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Kate and Gerry win battle - 24Horas

Leicester police gives in to McCanns in a decision of the British High Court

Kate and Gerry win battle

Maddie’s parents will be able to access 81 files from the English police with the contacts of people who offered clues about sightings of their daughter

It was a victory for the McCanns. During a session that was held at the British High Court yesterday, the Leicestershire police accepted to deliver 81 files out of a total of 11 thousand that are in their hands to Kate and Gerry’s lawyers. Those are documents that are part of the English inquiry only and that “are related to clues and information about sightings of Maddie that were delivered by people from various parts of the world to the police in Leicester, by telephone, email or letter”, the McCanns’ spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, clarified to 24Horas. “This is information that was advanced to the police during the early stages of the case, that is, until three weeks after Madeleine’s disappearance”.

Each one of those 81 files contains the name of a witness, his or her contact and a summary of the information that was given. Since yesterday, the McCanns’ lawyers and the private detectives at the couple’s service can contact those witnesses and again follow leads that were already investigated by the English police.

It was judge Justice Hogg, from the Family section of the British High Court, who managed this compromise between the police and the McCanns.

The police didn’t want to

Due to the fact that Kate and Gerry place their daughter’s case under the guardianship of the High Court, judge Justice Hogg ordered, one month ago, for any relevant information to locate the little girl should be made available to the McCanns, including documents from the English police. The Leicestershire police defied the judge’s order and did not comply. Thus, yesterday’s session was scheduled. A deal was reached.

According to Mitchell, the couple’s lawyers said in court that “this decision does not affect the Portuguese law”. Judge Justice Hogg “expressed during the session that Maddie may still be alive and her solidarity towards the parents”, Mitchell reported. “Whoever holds information concerning her whereabouts should look into his conscience and into his heart”, the magistrate referred.

Kate and Gerry received the yielding from the English police with pleasure.

“It just goes to show their power”

“The decision from the British justice says a lot about the power and the influence that the McCanns hold”, a source from the Polícia Judiciária commented to 24Horas. The same source remembers that the secrecy of justice is not at issue “because the files that were released by the Leicestershire police were not shared with the PJ at the level of judiciary cooperation and are not very relevant”.

The Leicestershire police even created a “special unit to investigate the case and has its own ongoing process”. “With a parallel process at the British police and the diligences that were made by the private detectives, one feels like asking: What about results? The PJ is the only entity that is criticized and the truth is that the only advances that were made in the case were within the Judiciária’s investigation”, the source concludes.

The McCanns are only waiting for the judicial secrecy to be lifted.

source: 24Horas , 08.07.08

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