to the calculations that we did, at that time, it will be on the 14th of July that the process becomes public – one day before the judicial holidays.

According to what Rogério Alves, the McCanns’ lawyer, told us then, the couple is only counting on access to the process in August, which could be due to the judicial holidays – which are from July 15 until August 15. During that period, the courts function only with shift judges. Which means that only priority processes, with detained arguidos, are worked upon. “The Maddie case is not a priority”, a senior official at the Portimão court has guaranteed.


  1. The McCanns are still trying to make out they think Madeleine is out there somewhere and alive by going through this procedure in the court....if thats the case why the hell havent they done all they can to help the investigation in to her disappearance, namely returning to PDL for the reconstruction?
    I cannot believe there is anyone who has followed this story who believes a word they say about an abduction.
    I read yesterday that the McCanns have recieved death threats and have installed panic alarms at their home incase of attack...I dont care how what I say next makes me look but I hope someone does indeed attack them and torture the truth out of them, they deserve all they get.
    P.S joana will the forensic evidence and the triangulation of mobile calls between the McCanns and their friends become known when the secrecy is lifted?

  2. I have had a thought...could the fact that the McCanns have made Madeleine a ward of court be a way of gagging some of the details that will soon become known when the secrecy order is up?
    I mean the judge will act in Madeleine's best interest at all times, orders he makes will be binding legally, so if the McCanns argue certain details are not in Madeleine's interest the judge can impose a gagging order on the media preventing those details from being published.
    I would lay money on it the ward of court issue is more for the benefit of the McCanns than that of Madeleine...nothing new there, the self seeking bastards wouldnt be in this mess if they had put the needs of their children above the needs of their worthless selves.


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