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McCanns will be able to access the evidence - 24Horas

Maddie process becomes public in July

McCanns will be able to see all the evidence

From July onwards, the [Maddie case] process will stop being under judicial secrecy and can be consulted by all the interested parties.” The statement was made yesterday to 24Horas by Pinto Monteiro, the Republic’s General Prosecutor.

The most senior officer responsible for the investigations into the disappearance of the little British girl, on the 3rd of May 2007, from an apartment in Praia da Luz, near Lagos, in the Algarve, only failed to name the precise date: “I don’t know the exact day, but in July the process stops being covered by the judicial secrecy”. According to what 24Horas was able to establish, it will be on the 14th of July that the process becomes public – one day before the judicial holidays.

The prosecutor also insisted in adding that this fact will not effect the investigations. “We won’t rest until the child is found. The fact that the judicial secrecy is lifted has nothing to do with the development of the investigations”, he stated, adding: “Until there is, either from the Public Ministry or from the judicial magistracy, a decision towards an accusation or an archiving, the process will continue, and so will the mission that has been given to the Polícia Judiciária, to clarify the case”.

In practical terms it will be August

Meanwhile, Rogério Alves, the McCanns’ lawyer, does not hide his pessimism: “I’m not going to comment on the case, but the information that we have is that we will only have access to the process in August.”

He may be correct, given the fact that the judicial holidays begin on the 15th of July and end one month later. During that period, the courts work only with shift judges. Which means that only the priority processes, with detained arguidos, will be forwarded.

“The Maddie case is not a priority. There are no detained persons. There are indices of a crime of neglect and child abandonment, but that accusation can wait”, said a senior officer at the Court in Portimão, where Maddie’s disappearance is being investigated.

Deadlines have run out

The process about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is being run at the Criminal Court in Portimão. The judicial secrecy on the case expires, according to what 24Horas was able to establish, on the 14th of July, and according to the new legislation, cannot be extended any further, given the fact that such has already happened twice – 90 days each – at the request of prosecutor Magalhães e Menezes. He is one of the persons that are responsible for the investigation, which is being carried out by the PJ.

Judicial authorities that were heard by 24Horas admit that with the deadlines on the judicial secrecy running out, the general prosecutor in Évora, Luís Bilro Verão, who was nominated to direct the process, has nothing solid in his hands that will allow for the child to be traced…


  1. Is it in the P.J's favour or the McCanns favour that the secrecy will be lifted? And what information will be accesible, I mean will the forensic evidence? The disrepencies of the tapas arseholes statements?
    I am sat here crying because it is now apparant that the McCanns have gotten away with it all and will not even face neglect charges for leaving the kids.
    I was surfing the Madeleine sitews last night and came across early pictures....Madelienes 4th birthday, which was 9 days after he supposed abduction. The faces of the McCanns paints a very telling picture, the sheer happiness and enjoyment of the situation clearly evident o their worthless faces, I cried with a mixture of sadness that little Madeliene is still not afforded any dignity over one year on,Laying dumped somewhere without ceremony or acknowlegment of her tragic demise, only wept for by the likes of me..., strangers who never even knew her. The other emotion I had was rage and loathing for the McCanns and all those who protect them.
    I pray and hope with all my heart that even though they will no doubt get away with murder, literally, that they are dogged by personal misfortune and ill health for the rest of their days. I hope they are forever pointed out for the murdering bastards they are aznd that all around them and all they care for never have a days luck.
    I feel one of my "I have something to say rants coming on"and I wont be pulling any punches.

  2. thanks for your translation, astro!

  3. Charlotte,

    good to see you back:-)


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