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McCanns: Follow the Money!


Chat show queens chase McCanns

American chat show queens Barbara Walters and Oprah Winfrey (pictured) are locked in a battle to secure an interview with Gerry and Kate McCann, who are likely to be formally cleared this week in any involvement in the disappearance of their daughter Madeline by the Portuguese police (they only became arguidos - formal suspects - because of iffy forensic reports, it is argued).

According to reports in the US newspapers, Winfrey and Walters have each pledged £1 million in an attempt to get the couple in front of the TV cameras. However, it looks like the McCanns will not be persuaded. Says the couple's spokesman Clarence Mitchell: "We are not in the market for selling Kate and Gerry’s story to the highest bidder. And we are not impressed by big names. We talk to media from all over the world."

Second version of the same:

Kate and Gerry McCann set to appear on Oprah Winfrey show

Jul 21 2008 By Joanne Curran

OPRAH Winfrey is fighting for an interview with the parents of Madeleine McCann once they are cleared as suspects today.

The chat show queen wants Kate and Gerry on her show - but faces a fight from rival Barbara Walters.

The McCanns are expected to spill the beans on a list of bungles made by Portuguese cops since Madeleine disappeared last May.

The couple - both doctors - have been gagged by their suspect status for 317 days but will be cleared by a judge today.

Their spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "Kate and Gerry will talk about the police inquiry once their arguido status has been lifted.

"They want to get their side of the story across. They want the weight of guilt by association lifted from their shoulders.

"And they will make it clear that they will continue to search for Madeleine."

Oprah has the US's highest rated talk show, with 8million viewers. But rival Walters has been on TV for 45 years and gets 3.5million tuning in for The View.

The McCanns are tipped to go on Oprah - possibly by live link from their home in Rothley, Leicestershire.

Friends reckon they will highlight more than a dozen basic errors made by police in the four weeks after Maddie vanished on May 3 last year.

They will criticise police for failing to seal off the crime scene quickly, allowing vital evidence to be lost.

Cops also did not inform Spanish border police until the next morning and waited 48 hours to start door-to-door enquiries.

They are also angry that information was leaked by police to the media making them look guilty.

Goncalo Amaral - who was sacked as the lead detective on the case last year - will also come in for a battering.


  1. Greedy, gasping, mercenary bastards...its low to kill your kids but jesus christ, to make money out of it, while your daughter lays dumped rotting somewhere is beyond low.
    Oprah Winfrey, supposedly a victim of childhood abuse should hang her head in shame and go and stuff in some more artery clogging food.

  2. Kate and Gerry not impressed by big names?

    Maybe because they ARE big names themselves. For all the wrong reasons.

    Are they frightened of appearing on TV now then? Afraid they might be asked some awkward questions that their arguido status won't protect them from?

  3. Carissima Joana,
    Agradeco-te encarecidamente por todas estas informacoes que voce nos transmite sobre o caso Maddie.
    Voce faz um trabalho magnifico.

    É assim que sabemos das verdades nao ditas por outras fontes.
    Justica seja feita a Madeleine!

    Maria Ximenes-
    Rio de Janeiro/Brasil

  4. Isn't the media already teeling their side of the story?
    ... and lies too!!! Mr Amaral was not sacked!!!
    I would like to see Oprah and the media talking about not "basic errors" but "big cover-up's" involving big names (like the Franklin Cover-Up in Omaha or the Dutroux case in Belgium)... but they would probably lose their jobs :)


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