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Gonçalo Amaral Admits That Investigators Protected the McCanns

By Marisa Rodrigues

For the first time since he began to talk publicly about the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, Gonçalo Amaral, the co-coordinator of the investigation, analyses his own responsibilities in the closing of the case and in the unrolling of all the work of the Judiciary Police.

Of the pressures and constraints that they were anticipating, more than feeling, of the virtually unlimited autonomy in the carrying out of the diligences and even in the mistakes that he himself now assumes to have committed, particularly the group of investigators initial decision to show precaution with everything that concerned Kate and Gerry McCann. [translator note: in the book the investigators did not want to raise suspicions over the parents at such an early stage, they preferred to exhaust all the leads that could support the thesis alleged and pressured by the McCanns and friends - obviously nothing supported that theory and the investigation had to follow other hypothesis – as we all know, when Mr. Gonçalo Amaral was trying to pursue other leads he was removed from the case].

For fear of the reaction of public opinion. Today, he would not agree with decisions that he helped the group of investigators to take. In the book " Maddie, The Truthof The Lie " he does not say everything that he knows. A second book is not out of question.'

Jornal de Notícias | Who has pressured the Judiciary Police (PJ) so that it could not advance with diligences?

Gonçalo Amaral | The pressures were immediately felt in the morning following the disappearance of the girl. The British consul in the Algarve went to the Judiciary Police to find out about the investigation, which is not abnormal. Shortly afterwards, it was the turn of the ambassador to go there. It is not a normal proceeding with all the English subjects. At least, I had never assisted a similar situation.

But were you prevented from advancing with the diligences that had been planned?

To me no one told me “do not do it". If that had happened the “broth would pour over” [Portuguese idiomatic expression meaning it would be over the top]. There my participation in that investigation would have ended. But we felt constrained.

In what way?

Notice. Soon after the visit of the ambassador, an announcement goes out referring the thesis of abduction.

Was it the ambassador who pressured the PJ?

It was not that what I said. The pressure was felt in the team of investigators. When, in the heart of the group, if it was discussed the realisation of a determined diligence there was always someone who would say “oh, oh, we have to be careful ".


I am not going say names. If in the book I was careful to never give names, I am not going to do that now. It is one of those things that are kept. But in the group there were seven, eight, ten persons taking part, between co-ordinators, directors … When the question of the necessity of doing a determined diligence was raised, everything was discussed, namely, which was the importance, the objective that was wanted to accomplish and which were the consequences. And when there were issues that needed us to come even more near to the couple and the group of friends, one was careful for them not to be considered suspects so soon at that time, to prevent them of being accused in the public opinion, face to the existing media pressure.

Are you saying that the PJ itself decided to protect them. Why so many precautions? It’s natural to have suspects in a criminal investigation.

Because, at that time we would have been crucified in the public opinion.

You were afraid of the media pressure…

No. We felt what was necessary to treat them with ‘tweezers’ [sic - Portuguese idiomatic expression meaning with thoughtfulness]. I recognise what we were mistaken.

If you believed in the accidental death thesis and in the parents involvement what was the reason for you not to insist that determined diligences were done?

At the time when the arguments against were suggested they were considered valid for the whole group. It was the group itself that said "let us not go there".

If you didn’t agree why didn’t you close the door? It was your image, while co-ordinator, that was in question.

Those were not times for rebellions. I always worked in group. If the arguments were valid, one had to respect them.

Even without agreeing with them?

At the time I agreed because I considered them to be valid. Perhaps now, at a distance, I do not agree. (...)

Source: Jornal de Notícias   27 July 2008

Gonçalo Amaral and Hernâni Carvalho on TVI at 12:30 am

There were several questions done to Mr. Gonçalo Amaral regarding the book 'Maddie, The Truth of the Lie"'. Contradictions in the case were explained, also possible reasons for the simulation of kidnapping and hiding of the body were advanced. Several aspects were covered relative to the dogs and their findings and were showed on the diagram done by Correio da Manhã, which also appears in the book. I will focus on the main and more pertinent aspects of what I have heard.

Diagram and Dogs

Regarding the diagram there are a few mistakes: for example, the sofa should be under the left window, there, exactly at the middle of the window, human blood and cadaver scent was found. The window in the twins and Maddie's bedroom who is signalled in the diagram with a dog is wrong - the cadaver scent was found outside in the small garden or backyard on the opposite side of the apartment. Trough investigation no one died in that apartment previous to that day, so the scent and blood who have a partial match to the genetic profile of Madeleine give the conviction that she was the one that died there. The closet in the McCanns bedroom was big enough to hide a corpse inside.

Jane Tanner Incongruences and Kate Finger Prints


When Jane gave her statement, she explained that she saw a man carrying a child, but she and some of the tapas witnesses failed to see the window of Maddie's bedroom open, which was the alleged window used by the alleged kidnapper to take Maddie. First problem is that Jane Tanner was never seen at the hour and minutes, and place that Gerry McCann, who said that was coming out the apartment and Jeremy Wilkins, both who have stated that never saw her. Second incongruence is that the window was cleaned in the previous day by the Ocean Club employees, and the only finger prints(thumb and middle finger) that was there was the one of Kate and it was evident through the position of the prints that the window was opened from the inside, to the left. Kate McCann stated that she never touched the window.

Gordon Brown and the existence of Political Pressures

The British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown called to the Police Counterpart of Mr.Gonçalo Amaral in Leicester to warn him that Gonçalo Amaral was removed.  Gonçalo Amaral was only given notice of his 'removal' from the case two hours after this call was made.

Madeleine's Right Arm and the Strange Mark

The issue was raised by Mr. Hernâni Carvalho. Madeleine's right arm has a strange mark, a mark which, according to what Mr. Carvalho has learned with Doctor Natália Vara, a forensic psychologist is not a sun burn - in that case more parts of her body would show signs of sun burnings and has the signs of a hard slap or similar. The point here, is that interviews were made to the baby sitters at the Ocean Club crèche and none of them remembers this very visible mark in Madeleine's arm, there wasn't any statement from the parents regarding this fact. Therefore, the conclusion is that this was made after 17:30, after the parents picked Maddie from the crèche on the 3rd of May 2007.

This issue and the montage of other pictures (photoshoped images) was raised in several forums and by Mr. Tony Bennet and you can read more about his findings in The Truth For Madeleine

On the Side

A question regarding the Tapas Friends and how many people were seating at the table dining when the girl disappeared was done to Gonçalo Amaral, he stated: 'It is not Known.'

The dispatch of the archival of the process has 140 pages. Since there are no longer jurisdictional problems the neglect case can be tried in the UK.

Note: this  notes were taken from the morning TVI Talk show in a section called 'Crime, He Said.'


  1. Been waior this all morning...nothing new, we know here was pressuer rought to bare and we know the pressure was immediately on.
    Second book eh? Amaral has not written all he knows////First time i have thought hang on Amaral is out to make money, thats not to say he isnt telling the truth, I believe all he says, just disappointed he is making it in to a series of books.

  2. This is an example of Mr. Amaral's honesty by accepting some of the blame for how the investigation unfolded.

    Something did occur to me when I read some of the summarized excerpts of his book on another blog, about the investigators who were concerned about the twin children's sleeping through all the commotion of the evening of May 3 and wondering then if they had been sedated. They didn't ask for hair or other samples then for testing so as not to alert the parents or the media, etc., that the parents were suspected. How simple it could have been if the investigators would have hypothesized to the parents, et al., about the intruder(s) drugging the children and out of concern for them and to explore the full possibilities of what occurred to the children that night, it was important to test for drugs.

    Also, if there was worry that something could have happened to Madeleine because of an overdose, shouldn't they have actually taken the children to the hospital for exams to see if they were in danger? Shouldn't they have woken up those children immediately to find out if they knew where Madeleine had gone to? (in the event that she had wandered off instead of other scenarios) Or if they had seen anyone in the apartment?

    Yes, the investigators did make mistakes. However, we also read that the forensic testing results on this case may have been sabotaged by UK authorities and that samples of hair found in the boot of the McCanns' rental car were never returned to the PJ by the FSS laboratory, as requested. Even if the PJ had requested the children be medically checked out initially, it is possible that there would have been interference with either the tests or the results.

  3. Sometimes publishers will only take an author on if there is the promise of another book. Sometimes it is the publisher who calls the shots. The author only gets a percentage of the sales so the publisher will want to make money too.

    Besides Goncalo may have felt he couldn't tell everything in the first book because the investigation hadn't been shelved when the book was finished.

    I give him the benefit of the doubt. If there's more to tell, then he should tell it.

    For what's happened to him, I don't blame him for wanting to have his say or to make a few bob in the process.

    All power to him I say. People don't have to buy the book do they?

    This sorry tale needs to be told.

  4. I think it was in June of last year that I saw Gerry McCann being interviewed by a reporter on TV. The reporter said to him, "You realise in cases such as these the parents are considered suspects." Gerry replied, "I fully expect that Kate and I will be investigated by the police, if they didn't investigate us they wouldn't be doing their job." In another blog I commented that the biggest mistake the Portuguese police had made was worrying about offending the English and thus not tackling the case the way any police force normally would. When Mr. Amaral refers to the public I assume he is referring to primarily the British public. As we all know from the countless English media
    transmissions and publications the English had no qualms about offending the Portuguese.
    We are told that Mr. Brown was aware of Mr. Amarals dismissal two hours before Mr. Amaral was actually dismissed. If this is indeed true, what more evidence does anyone need to indicate that Mr. Brown was up to his neck in this crap. This kind of statement would launch an inquiry in most countries, because it appears that not only was justice undermined but so was the country's sovereignty.

  5. This case is certainly getting more sinister and disgusting by the day.

    And now there's the recognition also that Maddie was probably slapped... or similar.

    I cannot begin to imagine what that little girl must have gone through.

    Poor Maddie. She's been so badly let down. She will never know how much many people care about what happened to her - but the most saddening thing is that she must have felt her own parents didn't care.

    How sad to think that she is most likely in a better place now, away from what might well have been abuse. Abused by at least two doctors who are trained to look after people. And who were protected from facing their own justice by our unelected Prime Minister.

    Who the hell is there left to trust in this godforsaken country?

    Mr Brown, Maddie was just 3 years old for christ's sake. You've got a kid around that age yourself! What possible reason is there for you to deny justice for her?

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. cant stop thinking about the tennis ball picture of Madeleine,tried to read in#t via the link but could not find it.
    Is this then the last picture of Madeleine? Or is it a picture taken the same day because if it is, her hair is curly, the pool shot thought to be the last picture of her her hair is straight, she also looks mor e baby like in the pool shot.
    There is something heart breaking about the tennis ball picture, the way ehr legs are all knock kneed, she looks all awward and gangly, it really upsets me.
    I am going to have to stop following this story soon because it is affecting me badly, I look here first thing everyday and on and off throughout the day, it is depressing e#me and I am always not far from tears.
    I wish there was something more than blogging to do but nothing done is going to change the fact that she is dead and waiting to be found.

  8. Why the fuck was Gordon Brown discussing Amaral being taken off the case two hours before Amaral was removed an before Amaral even knew of it.
    Joana this is a serious question can you not get a petition up and running to petition Gordon Brown for answers to this and more?
    I would but am not p.c literate enough.
    I am game to demonstrate to ring Madeleines plight to the attention of thos who have no idea.
    If it wasnt for knowing of this site and the 3A's I would be clueless too.

  9. It is so sad to me,remember all the facts since the beggining! Poor Maddie.(about truth)
    It is so sad to see that before we feel distroubled and emotioned people about M. Now? Fear,no?

    So sad.

  10. Sure : people don't have to buy the book (those who echoed Clarence M. could have been the first to buy...).
    Guerra wrote "We are told that Mr. Brown was aware of Mr. Amarals dismissal two hours before Mr. Amaral was actually dismissed. If this is indeed true, what more evidence does anyone need to indicate that Mr. Brown was up to his neck in this crap. This kind of statement would launch an inquiry in most countries, because it appears that not only was justice undermined but so was the country's sovereignty."
    Effectively this is quite a serious topic that requires either confirmation or denial. What about the justice independance ?

  11. If paedophillic aspertions/allegations reported about David Payne are true, the police are legally bound to notify Social Services to ensure proper protection for the twins welfare. Findings will undoubtedly result in the twins being made Wards of Court along with their deceased sister.

    Or is it simply more Mitchell spin and vengeance ? Is David Payne being slated in the media for breaking ranks ? Goncalo says in his book that the report arrived long after his departure and coincided with news reports of one or two of the Tapas group breaking their silence. David's mother reportedly did not leave the table during Kate's 'performance' on the night of 3 May or join in the 'search'.

    Time will tell ....

  12. Given the Government's deep involvement in this case, all FSS results were undoubtedly carefully monitored. FSS has a legal duty to pass all results to the police. Goncalo's frustration with apparent police inefficiency is understandable. However, they were clearly being overridden by Government officials.

    The efficiency of British Police is confirmed by swift results in parallel cases, especially Shannon Matthews, despite the family withholding critical information.

    The Government has been playing our police against PJ, both of whom have legal duties to the victim in this case. Alarming and damning behaviour in a democracy.

  13. speak you mind I understand your feeling very well, I myself after reading and while reading the book written by Mr. Amaral was left in a very depressed state, for two days I entered in shock and disgust at what is implied in the words not written and what the real facts are, as described by Mr. Amaral.

    Indeed there are and there were backstage figures who did everything in their power to prevent the allied Anglo-Portuguese Investigation from getting the Truth of what happened to Madeleine McCann.

    I don't know why.

    I can only speculate and share with you what I read in Portuguese and translate here in the blog, to try understand the whys, the hows and the whos.

    But unless the investigation reopens and all leads and hypothesis are followed without interference, this time with the full cooperation of the British authorities and without the politicians, parents, spokespersons, British media meddling and creating diversionary tactics to prevent and pervert the course of Justice she will never rest at peace and no one will ever know why wasn't real Justice and Truth for Madeleine done.

    Why was a girl of just three years old abandoned(and her brother and sister of two)... What was her blood and fluids doing in the apartment, in the parents car... Who did it...Her name was Madeleine and she deserves Justice.

    “In memoriam”

  14. PJ's diplomacy was taken as a sign of weakness by the British Government.

    Illegally withholding forensic results and samples confirms the level of political corruption in this case. Hair samples would prove medicaments administered. PJ were well within their rights to redress it ... leave the arguida status in place until the samples were handed back to PJ for their own analysis.

    The death of an innocent child is a matter for the police and forensic scientists - perverting the course of justice in the process is an imprisonable offence - no-one is above the law, including politicians !!!

  15. Joana, thank you for all your hard work on this blog.

    Please let us know when Goncalo's book comes out in English.

    I know I can read much of it on your blog, but I need to show my support for his book by buying it.

  16. David Payne's mother is Diane Webster?

    Yikes! I wonder if she witnessed her son making those disgusting finger sucking actions whilst talking to Gerry about Madeleine?

    How much more lurid can this case get?

  17. Joana,I am glad it is not only me who is distressed and down hearted at what is coming out, I was beginning to think I was going a bit mad from over exposure,thats not to say I wish these feeling upon you. My husband cannot believe that I am still habitually reading and researching about a little girl who I never knew and has nothing to do with me, I am not a fanatical kind of person and have never been so obsessed about anything or anyone before.
    if as you say a proper unimpeded investigation were to take place, it would probably have a different outcome to the one it ended up with.
    Not only should athe investigation be re opened but Gordon Brown and the rest of the scum who actively assisted the McCanns should be forced to explain their assistance and either admit they were mistaken in helping or stand by their guns. Questions need to be asked as to why Brown was so interested in Amarals dismissal, how and why the lab changed teir tunes, why the Smith statement was delayed and most importantly what is Paynes part in this sorry saga.
    P>S I was wondering where you were all yesterday, I asked on the 3A's I was worried something had happened to you, after reading about Amarals dog and the botchd burglary.


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