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Documents handed over to the McCanns without informing the Attorney General - Diário de Notícias

Investigation. The British police released 81 documents from the investigation into the Maddie case to the McCann family due to a decision from the High Court in London. A fact that was not made known to the Portuguese PJ or to the Republic’s Attorney General, Pinto Monteiro

Pinto Monteiro and the PJ were not informed

The Republic’s General Attorney, Pinto Monteiro, and the Polícia Judiciária (PJ) were not warned that the McCann couple would be given access to documents that concern the investigation into their daughter’s disappearance, on the 3rd of May 2007, in Praia da Luz.

“We have no official or officious confirmation concerning which documents were allegedly handed over by the British police”, an official source from Pinto Monteiro’s press cabinet explained. The same happened to the PJ. “We had no contact with the English police and we do not know which documents will be made available to Kate and Gerry McCann”, a source from the Polícia Judiciária’s new directory confirmed.

81 documents that will be handed over by the British police to Gerry and Kate McCann are at issue, following a decision from London’s High Court. A sharing of information that neither the Attorney General, the most senior official in the investigation in Portugal, nor the PJ, which coordinates the investigation on the ground, had any knowledge about.

This is one more ‘diplomatic incident’ between Portugal and England, which now lands on the investigation into the disappearance of the British child, just over a month before the process’ judicial secrecy is lifted.

News about this sharing of information started to be spread by the British press by the end of the morning, yesterday, and tells about the delivery of 81 documents from the process – which is still covered by judicial secrecy – from a total of 11 thousand elements that were collected by the investigation. “Those are 81 potential new leads”, Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns’ spokesman, clarified, “due to the fact that they concern the days following the disappearance and that may help the investigation that is being carried out by the detectives that were hired by Kate and Gerry”, he underlined.

What is certain is that the access to these documents was accepted by a British judicial entity and after the McCann couple threatened to file a judicial action to force the police to give them access to the entire process. Yesterday, Clarence Mitchell admitted that the couple had desisted from using the courts and that they are “satisfied”.

“We want to access the process so our private detectives can use the information”, Clarence Mitchell defended last week, during a statement to Lusa agency. But the contents of said documents was not revealed.

Also last week, the PJ presented a final report that was delivered to the Public Ministry, with a list of all the diligences that were made during this investigation that has lasted for over one year.

The delivery of said report prompted news of a probable archiving of this investigation to be circulated by the press.

But the Attorney General’s Office denied that the archiving of the case had been decided, and clarified that the PJ’s final report had indeed been delivered and that is was being “the object of careful evaluation and pondering”.

“The Public Ministry will analyse and globally evaluate the entire process (that contains tens of volumes) in order to determine whether other diligences are needed or not or if the necessary and sufficient conditions have been gathered to close the inquiry and to elaborate the final dispatch”, the AG’s Office referred.

For the time being, Pinto Monteiro refuses to make any further comment about this decision from the British court.

source: Diário de Notícias, 08.07.08


  1. Hi Joana
    Here a very quick translation from SOSMadeleine:i find the whole thing very serious now
    "If indeed the Police in Leicestershire agreed to give both arguidos, Kate and Gerry McCann, documents concerning the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine, we are facing a very serious act and that calls into question, in my eyes, collaboration between police forces of both countries, "a senior official accused of the Judicial Police in statements to SMM"
    I HOPE the PJ will react to this and strongly.
    I am disgusted.Once more the PJ is trashed and over looked .....well in a sense what do you expect from people who have been "the masters of the world,having an Empire"? they still believe they are the best
    What a lot of bollocks.I am disgusted and on the verge to do something extremely radical.
    Hasta luego

  2. The 81 files out of 11,000 which the McCanns accepted instead of fighting were the "sightings and witness" that the McCanns garnered through their appeals to the public and which they insisted the Leicestershire police investigated- rather ironic if thats all that was handed over. The McCanns spun this to represent a victory. LOL, The tide is turning and everyday pinky is looking more desperate. He is already going to hell- hopefully he'll pass through a nice prison cell on the way through.
    Best wishes Plainwaters

  3. Its bloody disgracefull the way the McCanns are manipulating the situation and they have been from day one.
    something is stinking here, I laways thought the investigation would be corrrupted and it sems I ws right.
    Two named suspects making demands regarding the evidence....you couldnt make it up!
    I hope the Portuguese know the vats majority of bristish citizens want to see justice in this case and we are looking to them to call in to question the validity of the judge allowing the McCanns files without their consent or approval!


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