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English in Portimão to defend secrecy - Correio da Manhã

‘CM’ reveals – 15 of the 19 genetic markers found

English want secrecy

The McCanns want to hide the data from the Birmingham laboratory

One magistrate and two policemen, including Stuart Prior, responsible for the connection with the PJ, were at the Court in Portimão yesterday, trying to convince the Public Ministry prosecutor Magalhães e Menezes not to release the entire process of the disappearance of Madeleine from the judicial secrecy. One of the situations that the English want is that the preliminary report from the Birmingham lab, which mentions that “15 of the 19 genetic markers that were found in a residue that was collected from the couple’s car’s boot, are a match [with the missing child]” is not made public. Their pretention was denied.

Also the residues that were collected behind the sofa, according to the first report, “coincide with the corresponding components in the DNA profile of Madeleine McCann”, which led the Portuguese police and also the English liaison officer to fundament their suspicions that the child died between 5.30 p.m. and 10 p.m. at the Ocean Club, in Praia da Luz, and that the body was transported in the car that was rented by the parents 22 days later.

With the lifting of the judicial secrecy next week, some of those documents may be made public. CM knows that the fundaments of the preliminary report, allied to the elements that were collected by the investigation in the meantime, led the authorities onto the path of the parents as suspects of the child’s death. Kate and Gerry McCann later alleged that there were no indicia against them, but another report, signed by Mark Harrisom, the English policeman who was assigned to help the Portuguese authorities, also peremptorily stated that the little girl was dead. The English officer even admitted the possibility that the body of little Madeleine had been thrown into the sea, and equally defended the potentialities of the sniffer dogs, that are experts in detecting odours of cadaver and blood.


Extracted from the hair. Madeleine McCann’s DNA was extracted from several residues that were collected at the apartment. Among them, hair that was found on the little girl’s brush and also saliva that was collected from the pillow.

19. In Portugal, the collection of 19 genetic markers is demanded for the determination of paternity. But in other countries, like the USA, only 12 are demanded.

15. On the residues that were collected from the rented car’s boot after the disappearance, 15 genetic markers that are identical to Madeleine were found.

Traces of a crime

Two dogs that are specially trained to assist in criminal investigation detected cadaver odour in the McCanns’ bedroom, in the living room, on Kate’s clothes, on the little girl’s soft toy and on the car key, as well as blood traces in the car boot and in the apartment’s living room.

Theoretical contamination possible

The second report from the English lab, which was sent after the child’s relatives were made arguidos, raises theoretical doubts that end up annulling the first conclusions.

The technicians say that if the residues that were collected are from one single source, then they belong to Madeleine. But if they were contaminated with DNA from Kate or Gerry (who present genetic resemblances because they are the biological parents), they may not belong to the child. Apart from that, according to the experts, the obtained results are so complex that they do not allow for an absolute reading.

British technique can be verified

The technique that was used by the English experts to verify the residues that were collected from the McCanns’ apartment and car is one of the most sophisticated in the world.

It is used in that country and in the United States because it allows for the extraction of DNA profiles from very tenuous residues, by augmenting the amplification cycles. Due to the fact that it demands for very expensive material, and leads to results that are difficult to decode, this technique has not earned followers in Europe yet.

In these reports, which were sent to the Polícia Judiciária months apart from each other, the authorities start by explaining the technique that is used, and state that they used a reference DNA sample from Madeleine McCann. That sample was obtained from “saliva stains that existed on the pillowcase”.

DNA from the rest of the family was also verified, because they contain similar genetic markers and to avoid any confusion with the results.

Throughout the 22 pages of the report, which was signed by the same expert in both cases, it is frequent for the specialist in Microbiology and Biochemistry to admit that the complexity of the obtained data does not allow for a correct reading.

Nevertheless, the laboratory has duplicated the residues, a fact that makes it possible for the same results to be contradicted by the Portuguese Forensic Medicine experts.

According to what our newspaper was able to establish, some questions are still in the air and the foreseen archiving on Monday is certainly not going to clarify them. Namely the motive for the test results to have taken several months to be made known to the authorities, and having been altered in such a substantial manner.

It should also be referred that separate tests were made afterwards, which originated other reports – they all continued to be inconclusive.

Gerry is the father

The possibility, which was advanced by a Portuguese newspaper, was never under investigation. Gerry is Maddie’s and the twins’ biological father, according to what the genetic profiles of the family members were able to confirm.

Murat Compensation – Murat is going to receive 757 thousand euros from British newspapers that recognized yesterday that they had published defamatory and false news about him.

Archiving Evidence – The archiving of the process, which is due to be announced on Monday, does not mean that the case is going to be buried. It may be reopened if new evidence appears.

McCanns Arguidos - If there is no final dispatch, Kate and Gerry remain as arguidos. Today, Robert Murat also maintains the same status.

source: Correio da Manhã, 18.07.2008, paper edition


  1. Assuming that what Correio da Manha is reporting is true, the motivation to prevent these facts from being released to the public could be:

    The McCann team were privy to the Birmingham lab results and they don't want any information to get out that not only raises suspicions but indicates that the girl is dead; this would be detrimental to any future fund raising campaigns.

    If there is evidence that the Birmingham lab backtracked on their findings, the reputation and credibility of the Birmingham lab would be tarnished.

    I believe the case file must be made public to show the public that there was just cause to make the couple Arguidos. If the case file is not made public: some people will believe that the couple is being protected while others will conclude that the PJ don't want the public to know that there was no evidence.
    I still am not clear as to whether forensic tests were performed in Portugal.

  2. ..."Their pretention was denied...."

    Que seja real.

    E que a ...."Mark Harrisom, the English policeman ..." , nada lhe aconteça.Que mantenha! Seja vertical! Assuma,nem que tenha de se demitir.Pela Maddie.

    Joana,toda a Força do Mundo para Si!

    Tem tantos apoios! Força!

  3. I've just finished catching up and on Astro's translation of todays CdM in the 3 A's there were some silly posters as per usual. I commented and left my message to this guy.

    honestbroker wrote:
    From Mary Poppins2:

    Thanks as always astro... it really is a pleasure to read the translations after facing the reality of the front pages of the British papers, - particulaly today's Sun!!!

    Astro has rendered an excellent translation of utter tripe -- while The Sun (which I don't actually rate as a paper) has, on this occasion, got it bang on right imho!

    Xklamation - me JM:
    You must be joking about the crappy Sun (the tit's tabloid) - or maybe it's just what you wish - the McCanns to be free from their responsibility as 39 year old parents who neglected their 3 children under the age of four and who committed a criminal offence according to our CPP - Portuguese Penal Code, and who might, as suspected by the Judicial Police, killed Madeleine McCann in an accident and occulted her body.

    The same horrible man and woman who have used every illegal and legal resources to stop Justice, the same woman and man who were seen laughing, care-free, jogging, sun bathing and walking in the beach as if nothing had happened - who does that? What morals, what values do you have if you believe this so called parents (and the other tapas friends) who left their children alone at night and, as stated by them, in an unlocked apartment to go out drinking, should not face justice in a court of law after denying their 3 children the right of protection? The right to grow up, to be loved, to be a a woman,to be a mother herself.

    Ethically the McCanns were wrong in leaving their children alone, if they have played a big fraud on the worlds globalized society it was with no doubt with the help of the British Media, who saw this tragic story as a convenient way to sell more newspapers, more publicity, more shares - and that was done independently of the journalists deontological code, they knew what they were printing was incorrect and was not in accordance of the PCC - the entity who should provide media regulation and failed miserably in this case. Attacks to people to destroy their carriers and character assassinations were the rule of thumb used by all the British Media.

    Xenophobia and pompous racism, a quality of the British islanders who are ignorant, who do not read, and who have disgust [read fear] for everything foreign, were the keys hammered by the McCann's propaganda man, Clarence Mitchell - and by others who were accomplice in playing that tune over and over again. May I add I lived in London, in different areas and I've seen the Ghettos and saw the way of how social classes work - luckily I as a blonde woman could pass as an American/British, but others who where there suffered of violent racism from people who should know better - take a look how many young people have been stabbed and how many are white in comparison?

    Back to the subject of the Sun, and the failure of the British Media in reporting facts instead of fiction - you might want to believe what they print or tell you on the TV but I assure you, as a fellow citizen, as a woman who as nothing to gain from this situation [actually I've been target of lies spreaded about me in a pinky forum by a rosiepops avatar] as I was saying I assure you they are just playing with you, manipulating your emotions, fears, they just want to sell, make money, and do not care for a little girl named Madeleine as much as they did not cared for Mari Luz - which was just a girl without a name, just another girl used in their guerrilla tactics to sell the McCanns- the biggest media story. So many have profited from this girl's face, news corporations like Rupert Murdoch worldwide company NewsCorporation; the parents who sold Madeleine as a trademark to use on T-shirts, on bracelets, on silly merchandising; the same parents who a few days after Madeleine disappeared set up the fraude of a non charitable fund stating it would be used to help other children after and if Madeleine was found alive and was used in their house mortgage and a luxurious way of living, the News of the World scam reward, the abuse of the children who deserved their innocence but had to face Madeleine tragedy when reading Harry Potter or watching the movie Shreck, the opportunism of celebrities who do everything to be in the media spotlight even defend the indefensible, the baby gone delay, the Ophra interview, the vanity fair interview: it's all about money and status NOT about Madeleine...

    I could go on and on with all the aspects that seem to be out of place, the dirty aspects, the strange connections, the parent's vile attitudes who almost induced me to the point of vomiting - I am glad that my mother and father took so well care of me, I'm glad they taught me the meaning of justice, ethics and of morality because, none of these people who have sold and bought Madeleine's tragedy as a commoditie for their own specific agendas deserve compassion, pity, understanding for their actions - they are all equally guilty, they have no honour, they are thiefs of Madeleine memory, they are all derranged and unscrupulous.

    Maybe you see yourself in the distorted mirror created by these people but I don't and articles like the following from the Sun deserve nothing more than my utter disbelief and rejection.

    http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/ne ... 438976.ece

    McCanns are no longer suspects


    Published: Today
    KATE and Gerry McCann’s torment as suspects in their daughter’s disappearance will end on Monday – but with the fresh hell of Portuguese cops scrapping the search for little Madeleine.

    The couple will be officially told there is NOTHING to implicate them, The Sun can reveal.

    Their status as “arguidos” – or suspects – will formally be lifted. But 14 months after Maddie vanished on holiday their greater nightmare will go on.

    Blundering cops will reveal they have NO clue whatsoever to what happened to the youngster. And after a fruitless probe costing millions the case will effectively be CLOSED.


    The shock move emerged a day after Portugal’s attorney general Fernando Pinto Monteiro vowed: “The Maddie case will have a solution on Monday.”

    Sources close to the police inquiry revealed to The Sun the “solution” is to give up on the investigation.

    Lawyers for the McCanns – named suspects ten months ago and dogged by wild official leaks alleging DNA evidence linked them – will be given access to the case files.

    A source at the attorney general’s office told The Sun: “It is incredible. There have been absolutely no breakthroughs.”

    Madeleine was three when she is feared to have been snatched from her family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz.

    But an agonising 441 days on, doctors Kate and Gerry, both 40 from Rothley, Leics, face the horror of learning the investigation is back to square one.

    Expat Robert Murat, 34, last night remained a suspect, but wants his arguido status lifted shortly.

    The McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “All Kate and Gerry want is to be allowed to keep looking for their daughter and this weight of guilt by association removed from their shoulders.”


    Victims of the cops


    Ex-Flying Squad Commander

    DECENT people following the mysterious disappearance of Madeleine McCann wept at the anguish of parents Kate and Gerry and prayed for an end to their suffering.

    They conducted themselves with such dignity and composure in public and did everything in their power to keep the case alive.

    It is a tribute to their resourcefulness that this was a major story for more than a year — worldwide. Little Madeleine must be the best known child on this planet.

    But the response of the Portuguese police was to make them arguidos and conduct a vicious sniping campaign by leaking apocryphal stories to the Portuguese media.

    The tragedy of this investigation is that the police were woefully slow off the mark and wasted valuable time and resources in trying to find the answers within the family.

    How completely wrong they were.

    It was painfully obvious from day one that Madeleine had been taken by an intruder and probably by someone who had been watching the McCanns and their friends.


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