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McCanns’ Detectives Investigated

Private investigators that were hired by the McCann couple are the target of a criminal process at the PJ’s Directory in Faro, for suspected extortion and attempted murder. The case took place a few months ago and involved a former inmate who was paid by detective agency Método 3 to supply information that he allegedly had obtained in prison, from João Cipriano, the uncle of Joana, who was killed 4 years ago, also in the Algarve. João Cipriano allegedly told the former inmate that he owned recent photographs of Joana and that he also had information that is related to Madeleine McCann. After the money was received, the information was not given and the individual was allegedly molested by the detectives, filing a complaint at the PJ in Faro for attempted murder (being run over by a car in a rural area with an uneven terrain). The investigators from Método 3 were also suspected of persecuting Robert Murat for several months, trying to find elements to incriminate him. Tracking devices were detected on the Anglo-British citizen’s vehicle.

Source: Correio da Manhã, 25.07.08, paper edition

Translation by Astro

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