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No Justice

Madeleine Beth McCann
12 May 2003 - 3 May 2007

Desculpa Maddie, a Justiça Portuguesa falhou-te. Deus te abençoe, pequenina.

* Note: Date of death (DOD) as suspected by the Judiciary Police.


  1. Made me cry that seeing her face and the epitaph, such as lovely little girl, let own by her parents, her family, the media and Clarence Mitchell.
    God bless Madeleine.

  2. It makes my blood boil because I KNOW the PJ knows what has happened to Little Madeleine and I also KNOW the mccanns had an awful lot of support from the brit govt.It makes me sick in my soul.
    Madeleine your parents failed you,justice fails you,everybody fails you but you will stay and are in our hearts.One day,JUSTICE will be made to you.

  3. Very well post,J.M.;
    Very well said,speak your mind;
    Very well said,jo.

    My Dearest Maddie:
    if it is a "supposition" that the day of your´s dead is 3 or 2 May 2007,always we remember You.We do not forget You. Stay in peace near the others children.Play and enjoy a lot where You are.All the kisses.

    We all, since the first day, we are always with You.

    Um VIVA a todos os que trabalharam por TI!PARA TI!

  4. Como e porquê talvez não venhamos nunca a saber.
    A Justiça falhou a esta menina.
    E vai continuar a falhar já que, neste caso o crime compensou.

    É mais um dia triste, a exemplificar como Portugal tem sido uma marioneta manobrada por Londres.


  5. What do you know!
    Another British woman has murdered her new-born child in Greece.
    She claims the child was dead at birth, but the coroner said the baby was strangled.
    The pregnant woman, was out drinking on the island of Crete and when she returned to her hotel room, she gave birth all by herself and then strangled the child.
    It is becoming a nightmare with the British tourists.
    It is so sad, people think, they will get away with murder.

  6. We as a society will learn today a valuable lesson- nothing else - and it wont be justice. It will be the beginning for other parents to do the same, to act the same, maybe even to abuse and neglect their children in the same way as the McCanns did.

    A dark day for children everywhere.

  7. A hipótese, antes das 16:00:

    ...."Fontes ligadas ao caso Maddie defendem que o Procurador-Geral da República pode avançar hoje com o encerramento do processo até surgirem novas provas. O que na prática representa uma suspensão que não agrada aos advogados dos arguidos, que pretendem o arquivamento definitivo....."


    Depois das 16:00(04:00pm)++++++++++++ Qual será?

  8. Depois das 16:00:

    Não há mais arguidos.

  9. Não há nada como peritos organizados para que o crime seja perfeito.

  10. S.O.S.


    ..."The office of Prosecutor-General of the Republic announced that, by decision of two judges jurisdiction (the same who refused the use of multiple evidence, including telephone records and written messages), the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is archived for lack of evidence against the three arguidos....."

  11. That is a real truth:

  12. Arme kleine Madeleine, wir denken an dich !

  13. No Blog do P.R. há 1 a amaldiçoar o P? e o Nosso País de 3º Mundo?

  14. The lesson I learned from this case is that there are two types of justice: justice for the rich and justice for the poor. If this much evidence had existed against me, I would have been rotting in jail for over a year now.

  15. Pas de justice,
    pas de tombe,
    pas de repos pour cette paetite fille.
    Touristes anglais, puisque vous avez désormais l'autorisation d'abandonner vos enfants, faites-le chez vous!
    Une française

  16. I can understand archiving the case until a future time for if/when more evidence is uncovered, but clearing the parents when there were indications of their involvement? The Judicial system needs to open the files to the public or they will have lost faith in everyone's eyes, of people who supported the McCanns and believed in their innocence and think they were persecuted over these long months and in the eyes of those who suspect them involved in their little girl's death and/or coverup.

    At the very least, there should have been an official statement released regarding the alleged neglect, as a severe reprimand, even if no charges were filed.

    So many of us are beyond disappointed by this announcement.

    Let us hope that whoever is responsible for the little girl's death will pay for it throughout their remaining lifetimes, if not through legal justice, then from the natural consequences of their actions, preying on their minds and physical health. There is more than one kind of justice.

    Joana, thank you so much for keeping us informed of information from Portugal and spending so much time and effort in doing so. It has been greatly appreciated.

    Please let us all know when the English version of Amaral's book is available for purchase.

    Best wishes to you.

  17. Us in the UK now know that we are living under a corrupt government.

    There is no way the McCanns would have got away with this without high level government interference IMO.

  18. Of course I will Jolie, thank you for being here, thank you all for reading , for passing by, for sharing your thoughts, for your support.

    The battle between the memory of a child's tragic destiny and the parents media image and status is lost, but we will never give up.

    Truth and Justice will prevail.

    um abraço a todos
    a hug to all


  19. Quem é o BW?

  20. Guerra: muita razão!

  21. Well, I can honestly say I'm ashamed of the UK and how the government have clearly had a hand in this. They have failed a 3 year old baby - there really is NO justice in this god forsaken country anymore. I now dread to see our press go to town on the PJ.

    I can't get my head around all this, it's just too sad and shocking.

    Joana, your blog is fantastic and you've clearly put so much time and work into it.

    You know what scares me is that some day the twins will access the internet and look for the truth about what happened to Maddie and they will see blogs such as this and then they will really begin to wonder what actually happened to their sister. God help them when that time comes.

    I hope the McCann's will, one day, realise what they've got away with and will not sleep peacefully from that day forth. There are many people who will never believe they are innocent. The whole thing stinks.

    God bless little Maddie wherever you are x

  22. Obrigada Joana pelo seu trabalho fantástico levada a cabo neste blogg. tenho a certeza que clarificou muitas coisas, levou a verdade a muita gente, foi peça fundamental em todo este processo. Apesar da confirmação de que o processo está arquivado não sei porquê mas tenho esperança de que isto não acabe aqui. Para já, abriu os olhos a muitas pessoas que viviam a milhas desta realidade, ou seja, de que o poder e a falta de escrúpulos têm longos braços e são implacáveis. Mas os pais da criança nunca se livrarão da sombra da suspeita. Acontecça o que acontecer, sabemos a verdade. O seu post de hoje é fantástico. parabéns e obrigado
    ana castro

  23. Im very concerned for the twins if these pheodphile allegation have any truth in them, no justice at all for madeleine, what makes it worst is she was a british citizen and she was not only let down by her parents but by the british government what chance have our children got. written by an annonymous british citizen.


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