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Clarence Mitchell: The Drama Shark

Clarence Mitchell by

Eduardo Dâmaso, Deputy Chief Editor of Correio da Manhã

The McCann Family Spokesman is a shark used to the meanders of the English Politics. He knows how to use the words and chooses the moments for drama - like that hilarious moment where he allowed himself to be filmed in a supposed phone call with the couple* - and others, when the communication is serious.

Yesterday, between the drama and the seriousness he threatened the newspapers who reproduce the Book by Gonçalo Amaral with processes for slander. 'Either they are very brave or completely stupid' said Mitchell. It's not one thing or the other. In Portugal - we believe ... that we still have the freedom of expression, and, without offending anyone, we still can write and say different things from what is told by the McCanns or by Mr. Mitchell. We can still write about the doubts that an investigation raises. We can still say, I believe, that an archiving is a long way of being considered a declaration of innocence. Mr. Mitchell would like to create a 'wall of silence' over this issue but honestly that will be impossible for him to achieve. Mr. Mitchell is in fact someone who owes something to the silence. At least, that is what his status of witness, advises to - but, in that matter, the Portuguese authorities are much more generous, mainly when they are british subjects.

* that was the most odd TV moment  I ever saw - Sky News, the McCanns Favourite Channel - filming live a brown wall and a table filled with 15 microphones for 10 minutes: journalists were moving around, then there was a cut to Mitchell speaking with the McCanns on the mobile phone, back to brown wall, back to flies flying around and then finally the McCanns arrive for their final press script reading - pardon, supposed press conference with three pre arranged questions. Odd, hum?


  1. They're all pillocks of the highest order.

    I am so pleased that Goncalo has written his book and opened this can of worms and thrown down the gauntlet to these scamsters. I'm glad his book is selling well and I can't wait to get my copy when it comes out in english.

    If anyone can get the Scums to crack, it's Goncalo. He could well find himself being a hero - I hope so. He deserves the credit for bringing justice to the despicable duo - and justice for Madeleine.

    How dare our British government intervene and ruin this investigation to keep these child neglecters out of jail and muddy the Portuguese police?

    It's obscene and I don't think the Portuguese or the British people (the ones who have been following this anyway) will allow this to drop.

    We can't allow the British government to get away with this.

  2. It is beyond beyond that the pair of shits were allowing only three quetions at the interview, who the fuck do they think they are, in my book they are a pair of child killers who are inolved in paedophilia and have government officals in their pockets.
    I cant see how they can threaten to sue, because to do that they have to prove what was said was libelous, Amaral is only stating the facts.....and thanks to you Joana we are able to read them, it is then up to us to decide how we view Amarals words. It also should be up to us if we read it.....but our media is a fucking disgrace and deny us the access to the truth.

  3. I totally agree with the first two commentators. The political interference and corruption in Madeleine's tragedy is being funded by Portuguese & British taxpayers, many of whom gave money to the 'Fund' under false pretences.


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