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Cadaver Odour in the McCanns Car and Clothes

Maddie. Final report of the PJ says that Murat is arguido because of journalist suspicion.

In a total of ten vehicles, the cadaver dogs only signalled cadaver odour and blood scent in Kate and Gerry McCann car, rented 24 days after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, on the 3rd of May of 2007, in  Praia da Luz, Algarve.

This is one of the conclusions of the final report of the PJ on the investigation that has lasted for more than one year, handed to the Public Ministry and that waits now for a decision. The Republic’s Attorney General requested the end of this month as the deadline, so that the archiving or requests for new diligences are decided.

In the first approach done by the British laboratory, the Forensic Science Service and by the Portuguese Institute of Forensic medicine, it was registered a match of Madeleine's DNA profile with some of the collected evidences in the Renault car, rented by the couple.

In a second approach, done by both Institute of Forensic medicine and the English laboratory, the final results did not corroborate the canine markings in the places and Kate and Gerry McCann clothes.

As explained yesterday in an article published by Expresso, it was a due to the mere possibility of the involvement of the couple McCann with the eventual cadaver that the PJ, in September of 2007, appointed Kate and Gerry as arguidos.

But, what exactly did the cadaver dogs detect? Cadaver's odour in the room of the couple, in a corner, next to the closet, in the living room, behind the sofa, next to the side window of the apartment, in one of the flowerbeds outside the apartment, in two pieces of clothes belonging to Kate, in Madeleine's piece of clothing, in the child’s plush and in the key of the rented car.

Odour of blood was still detected in the same key of the rented car and inside the boot of the same.

For all of these reasons, the conclusion of this case will have to be one alone: archiving. THE PJ considers that, in spite of all diligences that were done and that all investigation lines were followed, it was not possible to understand what effectively went on that night.

The same report assumes that any diligence done now will not help the discovery of the truth, regretting the fact that the reconstitution of the night of the disappearance, was not carried out as requested by the PJ at the end of May. One year after Madeleine disappeared from Praia da Luz.

Source: Diário de Notícias

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  1. I'm leaving here my answer given in the 3A's to Karmaera, I believe it is pertinent and will help you get a some insight.

    quote: karmaera wrote:
    Thank you, xklamation. I read this earlier this evening.

    Two things:

    1. It says in the above article that the second round of testing was not able to verify the markings on the McCann's clothing. Does this mean that there was corroboration in the other places (Madeleine's clothes), on the second round of testing?

    2. What is your opinion on the information that is being posted in the Portuguese press? In spite of the secrecy laws, we are being informed on what is in the files. Are these items in the press actually reflective of what is in the PJ's report?

    Karmaera: unquote

    First I wonder why? Why is the Expresso, whose editor Henrique Monteiro, in a recent article published on the 5th of this month, stated that he would lose forever is faith in humanity if the McCanns were considered guilty; pushing this case now?? Besides being an hypocrisy, I mean with children dying everyday in Africa due to the worlds politics, politicians, lords of war, and economy - shouldn't Henrique Monteiro say something else or instead shut up?

    The Expressso like Público [newspapers] have attempted and even helped the bad and vicious rumours against our very own PJ - remember that it was RR and the Público in partnership who made the question to Alípio Ribeiro in a RTP2 program - the haste question.

    Both newspapers have refrained to publish stories on this case, except when it was to prejudice the investigation and to spread the McCannized version of events. Remember that silly Paula Torres de Carvalho? She is the same Público journalist that wrote an article titled:'PJ believes in the McCanns Innocence 'which was then spread in the British Media and then in the worlds globalized media - the article was published in 26 November 2007 [PJ admite inocência do casal McCann, 26.11.2007, Paula Torres de Carvalho e Idálio Revez] and she was also the journalist who made the question to Alípio Ribeiro - who by the way could have refused to comment, but he was, as Carlos Anjos says and the ASFIC, state the worst director in the Judiciary Police ever.

    Público - I can imagine why they attacked Alípio Ribeiro as the National director of the PJ - at the time, a little bird told me that it has to do with some ongoing investigation done by the PJ to the owner of Público. The Expresso, as I have explained before, is a right wing journal in disguise, owned by our very own Berlusconni/Murdoch Media Tycoon - Mr. Balsemão, who also owns SIC TV Channel and other media outlets [and was also one of the founding fathers of the strongest opposition party - PSD (right wing)]. Attacking the credibility of the National Director of the PJ, would also put the current Minister of Justice in a delicate position and in the eyes of many, this was done as an attempt [also] to undermine the leading position of those who are on government now- PS [socialist party (left)].

    Let's also not forget how some politicians, from the opposition jumped in the 'let's blame the PJ and the PS government' bandwagon, some right wing politicians have rejoiced with Alípio's hasty comment like Nuno Melo from PP and others. Politics is a dirty game.
    About the Espresso changing their editorial giving some attention to Gonçalo Amaral departure and yesterday's article: I believe they have good sources and they are breaking the rules on the secrecy of justice in spite of possible problems with justice - right now, several media editors, journalist and journals, TV and such in Portugal are being investigated and will probably face accusations over breaking the secrecy of justice on the Casa Pia Process.

    But journalists are human, and can be wrong.

    How do we know that this is really the PJ's report? We don't know - but several journals are printing the same story...[like the DN]

    So, about the DNA testing, from what I was able to understand - there was a match to Madeleine's DNA in some evidences collected inside the rented car[boot]- these were confirmed by both labs in England and Portugal.

    The dogs felted and signalled various places and objects[the plush toy, etc..] but these were not a match to Madeleine's DNA. Either they were inconclusive [the markers story] or they were to small to give anything [the use of the Low Copy Number technique].


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