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McCann Hired More Private Investigators

Detectives “by the dozens”

As soon as the judicial secrecy is lifted, the new investigators at the McCanns' service are going to follow leads the PJ could not investigate

Apart from the already known investigators of Metodo 3, the McCanns employed more private detectives through other agencies. They have, inclusively, a team of agents from a firm with headquarters in Great Britain, Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for Madeleine's parents, confirmed to 24Horas yesterday. In total, the private investigators amount “to the dozens”, he said, without detailing the total number. “We are going to extend and deepen the investigation where it is necessary. As soon as the information that is in the process will be freed from judicial secrecy, both in England and in Portugal, our detectives are going to check and re-check the data that the Polícia Judiciária worked upon. They will also be able to operate in several countries more swiftly than the PJ”, he explained. Mitchell underlined that this is not a “criticism of the Polícia Judiciária”. After all, “just like the English police, the PJ is also conditioned by the communications that they have to make to Europol and to Interpol, and by the lack of means”.

The Metodo 3 agency has not been receiving the generous monthly payment of 50 thousand pounds (63 thousand euros) for a long time. The Spanish detectives now receive 8 thousand pounds per month (10 thousand euros). “Metodo 3 only received 50 thousand pounds during the summer of 2007, when the detectives had to stay in the Algarve to collect information”, Mitchell clarified. Brian Kennedy, the millionaire who is a friend of the McCanns, has given another donation to the FindMadeleine Fund in order to pay Metodo 3, Mitchell added further.

British press razes Portuguese police

In Great Britain, yesterday’s newspapers razed the Portuguese authorities when they heard that the Maddie process could be archived by the Public Ministry. In the ‘Daily Mail’, columnist Allison Pearson wrote, with a front cover appearance: “If the Portuguese police had a shred of decency they would now make a public apology to Kate and Gerry”. Tabloid ‘The Sun’ put the issue on their front cover: “The police quit searching for Maddie and we say… now clear the McCanns“. The ‘Daily Mirror’ placed the title on page 7, citing Clarence Mitchell about the archiving of the case: “We believe that it is true… No accusation will be brought against Kate and Gerry“.

In Queen Elizabeth II’s land, the PJ’s image lies in the mud.

Irishman may still be questioned

The Portuguese authorities failed to request Eurojust (which establishes the connection between the European public ministries) or the British authorities to hear the Irishman who said he saw Gerry McCann carrying a child at around the time when Madeleine allegedly disappeared, on the 3rd of May 2007, from an apartment in Praia da Luz, near Lagos, Algarve. A senior official at the Public Ministry confirmed, as 24Horas reported yesterday, that the request was never formalised with the Irish authorities: “Just one rogatory letter was sent to England and over fifty persons were questioned. “

But according to the same source, given the fact that the new depositions yielded nothing relevant for the investigation that had already been developed, the judicial decision about the case is still pending.

“The process is being analysed. These are thousands of pages that must be read. Naturally, if at the end of said evaluation the questioning of the Irish citizen is considered relevant for the discovery of the truth, the corresponding hearing will be requested“, the official from the Public Ministry said.


AUDIENCE. It is set for the 7th of July, in a High Court in England, to decide if the McCanns can gain access to parts of the Maddie process, however this audience might be postponed, said Clarence Mitchell to 24horas. The lawyers are still discussing some details.

PREMATURE. The Attorney General, Fernando Pinto Monteiro, considered yesterday “absolutely premature” for someone to say, at this moment, that the Maddie case will be filed.

Source: 24 Horas
Translation JM/Astro

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  1. Joana how definate are these reports because this is good news especilally the irishman being requestioned but is it true?
    Funny yesterday we were reading the case was to be shelved...


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