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Maddie Case will be archived next Monday?

Maddie Case will be archived next Monday

Process filed Monday

The process relative to Madeleine McCann disappearance will be available for consultation to the lawyers from next week. The secrecy of justice was not extended and the Public Ministry is getting ready to conclude the final report.

Pinto Monteiro, the Attorney General, announced yesterday that on Monday new phases of the process will be known which will go through a limited consultation of the legal proceedings [autos]. This week some selective scannings were done, for specific consultations for the legal representatives.

Everything indicates that the case, which ending will be the archiving waiting for better evidences [to substantiate the crime], will never be really open to the ‘public poll’. A situation that the law predicts, since there are in question fundamental rights, like the reserve of the private life. It is probable that some files attached, like the one that contains Kate's diaries, will be ordered to be destroyed because of not being considered relevant.

Kate, Gerry and Robert Murat will stop being arguidos after the archiving of legal process.

Source: Correio da Manhã

Note: full article is ridiculously small, no real 'official' sources leaking and seems like an assumption made by the CdM journalists.

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  1. Whatever happens on Monday, I thank you and Astro for your tireless work in bringing the Portuguese news to us.

    Without you two we would not have been aware of so many things.




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