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"It is not a declaration of innocence" - Gonçalo Amaral, in Correio da Manhã today

Editorial Note

CM’s compromise

The archiving of the case has opened the space for already too recurrent readings about the violation of the judicial secrecy and the devilisation of the role of the press. CM [Correio da Manhã] stands by its essential compromise: the truth and the loyalty towards its readers. In this case, the essential lies not in the PJ’s honour or the honour of the McCanns, which according to some almost prevents us from thinking about other possibilities that are not that of the abduction of their daughter. The essential lies with a child that remains missing, and in the name of that our newspaper is not going to stop searching and questioning all the versions from all the protagonists, no matter how uncomfortable that may be. That is where the public interest lies, and not with the judicial secrecy.


Process archived – Gonçalo Amaral reacts for CM

“The Attorney General does not say that they are innocent”

Former investigator of the Judiciária promises facts that help to solve the crime

The archiving of the process “is not a declaration of innocence” about Maddie’s parents, Gonçalo Amaral reminded the CM yesterday. “The Attorney General’s Office does not say that they are innocent” and the former senior officer from the Judiciária in the case investigation, who was convinced of Kate and Gerry’s guilt since the beginning, for covering up the death, expects it “to be reopened at any moment”. The now retired coordinator knows what the PJ lacked to solve the crime, but points towards the clues in his book, ‘Maddie – The Truth about the Lie’, which is to be presented on Thursday.

For now, all the loose ends in this investigation remain unanswered. The irremediable contradictions in the deposition made within the group; an Irish tourist and his family who guarantee with a certainty of 80 percent that they saw Gerry on his way to the beach, carrying a child, on the evening of the crime; dogs that were specially trained by the British police that detected the presence of blood and cadaver odour in the apartment, in the car and even on Kate’s clothes; the British couple who described to the police the suspicious behaviour that they detected in conversations between Gerry and David Payne, members of the group, and which indicated sex with minors. Maddie was mentioned.

Gonçalo Amaral promises to speak about “facts” on Tuesday, after having been removed from this case in October 2007 and moved from the PJ in Portimão to Faro. Still, according to a communication from the Public Ministry that was published yesterday, no “evidence of the practise of any crime by the arguidos” Kate, Gerry and Robert Murat was obtained, with the latter already removed from the possibility of an abduction approximately one year ago.

The Public Ministry safeguards that any “serious, pertinent and consequent” diligences may lead to the reopening of the inquest, but Kate and Gerry McCann, in a statement that was read out yesterday, say it is “difficult to describe how despairing it was”. “We welcome today’s news [yesterday], although there is no reason for celebrations.” The process was archived without any arguidos.

“Damaged the investigations”

Maddie’s parents reacted to the communication from the Attorney General’s Office, from a hotel in Rothley, Leicester, three hours later. “We believe that the fact that we were made arguidos has damaged the investigations” in the sense of finding their daughter alive, Kate said, hoping now to have access to the process. “For now”, they do not intend to return to Portugal.

Communication from the Attorney General’s Office

Through a dispatch dated of today (21/07/08), issued by two magistrates from the Public Ministry who are competent for the case, the archiving of the inquiry concerning the disappearance of minor Madeleine McCann was determined, because no evidence of the practise of any crime by the arguidos was obtained.


Thus the condition of arguido for Robert James Queriol Eveleigh Murat, Gerald Patrick McCann and Kate Marie Healy ceases, and the coercion measures that had been imposed on them are declared extinct.


The hierarchical complain, the request for opening of an instruction or the reopening of the inquiry may take place, required by who has the correspondent legitimacy.


The inquiry may be reopened on the initiative of the Public Ministry or at the request of any interested party, if new elements of proof appear that give origin to serious, pertinent and consequent diligences.


After the legal deadlines run out, the process may be consulted by any person that reveals a legitimate interest in such, within respect of the formalism and the limits that are imposed by law.

Lisbon, July 21, 2008
The Attorney General


Amaral already expected it
The archiving of the process “does not shock” Gonçalo Amaral, who even “expected it”, said the lawyer for the former PJ coordinator who lead the investigation. But António Santos adds that Amaral believes that “the indicia were enough to go further, if there were more diligences that had been directed at certain facts”.

Abandonment remains unpunished
Gonçalo Amaral’s lawyer says that, as a jurist, he has seen many Portuguese parents punished for “abandonment of minors”, and does not understand why the McCanns remain unpunished after they left children alone in an apartment.

Absolute freedom
The coercion measure that was imposed on the arguidos, term of identity and residence, is extinguished.

The most expensive investigation ever in Portugal

The Judiciária’s final report about the case is clear: “With the lab tests alone, large tens of thousands of euros were spent.” The dogs that smelled cadaver odour and traces of bodily fluids from Maddie in the apartment and in the car cost over one thousand euros daily, each. The accounting has yet to be made but this was the most expensive case ever in the history of Portuguese criminal investigation. The final report also contains the synthesis of the priority that was given to this inquest, which was lead by Paulo Rebelo in its final phase and that at a given moment, mobilised over 300 investigators: “The PJ, like in probably no other investigation in Portugal, did not spare exceptional human and financial efforts”.

Tests – Contamination of residues was possible

“Is there Maddie’s DNA?”

An English expert said that DNA that is identical to Maddie McCann’s could have been a hazard

The comparison of the results from a biological residue and the determination that it is effectively DNA from a specific person is very far from being an exact science. Complementing the report from the English lab where the residues that were found by the dogs were sent to, the forensics expert sent the Polícia Judiciária an email where he guaranteed that the conclusion about the traces that had been collected from the car boot was complex. “Is there Maddie’s DNA?” the expert asked, then replying that there was no single answer. This means that, while it is true that 15 of the 19 markers corresponded to the English child (which allows for a high probability), it is also true that the individual components in Madeleine’s profile were not uniquely hers. And he explained: “It is important to underline that 50 percent of Madeleine’s profile is shared by each parent”.

That is where the doubt lies. As the genetic profiles of the relatives could not be separated, it had to be admitted – even if only theoretically or due to “hazard” – that the match was a symbiosis of residues from the mother and the father.

John Lowe, forensics expert, further adds that several questions would always remain unanswered. Namely to know when and how the DNA was deposited, from which type of bodily fluids it came from and whether or not a crime had been committed.

It is further worth mentioning that those residues had been collected from the rental that was rented after Maddie’s disappearance – which makes it impossible for the child to have been riding the vehicle. The report from the English lab says that it is not possible to demonstrate that the collected residues belong to Kate and Gerry, but it then adds that it is not possible to prove the contrary, either.


Rogério Alves Predictable – For Madeleine’s parents’ lawyer, the archiving of the process was predictable, but the main issue remains unclear: the whereabouts of the child, that has been missing for one year and two months.

Robert Murat End of a nightmare – Robert Murat, the Anglo-British citizen who was initially suspected of being involved in Maddie’s disappearance, is one of the parties that is satisfied about this outcome: “It’s the end of a nightmare”, his lawyer says.

PJ Portimão No comments – The Criminal Investigation Department of the Polícia Judiciária in Portimão, coordinated by Paulo Rebelo, excused itself from commenting on the archiving of the Maddie process.

Isilda Gomes A different outcome – The Civil Governor of Faro, Isilda Gomes, stated yesterday that she “would have preferred a different outcome” for a case that mobilised Portugal. An outcome that cleared the doubts, according to her opinion.

A. Pina Tourism without breaks – António Pina, the president of the Tourism Region of the Algarve, guarantees that Maddie’s disappearance did not affect tourism in the area, clarifying that it is “a very isolated case”.

Luz Against archiving – A report by Lusa agency pointed yesterday to criticism from inhabitants and tourists in Praia da Luz towards the archiving, considering that the Maddie case “is badly told”.

Englishwoman “Mystery within the group” – Chris Edward, an English tourist on holidays in Luz with her six-year-old son, told Lusa that she does not feel any insecurity at the Ocean Club. And she observed that the Maddie mystery lies within the group of friends.

Exclusive G. Amaral’s book in ‘CM’ – The revelations from the former coordinator of the Polícia Judiciária in Portimão can be read on the 24th. The book will be distributed with ‘CM’s edition of that day and is a fundamental piece of this case.

source: Correio da Manhã, 22.07.2008, paper edition


  1. +Ainda bem que não é uma declaração de inocência!

    +A.Rib. + 1x falou e disse....que dificilmente ou jamais se reabria 1 caso arquivado.

    +Paulo Rebelo,novo direc. da PJ, diz que sim,que continuarão mas sem ruídos(quem dera!).

    Será então como?Alguém sabe a resposta verdadeira a isto?


  2. Claro que há diferença entre ser declarado inocente e não ser formalmente acusado, por falta de provas.
    Mas aos McCann interessa intoxicar a opinão pública para continuarem a limpeza da imagem.
    Isso é o que os move.
    Nunca foi a procura da filha.
    Gostaria de acreditar na frase preferida do Dr. Pinto da Costa (legista):
    A verdade virá ao de cima quando houver algum desacordo dentro do grupo de pessoas que estão na posse do segredo.
    "Zangam-se as comadres, descobrem-se as verdades".

    Fico aguardando com expectativa o livro de Gonçalo Amaral.


  3. Também aprecio o Dr. Pinto da Costa- do Instituto de Medicina Legal,do Porto,não é? Uma imensa experiência e sabedoria. E,realmente é sempre uma excelente ajuda para os Médicos Legistas e para as investigações a altura em que as comadres se zangam.

    - vejamos durante quanto tempo aqueles casais se mantêm juntos,entre si e com os outros.

    - os Homens de bom senso -P.R. e D.L. apelam à calma e que agora será o Caso Maddie e não o caso do casal e acólitos que trabalharam que se fartaram para distrair e esgotar a paciência das Pessoas.


  4. DN:

    ...."Em declarações à RTP, Clarence Mitchell adiantou ainda que o casal vai estar atento ao que o ex-inspector da PJ Gonçalo Amaral escreveu no seu livro. E deixou um aviso: "Se ele dizer alguma coisa que impute culpa a Kate e Gerry pode ser processado. Ele que tenha muito cuidado".


    Maddie,proteje Gonçalo Amaral!

  5. SIC on-line:

    ....""A Verdade da Mentira"

    Livro de Gonçalo Amaral sobre o caso Maddie com revelações polémicas
    O livro "A verdade da Mentira", que promete revelações polémicas sobre o caso Maddie, é lançado amanhã. A SIC revela hoje os primeiros excertos. A obra tem a assinatura do homem que dirigiu grande parte das investigações mas acabou por ser afastado.


    Maddie, um ano depois
    A menina britânica desapareceu na Praia da Luz, em Lagos, na noite de 3 de Maio Gonçalo Amaral diz que quer "repor o bom nome que ficou enxovalhado na praça pública" sem que a Polícia Judiciária lhe permitisse a defesa.

    Nas primeiras páginas da obra, o autor realça desde logo o tratamento pouco habitual dado ao casal McCann, que nas palavras do inspector foi tratado com "pinças".

    Muito se falou também das atitudes de Gerry e Kate McCann e Gonçalo Amaral relata várias situações em que estranhou a frieza do casal perante a tensão das investigações.

    Numa das situações o inspector fala na mãe da criança, Kate, que perante a possibilidade de encontrar a filha se mostra incomodada com a velocidade atingida pelo carro da polícia.

    Noutro caso foi o pai quem despertou a atenção dos inspectores: no meio de uma negociação, com um possível raptor, o médico "chupava descontraidamente um chupa-chupa enquanto lia banalidades em sites da internet e discutia rugby e futebol com um dos polícias ingleses."

    Gonçalo Amaral acredita que "Madeleine morreu no apartamento 5-A do Ocean Clube, no dia a 3 de Maio de 2007, mas não descarta a hipótese de ter sido acidental." ....."


  6. Goncalo Amaral is no Devil. The English interference + Portuguese submission are the DEVIL. The English jornalist is NOTHING! Murat was made arguido BECAUSE an English expert/adviser(again one of the best in the world) gives credit to a jornalist story! PJ in this case gave to much important to all the British experts! At end it seems it reamains the big doubt about all the English experts involved in this case. They were all pretty bad : criminal profile experts, dogs, lab! They were a mess!


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