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Former Portugal President believes that if the Suspicions in Amaral's Book are true the McCanns Process should be Re-Opened

Jorge Sampaio, the former President of the Republic of Portugal believes that if the suspicions presented in Amaral's book are true they should have been used to reopen the process and not to write a book.

With the process archived and the controversy in the bookshops, the case Maddie keeps on causing  several reactions. The most recent comes from the former president of the Republic.

Jorge Sampaio does not confirm if he already read or intends to read the book of Gonçalo Amaral, but he confessed that he is surprised with another one of the protagonists of this case.

The national former director of the Judiciary Police considered the archiving of the case to be hasty, but before, still at the commands of the Judiciary he used the same word, haste, to classify one of the high moments of the investigations.

Jorge Sampaio joins now the chorus of criticism to Alípio Ribeiro.

Source: TVI

SIC News: Jornal da Noite 25-07-2008

Alípio Ribeiro had a "unacceptable attitude" said Jorge Sampaio. The former president harshly criticizes the statements made by the former PJ director.


  1. Muito bem,DR. Jorge Sampaio.Falou claro,mesmo muito claro e contra todas as hipocrisias.


    Bom dia,todos os dias!

  2. Pois é,Dr. Jorge Sampaio se o que está escrito no Processo ( e no livro) realmente o caso deveria ser reaberto.Mas,como estava implícito que não aconteceria,foi a publicação do livro de G.A. que está finalmente a estimular acções;opiniões;actos-positivamente.


  3. Too late, mate.

    What else was supposed to happen when our government was doing all in its power to muddy this investigation? Was it just supposed to be swept under the carpet with the finger forever pointed at the PJ for messing up the investigation and so the McScams could carry on collecting money to pay off their mortgage?

    I think not.

    If you can't get justice via the legal system then you become forced to try other methods.

    Maddie deserves it.

    Good on you, Mr Amaral, for having the guts to get this controversy out into the open!

  4. Dear Joana,
    I hank you very much for your blog. Leaving in France where many english people goes to holyday, I'am affraid to think what happens for my country if Mccanns do in France what they do in your country. So I anderstand what you feel.
    Too much arrogance, to much contempt, to much greed, too much political interference, how portugese poeple accepts this from his own goverment?
    Can I ask you to put on Youtube the "devastating" video of the Maddy's father laughing near the window on may 2007 the 4th?
    I want to keep it on my own PC to remember the poor little girl, and I can't find this video on internet.
    Go on, you’re wright.

    Dear Joana,
    Muito obrigado por seu blog. Viver em França, onde muitas pessoas terão férias Inglês I'am medo de pensar o que está acontecendo ao meu país, se Mccanns fazer em França o que estão fazendo em seu país, e eu compreendo o que você sente.
    Demasiada arrogância, um lote de desprezo, a ganância de muitas, demasiadas interferências políticas, como as pessoas aceitam Português?
    Posso pedir-lhe para colocar no YouTube "devastador" vídeo de Maddy O pai de rir perto da janela, em maio de 2007, o 4 º?
    Gostaria de mantê-lo no meu PC para lembrar o pobre garota, e eu não posso encontrar o vídeo na Internet.
    Vá em frente, você está certo.

  5. Hello Anonymous from France,
    the video is already there the title is "Tapas Cook Breaks Silence and talks about the McCanns" and the link is http://www.youtube.com/

    merci beaucoup

  6. The alleged comments made by a 'lady' with paedophillia inferences in respect of David Payne were obviously considered by PJ on receipt in January 2008. They undoubtedly remained on file and were examined by the person who deemed it appropriate to archive the case.

    Reports of one or two of the Tapas group breaking their silence with PJ coincide with the time the lurid comments were reportedly sent to PJ. An act of vengeance by McCann mechanics ?


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