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Former Co-Ordinator of the PJ Launches ‘Maddie’ Before the Secrecy of Justice is Lifted

Book launches CONTROVERSY

Gonçalo Amaral says that his book can help to discover the truth

Gonçalo Amaral, removed of the inquiry, guarantees that the book does not compromise the current investigation

The much anticipated book “Maddie, the Truth of the Lie” [Maddie, a Verdade da Mentira], of the former co-ordinator of the PJ Gonçalo Amaral, is going to be presented in a week, in Lisbon, but the launch, before the secrecy of justice is lifted -predicted  for middle of August - is creating controversy. Amaral, retired since the beginning of the month, guarantees that, “in no circumstance the book compromises the current investigation or the work of the colleagues of the Judiciary Police”. And “the decision of launching ‘Maddie’ at this time is not mine, but of the publisher”, he said, in declarations to 24horas.

In his turn, Mário Sena Lopes, editor of Guerra e Paz, the publishing company of the former SIC director Manuel Fonseca, that now publishes “Maddie, the Truth of the Lie”, said to 24horas that he “does not make any declarations till the day 24”, when the book of the former co-ordinator of the PJ will be presented by former PJ General Director Marques Vidal. This one when contacted by 24horas, did not want to comment: "Put there that I, to the customs, said nothing” [translators note:"E aos costumes disse nada" is the title of a book by David Mourao-Ferreira, it means something like: "Put there that I, as per usual, said nothing”]. He only revealed that he was reading the proofs and going on the page 109.

Professional secrecy

But, besides the secrecy of justice, which includes for the time being the Maddie case, Gonçalo Amaral risks, with this book, another secret: the professional. “I am not bothered”, he assured. For this secrecy there are different opinions. According to Francisco Moita Flores, former PJ inspector, well known criminalist and current Mayor of Santarém, “Gonçalo Amaral is only obliged to the secrecy of justice”. Also the former PJ inspector Paulo Pereira Cristóvão, author of the books “Star of Joana” [Estrela de Joana] and “Maddie's Star” [Estrela de Maddie] states that “the professional secrecy is only violated when the official reveals specific techniques of the investigation, which deserve the whole reserve”. Besides, “in the case of a retired investigator, if proved and substantiated, the violation of the secrecy is punished by a financial fine”.

Gonçalo Amaral, 48 years, was removed of the investigation of the case Maddie, for a crime of opinion. “I understood, then, that it was time to do my public defence and asked immediately the retirement in order to reacquire the plenitude of my freedom of expression”, affirmed the former co-ordinator, according to whom “this book has the greater purpose to contribute to the discovery of the material truth and the achievement of justice”.

Source: 24Horas


  1. I think it is a grave mistake for the book to be published and sold before the case is officially opened to the public. This will undermine the perception of Amaral's professionalism and make it look like he is a willing partner with the publisher to make as much money as possible, regardless of the consequences to the case or his own credibility. I understand the publisher's natural desire to maximize profits, but if Amaral is a man of conscience, he should strenuously object to this premature publication date, even if he cannot control it.

    If it is true that the early release of the book would not compromise the investigation, then what value does the contents of the book have, I wonder. Even Amaral cannot be absolutely certain that the case will be archived. Why would he want the primary suspects in the case to be provided with the details of the evidence from the investigation in advance of possible charges?

    I am puzzled by this turn of events and hope that my faith in Mr. Amaral has not been misplaced.

  2. It's not very sure whether the files, once shelved, will be disclosed to the public. For privacy reasons even some documents could be destroyed.

  3. Hi Joana...do you know how long it will be before the book is translated to english?
    Response toJolie, I am sure the McCanns already know wherethey fucked up and what pointed to their guilt, the book makes no difference to them because the bastards are off with it scott free with or without the book.


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