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Madeleine case – Final report allows for an accusation that may lead to a prison sentence between two and five years

PJ admits [possibility] of accusing Kate and Gerry of abandonment

If the death was proved, the McCanns could be subject to a sentence up to 10 years, according to the penal frame for the crime of abandonment.

Exactly one month ago, the main individuals connected to the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann met in an office at the Public Ministry in Portimão. Paulo Rebelo, the coordinator in charge of the case, Guilhermino da Encarnação, the joint national director from Faro, and Tavares de Almeida, the inspector in charge of the process, participated in the meeting.

According to what ‘Sábado’ was able to establish, the General Prosecutor from Évora, his joint prosecutor, the prosecutor from Portimão, and Stuart Prior, the head of Leicester Police, were also present. The meeting’s sole objective was to define the strategy that may culminate in a formal accusation against Gerry and Kate McCann over exposure and abandonment.

PJ tries to prove couple’s behaviour

The PJ’s final report, which is over 100 pages long, was concluded over the last few days, and according to a police source that was contacted by ‘Sábado’, is “purely factual, objective, non-directional and without suggestions”. In other words, a summary of facts that won’t allow for the Public Ministry to go any further beyond “exposure and abandonment”. A crime with a penal frame which, aggravated by the action from a parent or tutor, varies between two and five years of prison.

The strategy will pass through proving that the behaviour of the child’s parents (that was left alone with her younger siblings while her parents dined with friends in a restaurant on the opposite side of the swimming pool) propitiated her disappearance – independently of the occurrence of other crimes, like kidnapping or homicide, for which the PJ failed to obtain evidence that could be sustained in court.

If they had appeared, even not implicating the parents directly, the penal frame for the same crime would be of eight years in prison, in the case of physical harm, or 10 years, if death were proved.

The McCanns’ Portuguese lawyer, Rogério Alves, guaranteed that he will wait with serenity for the contents of the report. “The couple’s problem was that they lost their daughter and spent months hearing that they were involved”, the lawyer said, little surprised about the suspicion of exposure and abandonment. “After all that we saw, it would be strange if it weren’t that way.”

Source: Destak/Sábado

Translation by Astro

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  1. I hope this does pan out nd they do get done at least for abandonment, its less than they deserve but better than nothing!


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