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General State Prosecutor says that “Maddie Case” is still being evaluated

The General Prosecution Office has announced, this Tuesday, that the process of the so-called “Maddie case”, the English girl that disappeared in the Algarve, is still being evaluated, and no decision has been issued into the direction of an archiving.

In a communication, the General Prosecution Office refers that the final report from the Polícia Judiciária has been handed over and that it will “be the object of careful evaluation and pondering”.

“The Public Ministry will proceed to globally analyse and evaluate the entire process (which contains tens of volumes) in order to determine whether other diligences are to be demanded or the necessary and sufficient conditions have been gathered to close the inquiry and to elaborate the final dispatch”, the Prosecution Office refers.

Within the same note, the Prosecution Office also refers that the process remains under judicial secrecy until mid-August.

Meanwhile, questioned by journalists, the Justice minister, Alberto Costa, did not want to comment on the matter, merely stating that “the process is under judicial secrecy”.

Just like the minister, the joint Director of the PJ, Pedro Carmo, did not wish to comment on the process, underlining that the PJ “is at the disposal” of the Public Ministry.

Source : TSF
Translation by Astro


  1. Viva,Joana.Seja bem aparecida porque da nossa parte é sempre um prazer sentir que continua por aqui.

    Tenhamos esperança,ainda.O P.G.R. mesmo que chegue às mesmas conclusões da P.J. poderá acrescentar mais alguns aspectos.E o HOMEM não é de ficar calado.

    ALL THE BEST,Joana.

  2. Obrigada Shu, estive um pouco ausente com alguns 'probleminhas' de conectividade ao virtual. Estou de volta, e já não era sem tempo;) bjns

    O Senhor procurador Magalhães e Menezes é um homem integro, e espero que aplique a justiça devida a este caso. Justiça pela Madeleine, claro, doa a quem doer.

  3. The McCann's lawyers are to appear in court to try to convince a judge to let them have access to police files. Now we have a couple of Portuguese papers proclaiming that the case will be archived and of course this favourable news to the McCanns is quickly publicized by English media sources. Call me cynical but I find the timing of these events suspicious. I'm sure the lawyers representing the McCanns will use this news to strengthen their case to have access to the files. The question I have is: would a journalist be tempted to write an unsubstantiated story if the money was right?


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