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Mr Parsons and the Tooth Fairy – losing my faith in myths

This morning, the only piece of ‘news’ that my Google search returned about the Madeleine McCann case, was a rather smallish article by Mr Tony Parsons, published in the Mirror.

When I first realised this, I thought I was going to enjoy myself; Mr Parsons’ articles about the McCann case were traditionally big news in cyberspace, where the issue still manages to attract attention and to prompt discussion, much unlike the ‘real world’, here in Portugal, where actually nobody gives a damn, anymore.

So, I thought, an article by Mr Parsons would be good for further discussion, and to once again bring the issue of a certain British paternalism, or should we call it neo-colonialism, into the arena of public interest, prompting some of the hot arguments that have made message boards, blogs and other internet forums, a lively, interesting place to ‘be’, over the last year.

The anti-climax that followed, is hard to imagine.

It was almost as bad as finding out that the Tooth Fairy does not exist.

I mean, the Tooth Fairy was everything, to me. More than Santa Claus, more than the Easter Bunny, more than Bagman.

The Tooth Fairy was my über-hero, she was the one and only woman with real super-powers that never failed. The Margaret Thatcher of myths, is what she was to me, without the ugly hairdo. The day when I found out that the Tooth Fairy doesn’t exist, I thought I would lose my faith in humanity. From that moment on, I searched incessantly for the reliable, solid myth that would replace the Tooth Fairy in my life.

To me, Mr Parsons was almost as dependable as the Tooth Fairy. I trusted him to provide me with some of the best xenophobic attacks that I have ever seen published in the media. His skills to insult and to inflame the moods, seemed unique to me, and they never failed to hit the spot and to provoke the most extraordinary counter-attacks, feeding arguments for days in a row.

But – read his article that was published in the Mirror today, and you will surely understand what I’m saying. Go on, read it. Takes less than a minute, anyway.

4 skimpy paragraphs, of which the first can hardly be subject to controversy, leaving us with only half a dozen sentences to criticise. And even those, one would be challenged to find them anything but lame, in terms of tearing Portugal, the Portuguese and its institutions apart, Parsons-style. Calling the Polícia Judiciária ‘bungling plods’ is hardly an insult in most of the British media, it’s the norm. We’ve read much, much worse from unidentified staff writers. This is definitely not up to the standards of Mr Parsons, and I, for one, was extremely disappointed.

I will never get the Tooth Fairy back into my life, but I still hold out my hopes as far as Mr Parsons is concerned.

Or has he lost his faith, as well?


  1. Boas,Joana!

    Há Pessoas Boas e com Bom carácter.

    Há "coisas" que são muito "coisinhas"!!!!


    "...MADDIE have paid an unimaginably high price for her parent´s eating dinner 50 yards from where SHE AND THE TWINS slept ALONE(S).

    One more question for parsons_bungling plod :
    be quiet!Shut up your mouth;do not write anything more.STOP!

    We are very well without SOME uk bungling plods!


  2. Ah! E ontem estive com dificuldades na net,assim,hoje relembro que há muito foi instituido o 1º de Junho para todas as crianças-TODAS- as infelizes e as felizes; as pobres e as ricas.(Mas que há diferenças,ai isso é que há).

    Mas,Maddie e todas as crianças deste Mundo: o Vosso dia é todos os dias;é quando uma pessoa quizer.


  3. podetardarmasvaiacontecerMonday, June 02, 2008 11:24:00 pm

    IMO he simply is not willing to risk parting with any more of his personal assets now that he knows that the attorneys of some of those he attacked are on his track.


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