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Gonçalo Amaral interviewed by Expresso

"I was removed because of the direction the investigation was heading"

The former PJ inspector believes he was removed because he didn't wish to abandon the homicide theory. He maintains that Maddie is dead and the only reason there isn't more evidence is because he wasn't allowed to continue to the end of the investigation.

Amaral: We were doing the last diligences related to a very important witness who was coming to Portugal.

Expresso: And the witness came to Portugal?

Amaral: As far as I know, the witness never came.

Expresso: But this was truly an important witness?

Amaral: Very important.


Expresso: You believe Madeleine is dead?

Amaral: I believe it. That is my conviction.

Expresso: Do you believe that the parents are involved?

Amaral: erm...........

Expresso: Hiding a cadaver?

Amaral: erm....... I can't say anything about this during the secrecy of justice. We can only talk about this when the secrecy is lifted.

Translation by Debk

Note: Tomorrow Expresso will publish the full interview. The book is FINISHED. 200 pages. Ready for publishing "immediately" upon the secrecy being lifted. Also notice Mr. Gonçalo Amaral has a good sense of humour, his already grilling some sardines.

Source: Expresso


  1. WOW!!! mind blowing and very promising in the search for the truth of what happened to Madeliene...The important visitor who never arrived....Could it be O'Brien or Tanner who were said to have changed contacted a solicitor regarding chaning their statements?
    I hope the McCanns are bracing themselves for what is being promised....Even if the scum dont get charged soon the world will know why Amaral was so convinced of their guilt and that madeleine was dead on the night she disapppeared.
    There is only Madeleine a victim of the McCanns and their cronies who have helped them cover up the fate of Madeleine, Inspector Amaral is a victim of the sick bastards too, he has been abused from his hole to his pole so to speak and he has left the job he has one for many years and clearly loved.
    Amarals revenge will no doubt be sweet!!

  2. [quote}He maintains that Maddie is dead and the only reason there isn't more evidence is because he wasn't allowed to continue to the end of the investigation.[/quote]

    So maybe it was him after all suggesting to the press that there was not enough evidence.

    Although he seems to have quite an ego I do believe he was removed from the case because he came too close to the truth

  3. Olá, Joana. Amanhã o Gonçalo vai dar uma entrevista na TVI, penso que em directo no Jornal da Noite. Deverá ser muito interessante. Não sei muito bem o que fiz para merecer tão generosos agradecimentos teus no meu blog, mas de qualquer maneira é sempre um prazer ler-te. Lá ou em qualquer outro lugar.

  4. The Portuguese have meekly surrendered to British power.

  5. Thanks, Joana.

    Mr. Amaral will be vindicated!

    Please let me know when and how I would be able to buy an English translation of his book.

    Sleep well... :)


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