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Maddie died in the bedroom and the abduction was staged - Jornal de Notícias

On the day before the book “Maddie, The Truth About The Lie” is published, JN anticipates some of the revelations made by the author, Gonçalo Amaral. The former inspector from the Polícia Judiciária who was initially responsible for the investigation, believes that the English girl died in the bedroom and that the parents are not exempt of guilt.

“Madeleine McCann died inside apartment 5A at the Ocean Club, in Vila da Luz, on the 3rd of May 2007”, Gonçalo Amaral writes, according to the results that were obtained by the team that investigated the case until October 2007.

“A simulation of abduction took place” and the parents, Kate and Gerry, “are suspected of involvement in the concealing of their daughter’s cadaver”, the former PJ inspector adds.

The author points out that “the death may have been caused by a tragic accident” and that “indicia of neglect in the guard and safety of the children” were detected.

The fact is that “there is a cadaver that has not been located, a realization that was validated by the English dogs (…) and corroborated by the preliminary lab test results”.

In his conclusions, Gonçalo Amaral also stresses that “the abduction theory is defended by Maddie’s parents since the first hour” and that within the group of friends that were spending holidays at the Ocean Club, only Kate and Gerry said that the little girl’s bedroom window was open.

“The set of depositions and witness statements show an elevated number of imprecisions, incongruences and contradictions (…), particularly the key deposition for the theory of abduction, from Jane Tanner (…) which becomes ambiguous to the point of disqualifying”. This was the English citizen who said she saw a man carrying a little girl on the evening of the 3rd of May 2007.

“To contribute to the discovery of the material truth”

“This book appears from the need that I felt to recover my reputation that was publicly smeared while the institution that I belonged to for 26 years, the Polícia Judiciária, did not give me permission to defend myself or did it institutionally. (…) Later on, I was removed from the investigation”, Gonçalo Amaral starts by explaining.

“This book also has a bigger purpose. That of contributing to the discovery of the material truth and the realization of justice”, he refers, pointing out that the contents “does not, under any circumstance, question the work” from his colleagues at the PJ “or compromise the ongoing investigation”.

In his opening note, Gonçalo Amaral indicates that “the reader will find data that he does not know, interpretations of the facts, and, naturally, pertinent questions”, stressing that a criminal investigation “should not have to care about what is politically correct”.

“Couple treated with tweezers

The cover of the book, which is published by Guerra e Paz, resembles a process folder, with the inscription “Confidential” written in red and the simulation of a passport-style photo of Maddie, attached with a paper clip.

The first lines are not situated on May 3, 2007, when the “Maddie case” began, but rather in February 2008, the date of the publication of an interview during which the former national director of the PJ considers that there was precipitation in constituting the English couples as arguidos. The author confesses that he had a “premonition” that the statement was designed to “prepare the public opinion for the inevitable, that is to say, the end of the investigation and the archiving of the inquiry”.

Gonçalo Amaral says that there were “disinformation campaigns with the purpose of discrediting the criminal investigation”. “To me, the investigation was dead since the 2nd of October 2007”, when he was removed from the PJ and “diligences were carried out to fulfill the calendar, a bit for the English to see.”

The author questions the relationship between the McCann couple and the English police, after they were made arguidos. “It was always strange for us to see how the couple was treated (…) and the amount of police information that they eventually were given access to”.

“The mistake was that we treated the couple ‘with tweezers’”, it can be read, due to the fact that Kate and Gerry were only made arguidos four months after the investigation started.

Right on the morning of the 4th of May, before they received information about the McCanns that had been requested from the English police, the investigators were visited by the English ambassador. “This concern from the British diplomacy is not normal. Who is this couple? Who are the friends?”, the author questions. It is also “not normal that common citizens whose daughter has just disappeared, nominate press advisors”, faced with the media exposure that the case was starting to gain.

Gerry’s strange relaxation

Throughout the 214 pages, Gonçalo Amaral remembers questions that remained unanswered – the twins’ cots had no bed sheets on the night that Maddie disappeared, registers of mobile phone calls between Kate and Gerry were erased, Maddie’s medical records that were requested from England were never sent, etc. – and some diligences that did not advance, in order to prevent the couple from being exposed to the public opinion’s judgment – like the reconstitution of the facts of the evening of the 3rd of May and the request for phone tapping.

In May, “we felt that Kate was available, without compromising herself, to indicate the location of her daughter’s body” and, “according to what she stated herself, the data had been given to her by persons with psychic or paranormal powers”. She then mentioned a sewer that ends at Praia da Luz and the cliffs that are located east of the beach. In July, English dogs detected cadaver odour and traces of blood in the apartment and in the vehicle that had been rented by the couple.

Mentioning the diverse sightings of the English girl that originated in several countries and revealed themselves baseless, Gonçalo Amaral narrates an episode that happened in June 2007.

A man in the Netherlands demanded a ransom of two million euros, with an advance payment of 500 thousand euros. The contacts between Gerry and the man were made per email in an office at the PJ in Portimão. When the indication of the conditions and the location for the delivery of the money were awaited, “there was great tension in the room”.

“On the other hand, the relaxed stance” of Gerry “made a stark contrast with the anxiety of the policemen and intrigued all the investigators”. Maddie’s father “sucked on a lollipop in a relaxed manner while he read banalities on internet sites and discussed rugby and football with one of the English policemen”, the author reveals. Later on, the individual was detained and the lead revealed to be false.

source: Jornal de Notícias, 23.07.2008


  1. Joana, I cannot help but heartily thank you again for the information you provide on your website. The translation of the final police report was useful to me and confirmed that some of the information released to the press all these months was factual, such as the statement to the police by Pamela Fenn.

    Now you are giving us what we want--access to what Mr. Amaral has to say.

    I just can't understand why the large bookstore chains in the US don't have the title listed yet--not even for a preorder.

    They can sell hundreds of thousands of copies of this book worldwide, if they are made available simultaneously in Portugal, the UK and the US.

  2. There has been many theories as to why this couple has Royal status. I suspect that the most likely theory is that they possess damning knowledge about the people that are helping them. I worry about Mr. Amaral, the British media has once again made him their primary target. If Mr. Amaral's book was only written in Portuguese their would be no problem, the problem is it has been translated into English. I fear that great measures will be taken to prevent the distribution of this book in the English world. With regards to litigation, I think he will be okay if his book only states what took place and some of his thoughts and observations. If he actually says in the book that the parents have done more than neglected their children, i.e. concludes that the child died accidentally and that the crime scene was staged then their could be trouble. This book
    suggests that there are corrupt elements in Britain and Portugal, it is damaging not only to the couple but also to Payne and the Tapas group. The book also brings disrepute to the FSS lab. It's always easy to say looking back as to what should have been done; in this case the PJ would have been better served if they had used a lab from a different country perhaps a French lab. Performing the tests in Portugal would always have left doubt on the part of the English.

  3. This to me is the proof of high level corruption within the British Establishment, there has to be a reason for the help they have been given, I cannot imagine any other person suspected of a crime of being involved in the death of a minor would have such high level assistance....I76think there is a far bigger issue here than the McCanns being involved in the death of their daughter, I believe the stuff we are now reading about Payne and McCann simulating sex acts whilst talking Of Madeleine, is the issue, and the reason they have beenn assisted by government officials to evade justice, I would go as far to say, the McCanns must know high ranking paedohiles within our government.
    I also think the DNA results were nobbled to inconclusive to help the McCanns.
    The stinking low life bastards, I hope like JFK the truth eventually gets out.

  4. Jeez... I can't wait til the english version of this comes out.

    I sincerely hope the PJ nail these bastards. And to think they're doctors. It's beyond evil that they could do anything to Maddie then cover it up, but equally horrendous is to go on their sickening and fraudulent money raising campaign, with damn smiles on their faces, and keep on saying that they believe she is alive and will keep looking for her so that people keep donating. And what do they do with it? Pay their mortgage!

    Surely to God they must know they're on borrowed time. I can only hope, now that their arguido status has been lifted, that it means they've been thrown to the wolves.

    When are the riots going to start in Rothley?

    This surely must go down as one of the worst crimes in this country, particulary so because they are doctors and the victim is their own daughter, and the protectors of their crime is our friggin' government.

    It's unbelievable.

  5. I been wondering when the riots would start myself...and will hold my hand up to the fat that I would gladly participate.


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