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Madeleine McCann: Kate and Gerry's fury at 'club' devoted to prosecuting them

Gerry and Kate McCann have expressed their anger at the establishment of a fee-paying "club" dedicated to seeing them prosecuted over the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine.

...Some of the money immediately raised will be used to pay for a barrister to give his or her opinion on how best to proceed with a legal action against the McCanns...

Last year he tried unsuccessfully to launch a private prosecution against the McCanns, only to be told by magistrates in Leicester that they had no jurisdiction over the case, because Madeleine disappeared in Portugal.

Mr Bennett said: "Some of the money immediately raised will be used to pay for a barrister to give his or her opinion on how best to proceed with a legal action against the McCanns.

"We are a group of people, which is rapidly growing in number, who want to get to the truth of what happened to Madeleine.

"We will also campaign for changes to the law about parents who leave children on their own.

"If you go on the internet and look at some of the forums and blogs about Madeleine, there is a large and significant number of people who feel powerless and who want to do something about it."

Mr Bennett said the official website for the Madeleine Foundation, which will not have charitable status, is about to go live.

He said all the money raised would be used "in an above board way" and would be openly accounted for.
A retired British solicitor, Tony Bennett, has set up a fund called The Madeleine Foundation, which aims to bring a private prosecution against the McCanns for alleged child neglect.

But Madeleine's parents fear members of the public will inadvertently donate money to it because they may mistake it for the McCanns' own Madeleine Fund, which pays for private investigations into her whereabouts.

Mr Bennett, 60, who has in the past worked with the family of Stuart Lubbock, the man found dead in Michael Barrymore's swimming pool in 2001, described his fund as a subscription-only members' club, charging a £10 annual fee.

Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns' spokesman, said: "It is a great shame that Mr Bennett feels the need to make money out of Madeleine McCann. "He did not seek permission from Gerry or Kate to use Madeleine's name. This so-called foundation is in no way doing anything to help find Madeleine.

[Funny Mitchell mentioned this - The McCanns and their team never seeked permission from the Cortés Family to use the picture of Little Mari Luz Cortés! Never mind how distasteful and opportunistically was the McCanns trademarketing Madeleine's image and name in T-shirts, bracelets, posters, in futile objects disrespecting the image of their own daughter - all for what? For a non charitable fund?]

"It purports to be a foundation helping the search for Madeleine but it does nothing at all to help that search and goes against Gerry and Kate.

"Mr Bennett has already tried to take a private prosecution against Gerry and Kate but a court said it has no jurisdiction over something which allegedly happened in Portugal."

Source: Telegraph


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  1. Dear Joana, I believe what we are seeing now is the beginning of a move to:
    a)discredit the current investigation (Amaral is already being accused of the one who is releasing info to the press- out of vindictiveness by some posters)
    b) Incite hatred/distrust between the Portuguese and British and to use these two things (possibly others) as a reason why Kate & Gerry cannot be tried in Portugal and to get the trial in the UK. When this happens I believe that the scenario Tylersmum who used to post on the DE will occur that the Judge will agree (because of the newspaper items, blogs and polls) that there cannot be a fair trial he will instruct the jury to find the McCanns NOT GUILTY (without seeing the evidence) and that they will walk from court.
    To make this happen requires two things- firstly inflammatory articles such as "Up Yours Senhor." Secondly Blogs both Anti and Pro within the UK. There is no doubt in my mind that some of these blogs are run by Team McCann and have members who 'belong' to both sides. I don't believe the three arguidos is one of the Team McCann but that it poses a threat and is starting to be targeted as the last thing that the McCanns want is real opposition. These 'anti' blogs will evaporate when they have served their purpose; as for Mr Bennet I was pleaded with not to sign his petition whilst I was on the DE but reading through it I see no reasons for not doing so.
    Best wishes Plainwaters.

  2. Yahoo I say...I said on the aguidos site about rainsing money for a private prosecution but no one was interested...I am glad to hear of this group and will donate if i can find their website to do so.
    The McCanns are looking as bad as ever by saying people might donate thinking its meant for their site...They sound liek right money grabbers, wether that is their intention or not.

  3. Hark at Clarence the twat, Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns' spokesman, said: "It is a great shame that Mr Bennett feels the need to make money out of Madeleine McCann. The McCanns have made enoguh at the expense of Madeleine, and that tapas bunch are about to make some with action against media...I would rather give money to this man than them pair.

  4. Hi Joana:

    As you know, I am not pro-McCann. However, what Tony Bennett is trying to do is not a good idea. The McCann team lawyers will challenge the use of the name Madeleine and claim that donations intended for their fund will by mistake go to the Madeleine Foundation.

    If the McCann team lawyers challenge Tony Bennett and the Madeleine Foundation, they have more money to play with and not only will the challenge cost the Madeleine Foundation money but also it will have to pay monetary damages and also the McCanns legal costs.

    Only if it is possible to bring a private prosecution in Portugal for child neglect does the case stand a chance.

    Alternatively, it can be in England if it is argued that the McCanns committed manslaughter or murder.

    Whilst Tony Bennett's intentions may be good, his way of going about it are wrong.

  5. Joana:
    É doloroso sentir que qualquer acção contra este casal possa estar condenada ao fracasso.
    Como pode o sistema britânico estar completamente dominado por uma mafia que protege esta gente, de forma tão eficaz?
    Que espécie de laços amarram aqueles 9 atrás duma tal cortina de silêncio?
    Num futuro próximo, pode bastar a separação de um dos casais para a corda se partir...


  6. Very soon the truth will be known about Madeleine.
    Remembering those words, I pray once again that those that have the power and the duty to perform justice, honour their tasks with maximum integrity.
    Anyone unable to do this must ask to be removed from post.
    It is now about the collective. It is no longer about a child it has become the most definitive statement about our lack of honest governance.


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