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Irishman saw Gerry carry Maddie - Correio da Manhã

Final report – CM reveals everything about the investigation in an exclusive

Irishman saw Gerry carry Maddie

Martin Smith, an Irishman, told the Polícia Judiciária that he saw a man carrying a child, that looked like Maddie to him, approximately around dinner time on the 3rd of May.

The deposition of the witness was collected right at the beginning of the investigation, but the lack of complementary elements about the individual who was carrying the child did not lead the investigators to other diligences.

Days later, already back in his home country, Martin Smith contacted the Irish authorities. He asserted that when he saw the case on television and at the moment when he saw Gerry’s face for the first time, when he was descending from an airplane, he had no doubts left. The man who carried the child on the day of the disappearance was her father.

The information was sent to the Portuguese authorities during a phase when the PJ still centered the process on the abduction theory. And, according to the final report, the lead was not followed up because at the time when Martin says he saw Gerry, the latter was having dinner at the Tapas Restaurant.

What the investigators established later on was that, after all, the reconstitution of the evening that was sustained by the group, was not straightforward. In truth, nobody knows at exactly what time each element of the group was present at the restaurant, given the fact that several of the English got up from the table in a more or less alternate manner during the dinner at the Ocean Club.

The PJ later equated the hearing of the witness through a rogatory letter. But the diligence ended up not being carried out, given the fact that without complimentary evidence, no results would be reached anyway.

The PJ’s final report, which CM has been revealing in an exclusive, also reveals that the niece of Pamela Fenn, the neighbour from the upstairs apartment that heard the child cry for over an hour two days earlier, was questioned. She says that on the morning of the 3rd of May she saw a stranger looking at the bedroom window, a man who was later identified as a gardener.

PJ report criticizes detectives

The final report from the Polícia Judiciária in Portimão, which points to the unavoidable archiving of the process, criticizes the private investigation that was developed by the McCanns with the help of Metodo 3. It forced elements of the PJ to follow many senseless leads. One of them, according to the report, concerned Gail Cooper’s deposition. The witness, who was heard by the British authorities for the first time, spoke of a beggar, whom she had seen only once, and who might have taken the child.

Months later, and already accompanied by the McCanns’ advisor, Gail Cooper stated that she saw the same beggar three times, after all. And that on one of the occasions, she surprised him looking in a “strange” manner at the children in Maddie’s group, when they were in a restaurant in Luz.

Jane Tanner, who initially also failed to describe the face of the man whom she stated she had seen that night carrying a child, guaranteed that after all he matched the photofit that had been made by Gail Cooper.

Meanwhile, the image was carried around the world and the PJ was forced to verify hundreds of leads that turned out to be false.

Other leads


The sightings lead the PJ to the most distant places in the world. On the same day and at the same time, Maddie was seen over four thousand kilometers apart.

Traces of semen

On one of the beds in the room of the McCann couple, a residue was collected that initially was thought to be of semen. It turned out to be saliva and matched another child that had been in the apartment before.

Journalist heard

The Spanish journalist who guaranteed that he had relevant data for the investigation, failed to add anything important.

The friend’s contradictions

Jane Tanner says that she saw a man carrying a child. The photofit was then publicized all over the world.

Usage of the phone saved him

A witness heard Gerry saying “don’t hurt Maddie” on the phone. The PJ says that the mobile phone was activated in another area, at that time.

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  1. All i can say is that this irish witness has been got to by the british politicians not to come forward, if anyone who is familiar with the ira and beritish governments then in my opinion he has got at because it is very syrange that this man came forward in the first place then all of a sudden had visits from mccann people then he withdraws his statement. very strange indeed and not the only strsnge thing in this case posted by an annonymous brit


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