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Kate tried everything to accuse Robert Murat- Correio da Manhã

Kate’s notebooks – McCanns and friends against Anglo-Portuguese

Madeleine McCann’s mother engaged in collecting indicia that would lead to the accusation of the Anglo-Portuguese [man] over the little girl’s disappearance

Kate McCann bet everything into blaming Robert Murat over the disappearance of her daughter, and it was with that purpose in mind and with the help of friends that she engaged in collecting evidence and in convincing the Polícia Judiciária of the Anglo-Portuguese [man’s] involvement.

On the day that Murat is made an arguido, already after friends of the McCanns referred his presence in the surroundings of the apartment on the evening of the disappearance of Madeleine to the authorities, Kate registered in her notes that she had become “very hopeful, excited about this”.

Three weeks later, Kate, who met frequently with the PJ during the investigation, writes that “Robert Murat continues to be the main suspect”. “For good reason”, she adds, lamenting that there is not “strong evidence”.

When three of the friends are called to the PJ to repeat their statements following contradictions about the presence of Murat at the Ocean Club, on the 11th of July, Kate tries to excuse her friends with the fact that they were questioned in the presence of the Anglo-Portuguese [man]: “What happened was that they were questioned in the room, sitting beside Murat and his lawyer. He apparently said that they were lying, which made them quite angry. They started thinking that he was certainly involved. What his he hiding???”

In her notes dated July 18, almost two months after Maddie’s disappearance and at a time when there are starting to appear indicia against the McCanns, Kate sounds disheartened and reinforces the accusations against Murat: “I had lots of hope that there would be progress in Murat’s situation. I’m sure that he is involved and I feel like killing him, but I can’t”. Nine days later, Madeleine’s mother receives a message from a woman that tells her that Murat tried to photograph the granddaughter of a friend, also three years old and blond, and Kate sends “the whole” information to the PJ. “I’m certain that he is guilty and I just want to scream”, she writes on the 27th of July.

Premonition with Malinka

Sergey Malinka, aged 23, had been living in Praia da Luz for eight years. He was a friend of Robert Murat – one of the first suspects of the disappearance of Madeleine – and he ended up becoming involved in the turmoil of suspects because he was the last person to contact the Anglo-Portuguese [man] after the child disappeared. He was also close to Murat because he set up the online page for Romigen – the company that belonged to the Anglo-Portuguese and to Michaela Walczuch.

Although Malinka was only heard as a witness, he ended up becoming involved in the abduction. The questioning was hard and outside the PJ, the agents’ irritation could be heard because the questions remained unanswered. His phone was tapped, just like Murat’s, but nothing relevant was detected.

In her notes, Kate refers to Malinka as one of the persons involved in the little girl’s abduction. The first indication is dated June 5 and also concerns Murat. “Robert Murat continues to be the main suspect and for good reason, but unfortunately there isn’t strong evidence. Malinka and Michaela are also very much in the scene. I always had a bad premonition, uncomfortable, about Malinka. He is cold”, wrote Kate, who later on supplied information to Método 3, a Spanish detective agency, telling them that a witness had seen Michaela transporting a child.

It is recalled that Malinka, of Russian nationality, was heard by the PJ on the 16th of May, two days after Murat was made an arguido and the PJ searched his house.

The Russian was damaged because there were equally suspicions in his past. Malinka reportedly engaged in sexual relationships with minors, which turned him into a potential predator. The fact that he is a computer expert led the Polícia Judiciária to admit that he might have abducted Maddie.

Jane Tanner guaranteed that Murat carried Maddie

Jane Tanner, one of the Englishwomen that accompanied the McCanns on their holidays in Praia da Luz, guaranteed after the first few hours upon the disappearance that she saw a man carrying a child walking towards Casa Liliana (where Murat lived). Later on – and also facing the suspicions that befell the Anglo-Portuguese [man] - Jane said she was almost certain that the man she had visualized for a few seconds only was in fact Robert Murat.

The witness’ statement was considered to be credible during the first hours and strengthened the suspicions that befell the Anglo-Portuguese [man]. Robert Murat ended up being the target of a search on the 14th of May and was heard at the PJ on that same morning, denying any involvement in the child’s disappearance. The lack of indicia ended up determining his release.


Profile accused him – The English experts that elaborated the profile of the abductor guaranteed that in Murat’s case it fitted to 90 percent.

Accusations from friends - A former friend of Murat gave the PJ a deposition telling that the Anglo-Portuguese [man] had strange behaviours when he was a child. It was one more fact against him.

Touched documents – Called during the initial phase of the process to work as a translator, Murat was caught by the PJ touching the inquiry’s documents.

Tomorrow: Kate reacts to the police’s first suspicions

source: Correio da Manhã 29.07.08, paper edition


  1. This is really a very, very, very ugly case which is getting worse every day. So much evil from two ugly people, it's incredible!

  2. Upsss...Mary Gold is a vinegar and dangerous serpent.

    So many people wish have children;
    anothers can be and are terrific with them;

    Oh,unhappy children!

  3. Yes but also try to minimese the situation because while they are spinning us over an extremely important issues like freedom of speech,other things are happening.
    I am waiting and expecting a very angry reaction from Roberts lawyers in regard of the "teaser" in CdM......

  4. I'm sure I read somewhere last year that the McCann's had researched PDL before going there... does anyone remember this and can they elaborate on what this might mean? I ask this because I've now read that the holiday was booked by (David Payne?) at short notice?

    Can anyone put me right please?

  5. I have to hold my hands up here, I did think Murat and Malinka were involved in whatever happened to Madeleine McCann, partially because of the leks of child porn on their P.Cs and because gerry refused to say if he knew Murat..I see now it was all part of the McCanns pathetic attempts to evade justice..
    The McCanns really do take the biscuit for manipulating, conniving bastards, howevere Madeleine came to die, the matter of fact way they covered her death, hid her body is beyond my comprehension, to frame a man for carrying out the act they themselves were responsible for is taking the piss, its not the kind of behaviour you expect from one human to another..But the fact they are doctors somehow makes it all the more nauseating,I would rather keep the cmpany or thieves than this pair,in all the awful things I have read, in all the things I have seen, I have never seen a more machievelian callous pair of bastards than these!

  6. How bizarre for a traumatized mother who had lost a small child to keep a journalistic style 'log'.

  7. Anonymous, not sure I read they researched PDL but I definately read it was not their first time there, they had vacated there prior to the 3rd of May and are said to have severa frinds who live in and around PDL!

  8. P.S....Doesnt the journal Kate was keeping that we now are reading sound as if it was written to be published? It does to me, I would not be at all suprised if very soon the McScums are writing a book themselves and the journals will probably play a big part of it..well the bits that suit them!
    wouldnt be suprised if old clarerie doesnt have a book in him!!
    Sorry for my comment yesterday taht youu felt unable to print Joana, its hard to express how disgusted and the loathing I feel for them without reverting to profanity.

  9. Thank you, speak your mind, but is it also true that the police did find a police manual in the apartment?

    It all smacks of pre-planning to me.

  10. Speak your mind... I also think the diary sounds like it was written with the intention of being published.

    I also think the whole thing is like a Hollywood Blockbuster movie being played out before our eyes. It's like the whole thing has been pre-planned and orchestrated to fool the world.

  11. Anonymous, if it was a film, you would think it was far fetched, its unbelievable but sadly for Madeleine very true.
    When I see a picture of Madeleine it sddens me that she never lived a full life, it saddens me she was systematically abandoned in the partment night aftre night, it saddens me her last night on this earth she spent it weeping for her parents who were off on the lash, her cries unheard by them but heard by mrs Fenn.
    I really do loathe this pair and all those who proclaim their innocence and assist them in getting away with murder....literally!

  12. anonymous...Always thought they carried out the cover up and media frenzy with indecent haste, it does make you wonder wether this was actually premediated becausse of how well they covered their tracks, the slick way they manipulated those in power.
    But for the life of me cannot think why they would plan to kill their beautiful daughter. Do you have a theory as to why?
    The book was sure a strange thing to be in possesion of in the circumstances.

  13. speakyourmind,

    The fact in Goncala's book that the family dog was killed whilst he worked in Madeleine's best interests shows are how dark the forces at work in this case truly are.

    All credit to Goncala that he continued despite his wife being so scared; he's clearly totally committed to speaking the truth on Madeleine's behalf in this increasingly sickening, sinister case. Goncala, congratulations and thank you for the book ...

  14. Speak your mind,

    I think it was pre-planned because of the way the cover-up all fell into place from the word go:

    Philomena McCann going to Downing Street to lobby the PM

    Philomena McCann getting the t-shirts printed within days and then hijacking a Cancer Charity event

    John McCann giving up his job, despite having a house and family, to work on the Fund

    The website that was up and running within a few weeks

    The police manual

    The trademark of Maddie

    The online shop

    All of these things were done in the early days when they couldn't possibly have known that Maddie wouldn't be found nearby if she really was abducted.

    All of these things were done with smiles and smirks.

    The times we did see them showing emotion were clearly fake.

    That's quite a list of suspicious things that went on in the first few weeks - and that's only the tip of the iceberg, as you know there was much more. How many other parents do you know who've had a child gone missing has done 1 of these things, let alone all of them?

    As for your question about do I have a theory about why they would kill their daughter - the answer has to be "No". Never in my wildest dreams could I come up with an explanation as to why, but if Maddie really did die in that apartment as Goncalo states, and I don't disbelieve him for a minute because he stands to lose far too much by lying, then the whole thing has been a farce - and if you look at all the things that they've done immediately after Maddies demise then I can only conclude it was pre-planned.

    With the speculation about David Payne and his alleged conversation with Gerry about Madeleine... well, I don't even want to go there at this stage.

    These people CANNOT be allowed to get away with it (whatever IT is) and I am now relying on Goncalo to keep his word that he vows to search to the ends of the earth to find justice for Madeleine.

    I, like everyone else on these blogs and forums, want to see the truth come out - I want to see the McCann's squirm as they are asked questions. I want to see the person or persons who killed Maddie - and then blatantly lie about it and try to set someone else up to take the blame - stand trial and face their own justice.

    Whatever the "why" is of this crime will never be enough to explain away the death of a 3 year old child - their own flesh and blood.

  15. Anony,ous, I had no idea about Amarals dog, I did read about the bugles break in at the house next door to Amaral, which it is said was a mistake and Amaral was the intended victim.
    I see full well what you mean aout the dark forces and it is sickening.
    Do you ever see the McCanns facing retribution for their acts?

  16. I find Kate's reference to Malinka as being a cold person amusing. I echo the sentiments of the people who have commented that there is a strong indication of planning by the McCanns. I know it will never happen but It would be interesting to have someone do a psychoanalysis of these two.

  17. Anonymous, I too feel this all went too well for a spur of the moment cover up, the points you raise about the extended family, namely the brother John and sister Phil does indeed make it look like they knew they were in for the long haul.
    For months I have wondered if it was premeditated but could not for the life of me see a reason for it, once the Payne news broke about him simulating fellatio with his finger whilst chatting to Gerry I wondered if this was the connection and I thought it may explain why the McCanns seem to be able to pull the strings of those in power.
    What is interesting here is Clarence not commenting on the Payne allegation, normally you see him waffling on about inaccuracies and unhelpful speculation, in this instance he has remained tight lipped.
    The threats to sue Amaral are probably just that, threats. Because to sue for libel they must prove what was written was untrue. it would be an interesting case to hear and if they do not sue that in itself will also speak volumes!!!

  18. It was mainly John McCann, right from the start, that made me think this was all pre-planned. I just couldn't get my head around why he would give up his job, when he had a wife and kids, to work on a fund when there was nothing to suggest at that time that Maddie wouldn't be found. Why give up your financial security? How many other brothers of the parent of a missing child gives up their job?

    John McCann also said "This is a policital issue that needs wider exposure" (or similar). Again, why is a missing child a political issue?

    John McCann was filmed by GMTV in the early days in his house and he was grinning and smirking and his kids were messing around in the background. Something told me that day that all was not what it seemed.

    No one can convince me this wasn't pre-planned - but was Maddie's death part of the plan? Or did the plan go wrong?

    If it went wrong, then why were they seen smiling and smirking and not naturally devastated as any parent would be if their child died suddenly?

    Goncalo Amaral states in his book that he believes Maddie died from a tragic accident. I believe he's being generous and that if he's left anything out of his book it might possibly be his real thoughts about what happened to her.

    I can't be convinced she died from a tragic accident when the evidence of her parents unnatural reactions were there for the world to see. No matter who told them to not cry when on camera, a devastated parent would not be able to hold back tears and replace them with disgusting smiles and smirks.

  19. Joana, how do I type Goncalo's name to have the mark under the C as in Gonçalo please?

    I can only manage to get his name right if I copy and paste it!

    I would like to be able to type it correctly.

    Thank you

  20. Anonymous, you are of course right about Brother John, it is weird to give up everything when she could have been found within days leaving him high and dry.
    I believe her death was accidental in so much as it was unexpected, I believe she was over sedated following her crying at night or maybe even for Uncle dave(Payne) to pay her a special visit....sick to say but possible!

  21. Hi again Speak your mind,

    Ok, let's say she was over sedated.

    Where might the blood have come from that was found behind the sofa and in her parent's bedroom?

    1. In my opinion only KM caused the death of her daughter accidentally or otherwise. I believe she attempted a tracheotomy to try to establish an airway. This explains the blood splatters on the walls and under the tiles. GM became an accessory after the fact. Neither wished to lose their two remaining children . Medical registrations or spend time in a non English speaking clink. Yep they had help from high places and I have a number of theories as to why so much help has been forth coming. The gravy train has many hangers onners!

  22. Morning anonymous...If there was blood in the apartment then that does blow the sedation out of the water and only leaves either accident, a fall etc or manslaughter, slap, punch that resulted in fatal injuries.
    I still think Payne is in it up to his scrawny neck!!

  23. Indeed I think he is too.

    But if a friend of mine caused the sudden demise of my child there's no way on earth I'd cover up for him, especially if he'd paid Maddie a 'special visit' which resulted in her blood being located behind the sofa in her parent's room...

    Unless.... they are all of the same ilk. "You know, we were, er, you know, so into each other" as Kate would say....

  24. Anonymous....that brings me to the second theory, which a lot of circumstantial evidence seems to point to, if Payne was having "special time" with Madeleine it was with the knowledge and consent of the McCanns.
    Why else would the McCanns cover him as much s they cover themselves? Why else was he telling Kate to not talk to Yvonne the consul woman? And why did Kate not wonder why he was saying not to speak?
    Also the doctors who reported the abuse state that Payne was performing simulated fellatio in the presence of Kate and Gerry whilst talking of Madeleine, Payne must have been confident and known it was OK to speak like that in front of them and not get a smack in the mouth, as any normal parent would do.
    Also when Madeleine disappeared if the McCanns are innocent, why did they not think of Paynes simulated sex acts and talk of children and wonder if he was the culprit? Why now arent they demanding the police investigate him?
    I looked at the other post, the picture with the tennis balls, its got me crying, there is something so utterly trusting and naive in her posture it guts me to think not only was she killed on may 3rd but in the hours prior to it she was smacked and bruised.
    I cant see the McCanns or anyone ever facing any consequence for the plight of Madeleine, I no longer feel karma or what goes around comes around is enough...I would like to take part in some kind of direct action to do something although not sure what.
    They say Britain has a strong mob mentality that is prone to vigilante activities, in this instance I would like to see this in action.

  25. God, this gets worse by the day doesn't it?

    It's so hard to come to terms with the NHS possibly not only having murderers on board (Harold Shipman et al), but paedophiles too.

    And as if that wasn't bad enough we then have the government which protects them and ensures they escape justice and are FREE to carry on working in the NHS. How many more people like this are there in the NHS? Is this just a 'special case' or is it rife? Of course, we also have these same kind of people within our police forces, legal system and all other areas of so-called authority, which shows us it is rife.

    Maddie wasn't safe from any of these people, not even her own parents. So what chance have the rest of us got? Maddie will be an icon for all that is evil in this country - she paid with her young and innocent life so that peoples' eyes were opened to what's going on here. I know it's not just the UK, this must be happening on a global scale.

    Joana has read Goncalo's book and, despite her having followed this case from the beginning, states she went into shock and depression - that's how bad the truth is!

    This book has to be circulated as widely as possible, in my view, so that the whole world can see the truth of what grotesque things are allowed to happen to children and get pushed aside (and now we have the Jersey abuse case being swept under the carpet).

    It is horrendous enough that cases like David Kelly and Robin Cook etc get covered up - but a 3 year old child?

    The mark has dangerously been overstepped.


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